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I applaud you in not giving into the early Black Friday sales on Thursday and instead closing and letting all employees be with family and enjoy the holiday with their families. Companies need to understand it's not ALL about money......

missing review

I wrote on here today about a matter with Fleet Farm, but can't seem to find it ????

Merry Christmas to Fleet Farm

Heard a Fleet Farm commercial early this morning on WBAY out of Green Bay, WI, and they are not afraid to use the word CHRISTMAS!! That's awesome and I'll continue to buy gift cards for all the men on my shopping list! Merry Christmas!!! (very early, but better than not at all)

Customer feedback

I tried to get your corporate address recently. This address cannot be correct since it returned to me in recent days. If you have a website, it would be wonderful if the address was accurate.

misrepresentation then outright lies.

representing a rototiller as a floor model discount when it was a used item,dirt on model was excessive,oil around gearbox,paint wore off tines of tiller,also gas still in tank.This store also supplied rental equipment which leads me to wonder could this have been a rental?Regardless they argued it had never been used.They lied.Would not buy from these unreputable people,no trust,no integrety..

Bad/Junk Sylvaina LED Christmas Lights

Mills Fleet Farm is great with a few exceptions. The LED Sylvania lights they sell are junk. Sylvaina uses old LED technology in the Christmas lights. And Mills Fleet Farm will not change holiday lighting suppliers because I think they have a fear that they will have to take a loss on the current Sylvaina inventory or it could be Mills Fleet Farm just don't care. Other than that Mills Fleet Farm has fair prices and clean stores. Mills Fleet Farm is a great place to shop!

Great Store

I love to shop at Mills Fleet Farm they have good prices and clean stores. They sell pet supplys cheaper than even Wal-mart! I do have one issue I wish they would sell GE L.E.D. Christmas lights and NOT the Sylvania (Noma) Christmas lights. Other than that Mills Fleet Farm is a good place to shop!

new stores

To Whom it may concern, We do not have a Mill Fleet Farm in our area, which is Omaha, NE. I believe that you would have a wonderful business in this area of the country. The only time I get to go to one of your stores is when I go back home to Mason City, IA. You have a great store!!! I and many others would shop if you were to consider building in this area. Sincerely, A good custome

Latest Gun Commercial

After seeing your clip on You Tube you have a new loyal customer and I will promote your stores with everyone I know. I am a proud American and I have the utmost respect for you guys to stand up for what is right and to voice your opinion! We all know guns are not the problem!! It is embarassing to listen to people that think banning certain guns will stop these insane people from creating these horrifc acts! Thank you Mills for for protecting our rights!


I went to the Appleton location to purchase an ice shanty. I grabbed the little tag and paid at the register. After going to the yard to pick up my $220 merchandise, I was informed that they didn't have any in stock and had to go back inside for a refund. I went into customer service for a refund and was told that since I paid with a debit card, that refund would not post for several days. I explained that this was not acceptable since now I was not able to even go to one of their competators and purchase an ice shack. Not only was I unable to buy one there, they where preventing me from buying one at Gander Mountain. I left there extremely mad and now 3 days later I am still unable to purchase a shanty since my refund has yet to post. I have speny thousands of dollars at fleet on sporting goods over the last 2 years, now Gander will be getting all future business.

latest commercial

i will never shop at your stote again your decision to promote assault rifles are extremely insensitive

Retired sportsman

Your appearance onWCCO with the assault weapon and the shotgun demastration will not help your business , I for one will find another place to shop.

Assault Weapons

I'm a regular customer of the "Man's Mall." I am really disappointed to see Fleet Farm selling magazine clip assualt rifles similar to the ones used at the New Town, CT massacre. Whoopee, there's a model on sale this week! Come on, Fleet Farm management: Just say "NO" to these sales. It's not worth it. Thanks, Joe.

Return policy

I shop at Fleet Farm quite often, as my husband is an avid hunter and fisherman, and I also like the fact that they carry many "made in America" products. But your return policies are terrible! We received a fishing pole holder for our boat that wasn't what we wanted, so we took it back to get the correct one. Because it was a gift, we didn't have a reciept.We were treated like criminals. They called in the store manager, who, just like the worker before him, basically chewed us out. we were finally told they would "forgive" us this time. So, now, this year--I have my reciept, and all is going well, except, that because I had used a credit card, that was how the money was going back. That part doesn't bother me, but I later find out that I could have gotten that amount put on a gift card for the person I was shopping for. At least give me the option. ( oh, and by the way--I haven't been credited yet) Times are changing--and Fleet Farm needs to move forward with return policies like other stores, and work on their Customer Service skills.

Our son purchased a trailer jack to be installed on a boat trailer. We went to install it and found the jack to be defective. The crank is on backwards. Even according to the instructions, it says to turn the handle clockwise to raise the trailer, but these jacks you have to turn them the opposite way. We took the jack back to the Appleton store to exchange it for a new one. We did not have the receipt because we never dreamed the thing would be defective. There was only one left on the shelf, which must have also been returned because it was all taped up. When I took it to the service desk and we opened it all the parts fell out and this one was also defective and returned but made its way back to the shelf. Then we left and traveled to the Oshkosh store and the ones on their shelves were also defective. After one of the workers checked it out, he stated this is backwards, which we already knew. Then we just wanted to return it and after waiting 40 minutes for a manager to approve a return without a receipt for an item that was defective at two different stores on the shelves, to no avail the manager never showed up. We called the store when we got home and all the manager could say was that he was sorry for the inconvenience and that he knew about the situation and showed up right after we left, he said that he didn't want to drop the customer he was with which we understood. He could have at least called the service desk and explained this or had another manager help us. The item was Sportsman TJ1500 Trailer Jack. This is Good Customer Service, we will need to rethink this.

Do not go to the auto repair and tire center in Beaver Dam, WI. They are rude, incompetent, stupid and fail to know their products. Don't try collect on a warranty here either, since this store feels that it is the customers fault when something goes wrong or doesn't last as long as it should. this store has gone downhill for the past few years. I can always shop somewhere else. Customer service means so much more than price.

selling assult rifles and guns designed to kill people is just another way to make a cheap buck. Fleet farm is nothing like it used to be inthe 1970 era! Now, most of your merchandise is junk and purchased from the comunist countries. NOW, fleet farm is selling assualt rifles? Man, talk about a bunch of nazis from minn. We are working real hard at getting the word out about fleet farm and there ties with comunist countries.Please move ALL your cheap stores to russia, where you belong!

Do ya'll sell gum? I was thinking of buying some. I will wait for your reply.

I bought a 14*70 trailer and when I went to turn water on relized that they failed to witerize which caused the lines to blow up the whole length of the trailer. SO I bought over $300 worth of supplies to fix this problem from your store in Menomonie, towords the end I could not find the right connections for the end pieces and was told by "Aaron" I believe that I would have to use several fitings to work so I bought them... well they did not work, several stripped and I later found out that the fitting I had was for "PIPING" and not "TUBING"... Well they refused to let me return the fittings telling me it was my own fault. This is NOT right $30 of fittings I can't use and after spending my hard earned money there and routinely shopping there I should have been given the benefit-of-the-doubt and been reimbursed. I don't want to take my business else where but I will. I would like reimbusement for ALL of these fittings I can not use. I will follow-up with chain-of-command as needed to be reimbursed.

In regards to the massive amounts of (cheap) toys that fill your shelves at Christmas time; Please stop selling junk from companies that don't stand behind their crappy products. No one appreciates it and I believe that anyone would be willing to pay a higher cost for quality American made toys. We purchased a toy truck for our soon-to-be 4 year old from your store in West Bend. The toy was missing a part. Inside the box was a piece of paper that eluded to not returning the toy to the store if there was a problem and that they would be glad to take care of any issue personally should one arise. Due to that note, we discarded the receipt assuming that we couldn't return the toy to Fleet Farm. I e-mailed the manufacturer and was told that I should return the toy to the store since they were out of stock on the missing part. We had purchased they toy well before Christmas and I waited a few weeks before contacting the manufacturer. In the end, even the store wouldn't take it back because of the length of time that had passed. See you later Fleet Farm. Start selling American Made.....

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