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No he could not allow us to offer the study at our church and not just not now but iipemld NEVER. We can't advertise it or even put up posters for it or put it in the newsletter at this UM. He said churches are not allowed to identify themselves as a Transforming or Reconciling congregation because we are one United methodist church. I am discouraged and depressed and disgusted. Also I am looking for a rainbow UMC lapel pin I could start wearing to church every week. Does Mosaic have one designed? We are going to start a PFLAG chapter and meet at another more inclusive church. Any suggestions for us?

Hi, I enjoy your site and subscribe to your nesetwtler. I've always lived in Indianapolis so I like hearing about the sites. I was wondering if there is a train service that you can take like a dinner train type setup to go like from Indy to Chicago or NY? Do we have anything like that here now? My kids asked me the other day & I didn't know the answer. Thanks, barb

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