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Today, I went to Michael's in Westlake Village, Ca to make a return. I had the original receipt and the item. The cashier was about 18-19 years old. I handed her the receipt and immediately she asked for a photo ID. So, I handed her my BOFA card, but that was not good enough for her. I replied holding the card up for her to see that this is a valid ID issued by the bank with my picture on it. The checker stated that the register was asking for my CA drivers license. Really? I have NEVER been asked for it. Now I just turned 70 and do not look like a terrorist or criminal, so, why? This is an insult to me as a customer. Just then this large female (20ish) clerk came up and started to be just nasty. I stated that I wanted to see the manager, but she felt she should call security. What a witch she was and kept tantalizing me. I mentioned that I am here all the time and her reply was that she had never seen me in here. The little cashier sort of threw my change at me and did throw the receipt. When I mentioned that perhaps she needs some training and then I turned around and went back into the store. I kept thinking I wish I had asked for the manager. While in the store the large clerk came down an aisle pushing a broom and upon realizing it was me said, "Oh,". All I could think is how fitting and now wished I had said. "Going for a ride?". Lack of training and insulting customers does not speak highly of Michael's. Tomorrow I plan to see the manager about the two inept employees.

I have decided to NEVER shop at another Michaels store again!! Furthermore, I will pass on my views to other crafters and patrons. Your retail prices in Canada are outrageous. I was making a flower arrangement and each flower was listed at $9.99. I came across another stem that I needed and it had 2 retail prices on it, $13.99 Canadian and $7.99 US. Obviously, you are not aware that the Canadian dollar is hovering around the par value of the US dollar. I asked for the manager and requested to pay the US price and was told that they can't honor the US price. Why the two prices?? I am totally offended! With the 40% coupon that you offer - at one coupon per item - per visit - per day doesn't even come close to the US price. I happened to be in WalMart and noticed the exact same flowers for sale there at a regular price of $5.77 as opposed to you price of $9.99 with no restrictions. Even with your 40% coupon from Michaels - along with your restrictions - doesn't come close to the regular price from WalMart or other retailers. I also paint in watercolors and needed an item which I purchased at 40% off at Michaels and later found the same item at an exclusive art store for far less at regular price than I paid at Michaels with the 40% coupon. Another example of your price gouging is with the Ottlite crafters table lamp. One retailer offered it at $14.99 Canadian and you listed it as an "incredible saving price" offer at $39.99 Canadian. As a Canadian consumer I have been duped by your prices and so called coupon savings. Why would I want to shop at Michaels???? I will make every effort to pass this price gouging on to my friends and other patrons. Shame on you, Michaels, for treating us Canadians like we live in the back woods!! We are a little more consumer savy and sophisticated than you seem to think!!

I was asking in our store in Eastgate area of cincinnati ohio. I wanted to know if your company would like to donate to the Christmas for the St. Joseph Orphans. We help raise money to buy things for about 80-100 of the children. We do about 4-5 fund raisers a year. If you could help our cause we thank you. You may email me at russellbettie@aim.com. I work for the U S Bank Processing Center Cincinnati Ohio. Thank you for your time. Bettie Russell

I purchased 2 $30 frames when they were 50% off in November 2011. I did not open one of them until the first week in Jan 2012 when I was decorating the room. The frame was damaged and I went to the store to exchange it for the same exact frame, that was still the same price and another 50% discount was running. They would not credit me $15, only $12 saying it was past 60 days which is their Refund Policy. This was NOT a refund but an even exchange for the same identical product at the same identical price. They refused to do anything about it. I tried emailing the customer service email but it keeps giving me an error message. The $3 is really insignificant. The poor customer service is enough to not make me shop there anymore and go to their competitor in town. Shame on Michaels for such poor service.

I am a regular shopper at store #5715. My 3 1/2 year old son loves to go there. Until December 22 2011 when his hand was deeply cut by there shopping carts. I had to take him to the doctors to make sure he didn't need stitches. The cut was real deep where you saw fatty tissue, just to give you an idea how deep that cut was. An accident report was filled out and faxed to HQ, and the store manager said they will be in contact to find out how his condition was. NO ONE YET HAS EVEN BOTHERED TO GET IN CONTACT. So hq when you receive a fax of an accident report wouldn't you be concerned about that persons SAFETY...... Very dissappointed how you guys handle saftey of children. SHAME ON YOU......... You should take your accident reports very seriously.

12/17/11 Until my recent order for a framing order, I had rated Michaels a 5 star for quality and service. If they would have been honest when I took my puzzle in to be framed on NOVEMBER 26, 2011 and simply stated that no way could I have this for my granddaughter to be hang before Christmas, I would have found another store. Instead, it is clearly on my bill "DECEMBER 10". YES, I know the holiday is extremely busy but open 7 days. I have called every day thru last week only to be told that I would be able to pick up this weekend. Now today, it's evident I won't even have by Christmas.

Not very happy that Michaels does not carry cross stitch kits. I thought they would carry these but nope no matter what store I look or online they don't. What's with that? I hardly ever shop here anymore because you just don't cover all my interest.

I have been a loyal Michael's shopper for twenty years. Today, I would like to express my appreciation to one employee (Linda at store#5737 ) for hanging tough and doing the right thing for me, the customer. She could easily have given up given the challenges your employees face with the insane and ineffective manner in which merchandise is displayed. For example, Martha Stewart is marked %40 off at the display and no mention of this at the register. Until your checker actually goes to the display (which Linda finally does at my insistence) and sees the sign. She came back and refigured the purchase. It was nice to finally have a checker treat the customer as believable. As the transaction continued, she had to ask for assistance to read a store coupon which was illegible, She called for the manager to assist her and we waited for at least fifteen minutes for help. No help arrived. Several fellow clerks tried to help. Finally, Linda with help from another clerk got it. It was a $15.00 off coupon which made a good difference in my total of $68. Remember, I had earned that as I had spent $115 on Saturday, $125 yesterday. So, thank you to Linda. But Michael's, you have made some changes that hurt your business. I have some faith now, but have been satisfied entirely with my new favorite store, Hobby Lobby.

Recently in Michaels with two items. I had to argue with the girl at the checkout about the price and finally called a member of management. The one was CLEARLY marked with a clearance sticker and the correct description on the counter so he had her correct that one. The other one was a pack of K&Company paper that was CLEARLY marked on the counter with a regular tag for the price of $14.99. The register was ringing up $14.99 CLEARANCE. Same price so the assistant manager would not do anything about it but because it was marked as clearance at the register (although regular price on the counter) I was unable to use the 50% off coupon that I had because it excluded clearance items. Is this Michaels new way of price potecting items that they do not want us to use coupons on?? The assistant manager even went so far as accuse me of asking him to STEAL for me when I ask him wasn't there some adjustment that could be made. Um, no... I just wanted to be able to purchase the item for what it was advertised on the counter as... a REGULAR PRICED ITEM so I could use my coupon... PERIOD!! I mean, seriously? In a town that also has a Hobby Lobby AND a Joanns and this is the way you treat your customers?? I think Michaels better wake up and take a deep look at their stores... seems like they have a lot of them going downhill...

We are in need of a Michaels store in Buckeye AZ. Our small town is growing so fast, much is coming here. Why not carry material, thread, patterns etc. Walmart stopped carrying this , so only Joannas does. We need more than that and closer to shop. There are several retirement communities close. Women still like to do crafts. Thank you for your consideration

I received an email from Michaels stating I could get a 25% discount on Copics. Imagine my surprise (NOT) when I went to the store and there wasn't one single Copic. Michael's needs to wake up and smell the coffee. I know of many crafters who have stopped shopping at Michael's due to no stock, same ole merchandise month after month. They do not keep up with the new trends. I have been to two Michaels stores in this area looking for Zentangle books and they know nothing about it. Thank goodness for Ben Franklin.

Unfortunately we only have Michaels in the Naples area to shop for crafts etc. It's a far cry from A.C. Moore, as it does not have a variety of different frames and supplies and their prices and business practice falls short of being professional in all ways. I went to the Naples store on Friday, July 15th, 2011 to purchase flowers for a specific arrangement I was making. Selecting the specific flowers I wanted I found several stems of artichokes that were needed for the arrangement.All except two had two artichokes to each...two had only one flower to it with clearly a stem missing one of the flowers. Needing a specific amt for my arrangement I told the sales people and Manager that I was willing to purchase these two stems, altho missing a flower, for 50% of the price of the ones that had the two flowers on it, since I would be only getting the one flower instead of the two that was supposed to be on the stem.....I was told the only thing they could do was mark it down 10%???????? does not make sense to me that your employees can not think "out of the box" as you were going to sell these defective items for 50% off, rather than toss them. They were only worth half of the price of the stems containing the two flowers. They had already rung up approximately over $30.00 of additional flowers I was purchasing for the arrangement, but since there was no bargaining over the two items I was eagerly going to purchase, but not at full price, I told them, if they can't think out of the box, I would forfeit the entire purchase and agree to not step into that store ever again......Their answer was, "that's all we can do".I then walked out leaving it all......Stupid Business practice I would say. Your store is not worth going to.....Your selection of stuff and pricing is outrageous compared to that of A.C. Moore and in no way does it compare in quality.

On 6/26/11 I visite Micheals Craft store #27215 while at the store I purchase a silk flower (Bird of Paradise) from a supposedly 30% of group of flower for $9.99, today I removed the price an to my shock and amazement saw the price-$7.99. Shame on you Micheals. My husband is a wheelchair bound disabled American Veteran he gave his life and health so that people like you can dupe the American public. Barbara Hackworth.


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