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Talk about your friend, how you met, what your frsiednhip has meant to you. Then talk about how you met her husband to be and how good he is for her. That's really the best formula for that sort of thing.

Hi! For the vows, start by asking the oiifcfant what he/she will say, so nothing is repeated unnecessarily. After that, the best written vows I've heard are honest and It's a great time for the couple to look at why they're getting married, and why they chose that person to marry, and to write a short expression of that. Writer's block? Start with adjectives, and build them into phrases. If they want to be funny, I've seen vows that list what they promise NOT to do, leave hairs in the tub, leave the toilet seat up, etc. For the maid of honor speech, I've always enjoyed the ones that start with an anecdote. Tell a story of how you met, the first time you met her husband, or other love/dating conversations. Don't name exes, and don't tell dirty jokes. Then go on to say how much you like the husband, or them as a couple. End with a toast. It should be only a few minutes long, no more than one page double-spaced typed. And write it down. No matter how much you practice in front of your mirror, it will be a long day, and you will be nervous!Good luck!

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