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Worst MK ever

I will never ever buy a MK bag again. After having it for 11 months the strap broke. I called customer care in Canada and no one ever answers the phone, even when you leave a msg they never call u back. So now I'm stuck with a broken bag and no one to help me. The absolute worst store to shop from.

MK doesn't pay US corporate taxes

In the July 21, 2014 issues of Fortune magazine, in an article titled, "Positively Un-American", Michael Kors is listed as one of the U.S. companies that does not pay corporate taxes. The company makes use of corporate workers who were educated by the US system of public education, the company utilizes US tax sponsored utilities, fire protection, police protection, roads, highways, sewer systems flush their corporate waste, the list goes on and on of things we pay taxes for and the MK corp does not. Until MK re-incorporates itself in the US I will never buy another one of their (Chinese made) products.


so I went to the outlet mall with my boyfriend & his family. we were looking and trying to figure which bag to get. these girls, the employers. would be giving dirty looks and then get Into a group and start talking and laughing and looking over at me, made me feel unwanted and judged. finally, we got the bag we wanted and the girls never had a smile on their faces, (they just seemed like they were better than us) I will never go into that store again, shouldn't make a customer feel that way.


I just called Michael Kors for additional links for my watch. Was not sure what number to call so I received a customer service rep who was super friendly. She gave me the correct number to call. I called and was helped quickly and efficiently by a very friendly lady. Quick, easy and painless!!

MK Hires Con-Artists

I will never trust a MK employee since their corporate office just hired my roommate as one of their handbag designers, by the way their handbags are manufactured in China! MK did not even do a background check on this woman who is a reported offencer in fraudulent activity, grand theft, stolen identity, etc. DO NOT TRUST MICHAEL KORS, or anyone employed by them - I am appauled, they hire criminals!!

return policy

Be very careful purchasing at M.Kors outlet for a gift for someone else. In short ... no refund regardless of circumstances.


I called both this office and my local Michael kors store and neither could tell me products safe to use to clean their white ceramic watch. Disappointed

Worst customer sevice , Ontario, CA

Don't go to MK ever!!!!!!!

Poor materials for excessive prices

I have purchased 3 bags and 2 wallets but they all say made on china... Cheap labor... Reason why the snap on the most expensive one is ripped on the leather and leather fading away like is old... Is sad that not even designers that we like can be trust anymore. I bought them @ Macy's and warranty is not even supporting the quality anymore.

I want to know if you could possibly make a leather strap watches like the "AX ARMANI RECTANGLE WATCH" but of course give it the Michael Kors touch?

worst horrible customer service

buy online a MK logo satchel handbag. They send the handbag without the MK hanging charm logo(Looks like a replica)...comes from China!!!Was stolen from the plastic bag or somebody dont do their job. The customer service by chat and cs headquater is horrible and they lie to me with th expected date for MK hanging charm logo .... I still waiting for more than one month. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE

Worst store ever!

Want to buy High end items well don't get Michael kors. Worst customer service ever. Bought a watch from them told that I could resize if needed couldn't fix it. Instructed to go get it resized somewhere else!!!!!! How bizarre.

Horrible customer service

I ordered a Grayson logo Large Black Multicolor Satchel and Got a Brown bag in error. I immediately contacted Michael Kors Customer service and was asked to send pictures of the bag Which I did and they were of no help at all. Clearly looking at a Brown bag when my order#923 stated black! They were rude and Refused to help me return it for a refund. In addition to all this STRESS the purse came from CHINA!!! Why is China making Michael Kors purses! Is this an original or what?? Help me get a Refund or exchange the purse! A faithful customer

Worst Experience. Period

Honestly, it all started the day after Christmas when I sought to return a bag I got as a gift. After arguing with the manager, he finally let me return the bag...With a $50 restocking fee for a bag that was purchased at $300! I have NEVER experienced this with any quality manufacturers. Not only did I send two emails to the Kors customer service, I've received no help or reimbursement from them. I also contacted them on facebook to complain and was spammed and blocked immediately. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again! Tell everyone to shop at any other designer store, this isnt one!


I had a bad experience at the topanza michael kore store I was discrimated against when I walked in store ...there is no good customer service and I was in line was next and the sales person overlooked me and took someone who came in after I did..I was only Africa ámerica in store


MK customer service at Metrotown is THE WORST store to deal with. I stood in line on Boxing day and was told when I reached the till i was told i coudl not return my item or exchange this item. WHAT planet are you living on? I will never buy one more item from this store or say a good word about ANY MK items. You will diminish faster than you can imagine with this kind of customer service

Brea mk store manager horrible

I went to the brea location today to finish my christmas shopping. I am a loyal customer and have spent Over thousands every month at different locations. I was very upset at the service i recieved from the manager kayla. She was rude to her associates and treated them like slaves making horrible comments making my feel uncomfortable to shop. I left immediatly and will not return to this location.

Perfume has to stop!!!!!

I love what I see in the windows of Micheal Kors but yet I have NEVER purchased one thing in a Micheal Kors store nor have I ever step foot in one. I did try it once only to last about 30 seconds before becoming extremely sick and dizzy. This perfume craze has to stop. It was bad enough that cheesy stores like Abercrombie does that but MK should be above that and cater to a better market.

Horrible Product

My husband bought me a MK purse last Christmas for 498.00, then the matching wallet for my birthday. Within the year, the leather started peeling from the handles of the purse as well as the wallet. Customer Service is an oxymoron as this company does not care about their customers OR service. Just found out he also still uses fur. Will NEVER purchase his products again-very discusted.

employees are catty & unpleasant

I visited the new Cerritos location with my friend today, we were looking to make a Christmas purchase. Upon arrival we were greeted by a sweet & knowledgeable employee, she was helping us by pointing out the bestsellers when another employee interrupted her and started talking to us. This individual was very rude and seemed to have personal issue with her coworker. My friend and I were so appalled by the lack of professionalism that we left. We witnessed bullying between coworkers on the floor during store hours!!! Michael Kors company should screen the people they hire. The salesmen at this location are ghetto and embarrassing.

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