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food poisoning

received no satisfaction


On two different occasions at the Daytona location everyone in our party received their good at different times. The food was cold and disgusting. Will not be returning ever again.

Is it a reataurant on nightclub on a wedesday at 1pm ?

Music over 87 decibels !

The international dr location is a horrible place to work. 4 of the managers are sleeping with employees and if your not part of their click you get treated like dirt. This is why your turn over rate is so high. Maybe you should take a look at your management.

Terrible food. Terrible service

My family ate at the Ale House in Maui. The menu was totally different but the server said they were part of Ale House brand, they are not. Food was disgusting and employees have not been trained customer service. Don't waste your time going to one in Maui. They shouldn't even have Ale House name!!! Disgrace

abusive management

terrible hateful management, abusive!!!!

This company treats their employee awful.

Millers Al house trains their mangagement to treat the employees terrible. it's at the best interest for the employees to become union. Unite Here local 274 will be coming around to talk to employees and let them know they can protect them from the inexperience management. They promise health care, but when it's time for the benefits, they won't let the employess have them.The union can get your benefits, The managers need to be taught now to treat their employees. Unite Here Local 274 will stop them from being mean and nasty. Employees are to be treated fairly, they make the business successful. This company treat their employees very badly!!

I would like to compliment Millers for what I believe is good food served for a good price. I along with friends eat there often for lunch and again at dinner where you can not beat the best RIBS served anywhere and especially for a great price. However, I believe there is a law enforcement and military discount offered at all locations. But, that being said, when asking for it, I have been told the discount is not available on "SALE MEALS"....lunch or dinner specials where there is a lower price. Why not? Is that the policy? If not, please advise. thank you....

I'm a customer at the Mandarin miller alehouse in jax fl I sit at the bar your restaurant is great besides the fact that I always catch the bartender Chris he's a male bartender pocketing the tips sometimes which is not fair to the other bartenders thank you


Winter Park Ale House i always get great service, cold beer and awhsome food at a good price. Mike the GM of this store always keeps his servers hopping to take care of his customers. Every time we have company in town from Michigan we take them to the Ale House and there really impressed.


Went to the Miami lakes Ale house today for the first time in a group. It took 2 hours to be seated and then we had the WORSE waiter known to man. Didn't write anything down and at the end of the night charged the remaining party for the food he forgot to charge the other patrons at our table who had left. The manager instead of comping the remainder made us pay that portion or was going to have us arrested! All because his employee is TERRIBLE at his job. Don't go there and spend your money.

customer service

My wive and I have been coming to the Ale house for about four years now, it's been one of our favorite restaurants when we are in the Orlando area since we started vacationing there. While there we are always happy to see the same old faces, Seth, Cliff, Rener and Jessica on the weekends. I but last night, I was given a new server, Brandi, and from the moment we sat down till the time we left it was the worst service I have ever gotten at the Ale House. She stood in the back talking about how bad she was being treated there, most of our food and drinks were wrong and cold, Rener and Danielle took care of us while she was complaining with two other servers. When it became time for us to leave, we had to ask the door man who had some trouble locating our server once again. After getting our paying the bill my my wife and myself watched as our server verbally attack Rener. At that moment I just wanted to leave, but my wife wanted to give Rener a tip and Thank her for going above and beyond. But we weren't able because she left crying. I wanted to also thank the door man Chuck or Charlie and Danielle. I


i went to the millers ale house and i use to work there but i quit due to harrassment. Well the other day i went to order take out for my boyfriends birthday i was gonna buy him a cake well the manager there josh completely yelled at me for ordering it on ladies night. I understand it can be a bit hectic but it was a birthday cake i was ordering so lets just say i am not happy and will try my hardest to get that manager fired. Its funny i dont even work there anymore and i still get harrassed not a professional business at all!!

the regional manger(ralf)

He does not know how to talk to the employees.He always talks down on the hourly employees with a loud voice n curse word in front of everybody even guest.He tells management to fire good cooks and servers.That why u cant keep any good employees at your company.I feel like he does not want the company to grow and be sucsessfull.He should be the one to get fired!!

how quality varies

Most times I meet my daughter and her family at the Ft Lauderdale Ale house.(usually 3or more times a month). She lives close to this ale house that is why we meet there. When my wife and I go to the Ale House it is usually the one in Hollywood. The reason I am writing this is the food at the Hollywood Ale house is better than the food served at the Lauderdale location. It also seem to be run better. The waiters and waitresses are happier and smile a lot more. It is just head and shoulders better than the Lauderdale location. Always has been better and you know something must be better as I am sure that it does more business. You want to return to the Hollywood location because it is a happy place with better food and help. Calvin B Howe

Bartender over serves intoxicated patron

Regulars here. Alittle put off by this last visit. A lady was so blasted she fell right off of her barstool outside. Hit head on table, luckily she didn't seriously hurt herself. Myself and another gentlemen helped her up. She said "I'm just way to drunk". I asked the bartender if she was with people and had a ride. He said yes of coarse. So my friends and I went on our way. Than to notice later her speeding off in her car. I'm in the service industry. And I realize these things happen all the time, but I thought this to be very irresponsible. Maybe better training of staff??? Oh and there was plastic in my house salad. That's always fun. HUGE LIABILITY.

No more Miller fan

I used to be a very regular Ale House customer but not any more! Two reason. First: Ale House has a corporate policy of stealing money from their clientele.If this is not true, then why is it every Ale House I frequent and pay the tap with cash, it is rounded up to the nearest nickel, dime or quarter!If there is any rounding, it should be done to the customers' benefit.It may only be a penny or two or three, but over a period of time and many locations, the theft is huge. Second:Service has deteriorated to the point where the service staff makes it seem like their jobs would be that much easier if no one showed up. I continually am amazed by the fact that staff fraternizing, gossiping and griping with each other is more important than attending to the customer.Oh yes, let us not forget that staff on their cells texting is also more important than service. I welcome your response but please don not bother if it is just going to be lip service.Hans Muster

I just worked a 15 shift and was told I could not have a meal

How do you expect a cook to work all day with out food or a break to get something to eat . We are human beings we need to eat you guys are not right at all


As a long time Ale House customer I find it ridiculous that your restaurants are not consistent across the board. This inconsistency is regarding your patio seating. The Orlando Ale House near the airport patio is self seating. The Orlando Ale House Waterford Lakes patio is sat by the staff. It would be awesome if all your restaurants had this same Seating situation.

Gift Cards

I received four $100 denomination Ale House gift cards for Christmas. When I went to use them, I was told by the manager of the location that the tip could not be included on the gift card and had to be paid separately. This is very inconvenient and as far as I am concerned, a bad policy. Obviously, you are trying to force the gift card receipent to use the total amount on food and drinks, not to benefit the servers. Other restaurants in my area to not have this policy. As a result, I would like to cash in my gift cards and use the money for a different restaurant.

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