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I have nothing to do with the linux-on-laptops site, so I can't help you. I will say that it took them an awlulfy long time to approved my submissions as well, though (several weeks, at least).@manuel: Your symptoms seem to match mine, thanks for the link. I typically like to suspend to RAM anyway and won't be testing the fix, but it's good to have as a reference for myself and others in the future.

Hi. We met yesterday at Toronto Trek, if you're the right urban_terrorist. I'm a left-winger myslef, but a Lambertiste Trotskyist. You seem to fit Eric Flint's definition of a real conservative, as oposed to the reactionary power-hungry jerks in control of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Republican Party. Anyhow: nice to see you, I've friended you, we'll see what happens

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