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NO STARS ACTUALLY....I had a horrible experience with the dentist at Monarch Dental...he came in to my room, sat down (never introduced himself) told me to open up and without even looking at the xrays said I had 5 cavities. I just switched insurances, which is why I had to go to them, and my old dentist had just seen me and said that I was good and didn't have any cavities. I was shocked when Monarch Dental said I had 5 of them!! He insulted me becuase I had a stain on my front two teeth and said that I need to learn how to brush my teeth. He also said that I need to learn how to floss as well. I brush and floss my teeth two times a day everyday. Never have I been treated so horribly by a "professional". My husband was treated just as badly. I also noticed he never took off his gloves that he put on to see in my mouth when he looked into my husbands. Oh and my husband has 3 cavities as well- ya right. Since then they won't stop harrassing my husband and I about coming back in there to have our teeth fixed...I will NEVER go back there.

!!!!!! PEOPLE.......PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!

monarch dental is the worst!!! their staff acts if like they'll still get paid with or without patients, they have terrible phone manners. i had an appt, i showed up but the dentist wasn't there, i tried to reschedule at a time that was semi-convenient for me & was told i had to take what they have available no exceptions. needless to say they're not my dentist any longer, when i checked by eob they overcharged me & told me only one person in the whole office can handle the refund policy & if that person isn't in, it doesn't get done..this happens to be the monarch on granbury rd in ft.worth tx...this isn't my 1st encounter with their rudeness...stay away from monarch...they're horrible!!!!

Monarch was the only dental office where I live that accepted my dental insurance. I was so happy when my company switched to a different insurance company and was able to get away from Monarch. I've been gone for five years now and they still owe me money that was overbilled. Everytime I call they would ask if I want to use this money towards dental work and I would tell them no just send a check. They tell me it will be about 6 to 8 weeks. This has been going one for over a year, I still have yet to see a check from them. They also practice poor sanitation. leftover bloody gauze in trach cans, dental assistants going in and out of other patients rooms without changing their gloves, not changing the plastic baggies that go over the light handles, etc. Find somewhere else to go.

I am so sick of this place! I have been going here for 10 years with my family of 5, 3 children with braces and have hated the office side of it always. The only reason I stayed is due to the dentist and orthodontist. Plus with 3 kids going through years of braces treatments it seemed like it would be a hard move. But I am at my last nerve. My middle child was born without one of her permanent front teeth. At the recommendation of the dentist at the time I opted for her to receive an implant. I was promised it would look perfect and all the wonders. Well it has been HELL to say the least. First of all no one in the office side knows what they are doing and who to talk to about anything. I over paid on my daughter's account by $600 (the monthly payments just keep coming out of my bank account) it took me around 6 months to get that back. Then they tell me it would be around $3000 to start the implant procedures ok I paid that. Then I am told time to go het her impression for the implant oh wait that will be another $1500. Now ok I am willing to pay but it was December Christmas break and I advised them I would like to wait to pay for it after the 1st of January so I could cover it with my flex plan. One office says no problem then the office that takes the impression demands the money that moment or else they will not order the implant. In fact after I explain to them once again I need to wait 2 weeks for the 1st and the implant takes 3 weeks to make I will pay when we come in to get it. They called for days harassing me for the money. Finally someone says that would be fine they would order it and I could pay when it came in. Note I have been going here for 10 years 3 children in braces and have paid 1,000s of dollars to these people over the years with not even once being late on a payment in fact I normally pay the day of. So we go in for our scheduled appointment to have it put in and guess what they canceled the appointment and never ordered the implant. So I reschedule the impression appointment and before we can get to the new appointment I get a bill for $1600! You got to be kidding me!!!!! I called they say they will fix it. I call again and same thing. We go to the appointment they want me to pay I pay they give me a receipt for services rendered in December. I advised no you did not do the services in December you are doing them now you need to correct this needless to say it takes a couple days. Ok we are straight now and this will soon be over, right? WRONG! We are scheduled to have the implant put in and the night before I get a call saying the lab behind by one day and they will definitely have it the next day. Fine I reschedule for the next day. I show up for the appointment and guess what NO IMPLANT the lab never sent it over. Fine! call me as soon as it gets in well I get 2 different calls from 2 different people at the same office one saying they cannot get me in until 2pm the other saying I can come any time when questioned about the 2pm appointment cause I was told that was the only time they could work me in because they had other people with appointments like it was my fault you people cannot get your act together I was oh then come at 2. I show up at 2 and the implant looks like "SH*%" all gray wrong color just horrible note this is a 16year girl and it is a front tooth. Please you got to be kidding me! Well they send it back out and I was told in no more than 5days some will call me from the lab to schedule me to bring my daughter down to have it custom colored. Well guess what 7 work days later I have to call the lab and they tell me they sent the tooth to the dentist last week. Now after I placed the call to the lab 30 minutes later the dentist office is calling "Oh guess what Mrs. ---- you going to be so happy we have your tooth!" Like I am supposed to be all excited. No I am not you people need to get your act together! I am so pissed! This is ridiculous! I demand a refund and for the lab guy to drive up here to paint that tooth to look exactly like all the other teeth in her mouth!

This place is HORRIBLE!! I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. They over charge and don't do all the work they say they are doing. I have been waiting over 2 years for a refund check that i still can't even get a status on when I will get it. They see that it is owed to me but they have no record of me requesting it. So now I have to wait for them to send it up the chain to "request" my funds and then once they approve it I still have to wait 6 weeks for the check to be processed and I can receive my funds.

I am an up HAPPY customer with your orthodontist dept. I HAVE NOT SMILE AT ALL SINCE MY BRACE HAS BEEN REMOVED I going to the location on Fannin in Houston Tx. I have gum tissue between several of my teeth very noticeable in the front, I have spoken to the orthodontist regards to this problem several time she advise me that its common with brace to make you gums swell. She advise me that once my brace are off go to a specialist to get it removed Periodontics, wrong if removed I WILL HAVE GAP,, GAPS GAP BETWEEN MY TEETH and I will have to PAY for the brace again My brace has been off for 3months gum tissue is very noticeable and I have visit my general dentist and was advised that ortha should of recommend me to get that remove before my brace on or I could of removed the wires to have that tissue removed. To have the smile with result with no space I have to PAY for tissue remove (no problem with that) and get brace or AGAIN or invisine line( it look like retainer ). This is unfair I totally feel in my heart that I have waste my money on braces only result are at the bottoms .I ask the ortha to let me see a picture before and after she never has the picture. The ortha team is friendly but NOT knowable, none informative no options are give and they continue to have new face in the ortha dept. Please help mw I need options and I want to seen result with top teeth. Truly you ortha need more training. NO other dentist wants to help me because they do not like going over someone else work. I gave them 2 stars becuase THEY 1.)PUT THE BRACES ON AND 2) THE EMPLOYEE WERE FRIENDLY

Way overcharged me for a procedure and then tried to say that it was because they had the wrong plan information in their computer for me...huh, really?? They make a copy of your card when you come in and it cleary stated what my plan was. I was only suppose to have to pay $17 and they charged me $208!!!! Now to get my money refunded it has to be presented to a "committee" by the office manager and will take at least six weeks!! But I sure had to pay them before I left their office didn't I. What a bunch of crooks!!

I am having issues with the Staff, Management and my Partials that were done at Lewisville, TX Monarch Dental. The Staff is incredibly rude, refuse to return calls, when I ask a question I get a "receptionist" whom gets an attitude and gets snippy with me. Then she threatens to call the Police when I state, "There is no reason to be rude, I am trying to get my questions answered." I turn this complaint into the Phone Que complaint department June 25, 2011 and on July 6, 2011 I get a letter basically firing me from their practice. My Partials have never fit correctly from Day one; I can't wear them without getting sores and surely can't eat in them. I am very dissatisfied with Monarch Dental starting from the Front Desk, Assistant(s), Dentist, and Management. I would NOT Recommend this office for any of your dental needs.

ABSOLUTLY NO STARS WHATSOVER!!!! My kids r on chip they do not know how to bill insurance my child's exam is $100% covered they r billing me $180 which i do not have and should not have to pay for their stupid idots employees mistakes. I have 4 kids the other kids were billed correctly, they will screw u over DO NOT GO THERE TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOT TO GO THERE AND PUT IT ON FACEBOOK MAKE THE BLOOD SUCKERS GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

Basically of robery, Monarch likes to charge twice or more for the same procedure, they do not do a good job the first time, for example realinging a denture, yuo pay $200, the laboratory does a poor job in order that the victim[ pacient] has to agree to send them again thinking there is no payment since is the same denture, but no, Monarch was another $200, and so on.

I went to Monarch Dental on Hwy 30 in Dallas TX to get parchals and the dentist there told me that I would need to have all of my teeth pulled and that it would cost me $1500.00. I was approved a fince loan to get the work done. I was taken off work for four weeks streight and all they did was do exrays everytime I went in. I gave them a $228.00 down payment. After going back for the fourth time I decied that I was not going to have them do my work and I wanted my money back and I cancelled the finace loan. They told me it would be 4 weeks before I can get my money back and I have yet to receive my refund. I will advise anyone never to go to monarch for dental work they are a rip-off.

While visiting sons in TX-I live in CO-had a disappointing experience at Monarch Dental @ Plano Rd-Plano TX. We (my son and I) chose Monarch, listed on our Delta Dental site. Dentist said he needed substantial work-on almost every tooth- as we anticipated. Quoted Treatment Plan was $18,000. I spoke with the Financial Coordinator, and explained that we had: (1) Limited ($994.00) Dental benefits left for my son, thru Deltal Dental. (2) I would,and did that same day, desire to purchase the ComfiDent Insurance option( giving 40% off services not covered by Insurance)to cover any additional costs (3) This 40% reduced amount was to be billed to our Care Credit account, to take advantage of the 12 month No Interest with Monthly Payments option. I explained we only wanted done what Delta would pay for-use up dental benefits that day and then schedule the rest of the work needed at a later date, so service dates would be different. I reinterated two more times that we wanted to get done as ecomonically as possiblem, by doing as outlined above. I had to leave for a final cardio stress test to be done before I left the next day to CO. I later, when I received EOB from Delta that they had done all of his upper teeth-$13660.00 charged, and billed Delta-which paid $994.00 to Monarch, and denied the additional amount. They also billed Care Credit, an undiscounted $13660.00. Apparently ComfiDent can't reduce what is already billed to Dental Insurance. I was not made aware of this when I purchased, though had my wished been followed, this would have not been an issue. I am still working on resolving this with Monarch. No much progress yet, any suggestions?????

Actually NO stars. I received a letter requesting that I come back to Monarch (Dr. Whittle) in Weatherford TX. I can't afford to come back! I am still paying for the last visit, remember the one where I had requested no more than 1 or 2 fillings per visit, the same visit that when I arrived, I was given an estimate of between $200 and $300. Yes, the same visit where Whittle tore up the entire upper right side of my mouth which will require specialists and who knows how many more thousands of dollars to fix. Oh, and that $200 to $300 estimate ended up costing me over $1,400 out of my pocket which I obviously didn't have at the time. Mumbling as best I could and drooling all over the place, I was Forced to take out a high interest loan that I will be paying on for another couple of years. And now I get to suffer with what's left of my teeth on the upper right and the tooth that I requested be fixed first still giving me pain each and every day. No, I won't be back any time soon, in fact, probably NEVER.

My insurance paid $2100 for a root canal. My portion was $600. I have paid $300 of that. My tooth is infected and has been since day one. I have seen 4 other dentists for treatment. The tooth is so bad it needs extraction and I was told I really should go back to Monarch who originally started the root canal. I was told today by Monarch I had to pay the $300 before they would even see me. Wow, can you say insurance FRAUD!!!! They submitted a completed root canal claim and got paid in full. Its half way done, not even finished!!! The receptionist told me "oh well, there’s nothing I can do, you have to pay the balance first". Where in the world does it cost $2700 for an extraction? That’s what has to be done because the work was so bad and a permanent crown can never be put on. I can go to Jefferson Dental and pay nothing and get better service. Why I ever wasted my time at Monarch, I will never know, but I guarantee I will NEVER return. I will tell all my co-workers and everyone I know TO NEVER GO TO MONARCH!!! Your money for them that’s ALL !!!!!

I have never in my life worked with such incompetent people!! No one ever knows what is happening: billing, scheduling, etc. The office is absolutely awful!! I cancelled my grandsons' braces 2 years ago because he moved. Now 2 years they still bill me and are trying to turn me over to collections. At the time of cancellation they even sent his xrays to me for the new dentist. I wish I had been forwarned

After going to Monarch dental I can tell you I will NEVER go back again. I went into get two temporary teeth replaced with permanent crowns. The quoted me $10,000 dollars to fix 4 teeth. This is the quote I got to fix my entire mouth at another dentist office. They then gave me the quote for just the two front teeth. Went to the office to have the work done and after I realized they charged me for something that was never done. I asked the manager about this and she said, oh no we didn't charge you for that. I asked why the amount I paid was exactly the same as what they quoted and she said well the dentist did some other stuff. I was never notified of what was going on or that I would be charged for it. When my permanent teeth came in they were to thick and I couldn't bite down on my back Trey because the front teeth were so large. The dentist hen proceeded to tell me it was because my bottom teeth were not straight and my jaw wasn't aligned correctly...WHAT?!?! If I were you I would stay as far away from this place as you could!

Monarch dentist told me that she wld not redo a bad crown job; advised me to go find the dentist who had done it (also Monarch). I asked her why I should do this. Why would anyone go to a lousy dentist to redo a job done badly? The Monarch dentist finally admitted that she would not get paid for working on me; that was why I should go find the original dentist. I asked for the Monarch offices number. The dentist finally agreed to work on repairing my bad crown. Monarch is a poor example of a dental clinic. The company operates on the numbers of patients they can herd in and out. The dental assistant who are in charge of crucial jobs such as exrays and dental molds are fly by night people with little experience in such important situations.

I have had multiple procedures by Monarch Dental Carrollton, from Gum Surgery, Permanent Bridge, root canals. EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE IS SCREWED UP. MY gum surgery accomplished nothing except them making $3000, my bridge has broken and the a"fit" around my gums is terrible. When i called to see about getting it repaired since i paid over $3000 for it they said it would cost me $100 just to get an exam to se what was wrong. I said I know whats wrong, it's broken i the middle. They would not repair it. I had a root canal than got infected AFTER THE ROOT CANAL which suggests they didn't do it properly. I went to another dentist and they said i need to have it reworked. I would NEVER RECOMMEND MONARCH TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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