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I got a seafood footlong at the elm road subway in warren, OHio I could not have been more disappointed.. all it tasted like was lettuce and bread.. subway is really skimpy on the seafood.. and NO.. i do not want to pay EXTRA for more seafood since you hardly put any on there to begin with... POOR RATING for subway! That sandwich should have cost $1.00 Not $5.00, Subway is ripping us off!

Good Morning, I have never been much of a JC Penny shopper because I perceived the merchandise was meant for an older, conservative crowd. However, when I recently heard about your company's decision to stand by Ellen as a JC Penny spokesperson it motivated me to reconsider. Anyone who's a friend of Ellen's is definitely not what I would call conservative, so I'm thinking my assessment of your merchandise must be off. My family and I will be headed to your Columbus, Polaris location with credit card in hand this weekend to shop for housewares. Thank you for doing the right thing. Jill Smith

I myself love pizza, but sometimes I don't have enough money to buy a whole pizza and when my phone is out (which it always does) I don't have time to go to the restaurant and get the pizza myself. My idea? "The Pizza Truck"! When I was a boy I always saw the ice cream trucks going around the neighborhood, I thought that having a piece of pizza from a truck would be a good idea! Having an employee drive on a route, selling pizzas by the slice instead of by a whole pizza! I hope you find this idea good and use it in the future!

i worked at the logen elm shell that is owned and operated by den and debbie reynolds i reported a supervisor for her safe being short and making all the clercks short i now don't have a job but i do have a lawyer i also went to ohio civil rights they have charged them with 3 counts this is unfair and also a inside job would not let them use shell if you what to save your name the state says they can;t diciranat but they did and now i am going for the whole company you may contact me at 740-248-4222 law suit pending

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