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I agree... the service stinks. Not one agent picks up the phone. THa automated recording is useless..... I hate ever having to call about a problem.Can't believe your still in business and I still use the useless service that you provide...i guess you get what you pay for...

I paid my monthly metro pcs bill for 2 lines $78.00 and Metro decided to take that payment from my account twice. This is a recession and who can afford to pay you cell bill twice at once. Metro says it will take 4 to 7 WEEKS to get my $78. 00 back they took in eror. In this case my bill will be due twice by that time and who even knows if I will get my money back. The customer service reps and manangers they have so called trained to deal with paying customers is THE WORST EVER. METRO does not stand by or up for their customers nor do they care. Guess I will be switching service making boost mobile richer

i payed my bill on the 13th of nov, and on nov 22 i got my service shut off and was told i had to pay 50$ again, screw that and screw metro pcs

i have had a very bad experience with metro pcs selling less than qaulity phones , i purchased a phone that was defective , then i replaced the defective phone with my insurance , which i had to pay a deductable for, then 6 months later had the same problem with the replacement , metro directed me to nokia the manufacturer.who told me i was givin a refurbished phone & that they could not make repairs on refurbished phones & that metro should have replaced my defective phone with a new one, so now it seems i am forced to either buy another phone or use the insurance i pay for to obtain another refurbished & very likely defective phone , & pay another deductable for my trouble.this is how metro pcs treats theyre VALUED CUSTOMERS maybe its time to switch service providers to a more reputable company that will stand behind more qaulity products

Your phone service ( Trying to reach your sales department is appalling). Your two stores in the Fort Lauderdale area do NOT ever answer their phone. Your auto phone system does not connect you with customer service. We were interested in a bulk order but I doubt with this type of customer servicing we should proceed. Sincerely, Mark R Yarry CEO, The Conference Group, PLC 954 582 8358

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