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Packaged, ultra-processed branded foods have bocmee the norm in our foodscape and Angela is right - so many parents (and others) still do buy it. How can we change this? We all know there is no one solution, but by educating children in a scaled-up, systematic way through the school system where they are educated about food, nutrition, marketing, and how to purchase, store and prepare food might be a start. I call it the "new home ec", and it needs to be taught by people who are specialists in this area. Sadly, we have decided these skills are outdated, and equally detrimental we have somehow conflated teaching these skills with interfering with people's "freedom of choice" which the food companies love.

Wow. This is going to be valuable lesosn when we finally get some farm land in upstate NY. I really hope you can work this out. But at least you haven't torn down the old house yet...

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