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My husband has bought three cars from Mike Duman in the past five years. This past car was a dud. We purchased it the end of March and have been having issues with the car the past month, it is now July. He finally broke down on the side of the road on his way to work. We got the car towed to Mike Duman figuring they would help us out. That is after all where we had purchased the car not even 4 months ago. After the car sat in the shop for two days they told us to come pay our bill for all the diagnostic testing and have it towed somewhere else. They will not help with the tow expenses, they will not help with a rental. How convenient that they gave us a 1 month warranty when we bought the car. I love how they have treated us after being a customer of five years, and a military family as well. I am so disgusted.

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