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you are no good

where is the phone call you promis me,you are like the rest of your whole corparation is good for nothing,bad service.fony doctor i hope state of tx closed all your location.after 2 years i am still in pain .your superwiser said i will call you back,she didnt.just like rest of your compony,good for nothing.


Uneducated associates, Poor customer service, poor office management, I feel sorry for the dentist. I will not go back, I will not recommend their services. very poor rating- the - does not work but the star does. It is really a -- poor


I was referred by a friend to Monarch dental because she was really impressed with the dentist and the staff. When I went for my appointment I had a little trouble finding the location due to it was located in a little shopping center. After seeing the location I was a little skeptical about entering the building. I was afraid the inside was going to match the outside. Upon entering I started to leave because it did not look like a reputable dentist office because of the walls, floors and space. It was very small and the decor was horrible. It had a foul odor but I couldn't determine if it was from the stained carpet or the traffic from outside. the staff was very friendly and the dentist was the bomb. I was not impressed by the outdated equipment. Other than the office decor I have no complaint about the office staff or dentist. Awesome people should not have to work in a building in that type of condition.

Not Smiling

Very disappointed with Monarch more like "Monache" Dental" Not pleased with them totally changing my plan

No Answer

I went to Monarch Dental in Murphy, Texas for a periodontal cleaning and was scolded because I cannot afford to visit every three months I explained that I would make an appointment when I could afford to pay unless they wanted to do the cleaning at no charge. At which time they so kindly walked me to the door. I had already paid for today's cleaning and didn't get it. I have tried to call multiple times to ask for my money back since i did not get my cleaning and they answer with a garbled recording and no option to leave a voice mail. I have never experienced such a professional scam in my life. Be forwarned that if you cannot scedule appointments to their liking they will walk you to the door and slam it in your face.

negative zero rating

Run as fast as you can to a different dentist. Horrible office help, no bed side manner, no, I mean none, it's about the money you pay them up front and not the health of your mouth. Save yourself the frustration and find another dentist. I am going back to Dr. Spence in Plano, Tx even though his office isn't on my dental insurance he cares about the health of my mouth. It is worth the extra price for a dentist who cares.

False Advertising

This was the worst highway robbery I have ever experienced on the 10th of July 2013 at 204 Central Express South ALLEN TX. It was advertised on the office windows of Monarch Dental that they would clean and do a check up for a fixed cost of $29.00 for first time customers, only to be told after that I did not qualify for the $29.00 offer and was handed a bill for $848.00 to do a "deep cleaning".I am not a wealth person and cannot afford that kind of prices ,however I was then forced to pay the $29.00 before I was allowed to leave though I received no service to my teeth and was told the advice was what I was paying for <utter non-sense> Please reconsider this form of advertising because you are preying on poor vulnerable persons as myself who would have been in gratitude to have received such a service at such affordable price only to have been baited an switch an be given a $848.00 bill.

Went for exam & cleaning for $29... After the exam, they said I don't need regular cleaning but deep cleaning for $67 ( which I paid upfront) & to come back in an hr.. Left & they called to say they made a mistake but the deep cleaning for one side was $364 & can resch next wk. I politely went back to the office & got reimbursed $52.50 ( charged $14.50 for X-rays)... Not professionally & the $29 just gets u n the door . Go somewhere else .


The dentist was very polite and called me at home to follow up after a root canal. Their staff, however, were very rude. When I asked to speak to the office manager regarding the receptionist's attitude, she yelled at me! I visited them for a consultation before my insurance was in effect and paid in full on that day. Then I started to receive letters from collections stating my insurance had denied the claim! So they tried to bill my insurance AFTER I had already paid the full amount! They did not correct their error until I called them and pointed out that I did not have coverage for that visit and had already paid. The same thing happened after I already had coverage on a subsequent visit. Desensitizing medication is not covered by my ins, so I paid my copayment as well as the full cost of the numbing treatment on the date of service, only to be told by my ins that they were being billed for the numbing injections! It has been months of trying to resolve this, and it seems that I'm not the only one to experience their terrible billing practices.

Absolutely worst dental office and billing department. I've had $850 cash credit sitting in the office and they sent me to collections and I also have dental insurance. They don't know how to send in a billing code statement to the insurance companies!! They get a denial and they send you to collections instead of calling the insurance company and finding out why it was denied and re-submit it. I will tell anyone what an awful place tis company is and how they scam yu and say the insurance wont pay when in fact the insurance company has paid them in full. Shame on you monarch dental. I will be taking this to a lawyer since you sent me to collections and had no reason to when I had an $850 credit!!


Your billing system lacks timeliness. I do not receive a notice of the bill until it is past due without a notification that it was due on a certain date the first time. I have eight members in my family and to keep things straight can be a challenge. I did not receive my payment booklet for two of my children who received braces until alomost 6 months after they started. Once I received the payment booklet it just states that the payment is due 1/13. There is no due date. The expectation is that the customer is going to remember that it is due on the 1st or 15th of each month. Wrong. People are humans. They need reminders, whether they signed a contract or not. They have often confused payment made on the braces for general dentistry payment, therefore getting our balances wrong. I recently made a payment for one of my children's braces and it was applied to the general dentistry bill instead. Now we're trying to pay another of our children's braces bill in full and they aren't willing to print out a receipt for the entire bill because we had a contract for a once-a-month payment. If a customer is willing to pay a bill in full they should be allowed to receive such a receipt for payment in full, not a receipt saying they had paid only that month's due amount for the next however many months until it reaches the full payment amount. You've just lost our business for the future both in general dentisry and orthodontist denistry.

No customer service skills, all they want is your money and to damage your teeth so you have even more need for their inadequate services.

well your site is not doing the job either. the phone number your site provided for corporate office is wrong and phoney. so please provide the correct phone number or other wise i will assume this whole site is fake also who is colecting the reviews but not letting them reach to actual people just a site for frustated custemores

i went monarch dental west plano office to get my regular dental cleaning done(i had prior cleaning three months ago at onether monarch location but came to this office because it was near to my home) this dr said my cleaning was not good and i require deep cleaning, i agreed . the office manager told me after insurance my portion is 550.00 i was surprised but paid in good faith . when i came home told my wife (who happened to be M.D)she asked them for detail statement and looked at it , in the statement actual cleaning portion was minimal they charged 438.00 dollars for putting local antibiotics without explaining to me that antibiotics will not be paid by my insurance company ,weather i want to pay out of my pocket or not . they took advantage of my ignorance and ethically and legally they need to let consumer inform about billing in detail rather giving them misguided information

The dentist has never been one of my ftaroive places either, but for me, a necessary evil. I grind my teeth too, but I do a great deal in my sleep, and in my thirty's my molars just one by one began falling out of my mouth, or cracking in half for no reason. I was born with teeth that don't get cavities, but I never figured on the severe grinding problem. I was told that as fast as I grind down the soft night guards, (about 6 mo) I need to wear a hard one - which is more expensive. but it has been almost a year and it hasn't broken yet, so I'm not complaining!How many artists/ writers I have met with the same teeth problems! NOW tell me this isn't a stressful career choice!!!

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I had very bad experience last visit at Monarch dental , I would like to share and make a complaint before i changed the company,last visit i got survey but this time i was waiting for the survey, passed one week , still no servey.Please let me have the phone # where i can make a complaint. Please send me info at m.azad@hotmail.com. Thanks again.

Can someone Please help me! I went to Monarch Dental in Las Colinas office for 3 implants and it was the worst decision I could have ever made! Dr. Deepak is horrible and needs to have his license revoked "period"! I am trying to get his dental license and his office will not return my calls! If you were a patient of Dr. Deepak (Periodontitis)int he Hurst/Las Colina/Bedford/Fort Worth office scan you pleae look at your paper work to see if they have his dental license number listed! Even the corporate office phones are disconnect! Please email me at bpvse06@yahoo.com! I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Texas State of Dental Borad of Examiners & I have an attorney to help me with this horrible matter!

6/11/12 2pm. Monarch Dental office researched my insurance information and stated that my company had a one year wait on major dental costs, because of this my root canal and crown was going to cost 770. They asked me to sign a dental treatment estimate statement and provided me a copy of same printed form. 4 hours later the dentist stated she was not able to complete the root canal do to a sensitive root. They would call back to reschedule and she put in a temporary crown. When I went to check out, the women at the front desk handed me the paper that I had previously signed, someone had hand written a new total of 1454. 00 on the paper. I produced the copy that was provided to me and told her that this was what I was provided prior to the start of the procedure. She tried to take my copy and stated that if I did not pay the 1454 they would bill me the full 3000 dollars. I stated that I did not appreciate their business ethics and that I would need to speak to the manager before I would pay anything. 7-13-12 spoke to Monarch Dental corporate, they stated they would have someone call me. no one did. Received a bill from Monarch on 7-7-12 for 1454.00 7-9-12 2pm spoke to Leela is billing who stated that their records indicated that I owe 1454 and all work had been completed. I informed her of what had happened and that I had the documentation stating that the cost would be 770 also stated that the work was not complete.

I have dentures that do not fit, cannot chew with and do not look natural. When I call for adjustment---Drs. are out last week---this week nurses are out--you just have to hurt-who cares? Blisters does not hurt the office staff. They have their money and that is all they care about. IiAVE B EEN VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE QUALITY OF CARE.

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