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Managment in clintonville wi. should be looked into

The Wisconsin Governor stated "ALL State offices MUST fly the flag at HALF mast in rememberance of another soldier from WISCONSIN killed in Afghanistan. IT IS THE LEAST we can do! I drove to Appleton (about 30+) miles today & did NOT see even ONE flag lowered (out of about 18) EXCEPT at the OSHKOSH Fleet Farm! I love the important U.S. date listed on the FRONT PAGE of your fliers, too! I've had NOTHING but wonderful service from our local FLEET FARMS. THANKS, ladies & gentlemen for flying the flag & esp. in this tragic situation! ;-) PEACE! Orin Mueller

I also witnessed the same Incident at Mills Fleet Farm Corporate Office | Headquarters Hwy. 371 N Brainerd, MN 56401 In witch one of the 'costumers' were folowed around the store and were accused of opening and eating a small portion and placing the 'container' on shelf. The security guard or 'Law prevention department' followed the customers outside where they were confornted and vulgarly accused. Later the individual was charged with theft. Not only is this textbook entraptment, and infraction of civial rights "but in my opinion defremation of caracter"

My wife has been a customer at your store for over 20 years. She was acused of opening a bag of candy and eating a piece and placing the bag back on the shelf. The security guard followed her outside confornted her. Was not very professional told my wife what she did and the told her she was just a F----ing Thief and she was going to call the police. This security person once inside thru intimadation took her picture without her permisssion, took her drivers licence and wanted to know what type of vehicle she drove. This person I'm told violated my wifes Civil Rights (does your store profile its customers). This person used the F word 3 times while outside. I'am on the West Coast in meetings till 10/28. I would like to request a meeting with your store manager on Thur 10/28/2010 Thank You Joseph Bonincontri 920-948-8039 Mills Fleet Farm Store Visited: Fond du Lac,WI Address: j.bonincontri@yahoo.com j.bonincontri@yahoo.com j.bonincontri@yahoo.com, WI, 53019, Phone: 920-948-8039

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