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WARNING TO ALL EXISTING OR POTENTIAL METLIFE HOME MORTGAGE CLIENTS: I have been actively trying (for my clients) since December 2011 to contact the designated Customer Resolutions Analyst to complete a "Partial Release" of property financed through MetLife Home Loan Division. I am a professional land use consultant with over 30 years experience dealing with governmental agencies, real estate agents and mortgage lending agencies and never experienced the lack of response to multiple promises of returned phone calls that NEVER happen and total lack respect for my clients trying to complete a very simple readjustment of a property line. I have personally talked on the phone to over 14 individuals with MetLife(888-638-6964)within the last 2 months trying to get an update or progress status of the "Partial Release", so my clients could proceed with their required County land use action relocating a property line and take advantage of lower interest mortgage rates. Customer service, specifically with Mortgage Home Loans, MetLife from my personal experience since December 2011, will be my first and LAST time. I encourage all potential customers of MetLife Home Loans to be very careful in selecting this company regarding Mortgages, if you look for and expect future fair and reasonable customer service.

First of all. I don't give MetLife 'any stars'! But that is not an option. Secondly, Jessica. If you are still out there, contact back. Definitely I am interested in a lawsuit against MetLife. My mother had to file a homeowners claim due to water damage and mold. She had to deal with three different claims representatives. Two of them played the 'good cop, bad cop' routine. They started out nice enough, until she had to file personal items lost. They made her jump through hoops by repeateldy sending in the loss list six to seven times! She's 83 years old, partially blind and has problems walking and standing for long periods of time! Because of her health issues,I had to travel 30 miles a day to use the university library to type up this information, over and over again. Then they wanted pictures of everything, including the dumpter where items were thrown out, to prove this 83 year old woman wasn't lying! Then this rep. DeShy Robinson demanded to talk to the contractor to confirm items were thrown out! Then the 'nicer' rep. Lois Spaunagle, called telling us how she would help us. When my mother said 'enough', I'm talking to an attorney, this DeShay called and began to yell and scream, and talked to her so disrepectfully that my mom cried. Then the nicer rep. Lois called and told her they would send her enough money to start to buy items lost and then they would replace them at an adjusted value - because that's their policy. They gave her a year to do it. They valued my mothers property $15,000 less than even it's depreciated value! My mother asked for the complete loss monies, telling MetLife that the water remediation and mold engineer specialists advised her not replace with the same majorily wooden items, just in case there's any future water problems. MetLife tells her to replace EXACTLY what she lost! Then they sent her a renewal policy five months early - stipulating she couldn't sue them! Then the other rep. DeShy called again demanding receipts from the items replaced. Two weeks ago, my mother received a letter telling her she has one month to replace all her personal items! What happened to the year they gave her before?! METLIFE! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW YOU TREAT SENIOR CITIZENS! She did EVERYTHING you asked her to do! And she was NEVER late on a payment for her insurance! She has EVERYHTING covered under you! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED of how you treat the elderly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i call today to see if we have dental insurance they say yes jan 1st then i call our dentist to let them know yes we do they have try to submit a bill to met life for 3 weeks first they said address and name dont match of the employee then said she used wrong code then they said she was e fileing to wrong address then he said she was useing wrong payer i.d then said my husband home address and employment address dosent match ? my dentist they got one invoice e filed fine why not the rest this was all myself and my dentist and met life on 3 way witch met life didnt want to three way, i insisted on solveing the problem my husband 2 month dental bills need to be payed right

Home Loan- My story starts in Sept 2011. I got pre qual for a home loan. Talked with an agent that was going to walk me through all this. After a few days and no return phone calls. I called Metlife home loans again. They did not know who my agent was and said that he has never worked there. To make a long story short. Since Nov 2011 Metlife has ran my credit 6 times and 3 pre quals, i have dealt with 6 different people! The last MANAGER that i was dealing with told me my loan was in underwriting. Called Metlife again today just to find out that they cancled my loan 2 months ago. Even knowing that i spoke to the manager that i thought was helping me just last month. Again he said it is in underwriting and that i should hear something anyday now. With them runnin my credit score 6 times with in a short amount of time. My score was 694 and now it is 663.....

Metlife is horrible. They give me the run around. I am on short term dis and my manager said my claim has been approved yet I have not received payment and I have been calling them every day for a week now! I am highly pissed and no one can give me an answer and my case manager never calls me back complete BS!

Oh man!! I thought I was the only one experiencing bad customer service and issues with Metlife!! They are terrible. I wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy. I worked in customer service and I never talked to my customers the way they talk to me. I can never get any answers and always end up hanging up. How come the upper management can't manage their people?? Oh that's right, because you cann never get management on the phone to complain about their workers! I don't know what to do. Yes!! A company who does not take partial payments!! I would tell anyone to stay away from Metlife!! Especially veterans! Metlife does not care about their customers at all.

MetLife is a master at the Bark & Nae, smoke and mirrors, for customer service. They even add in a good dose of Shuck and Jive... ML, want's your payment, but rest assured, they will *&©ßˆ, you it you have a claim, then not pay the value of the claim EVEN IF you have full replacement cost. My advice RUN from METLIFE... Get a new insurance company who does just insurance!!

My mother had a policy through met life & recently passed away. I dont have time to go into the details, however, Met Life is skilled in the art of The Run Around and also B.S. They also are incompetent. Do not believe anything any of the representatives tell you & if you have a policy through them than get rid of it & take your business elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I had two life insurance policies with Met life that my mother had and now she past away and I can't tell you the run around that I've been getting trying to get paid.It has been a nghtmare these people that work there lie to you tell you that they never recieved paper work or the death certificate and thats not true.I would send them paperwork and certificates overnight and had to sign for them and still tell me they didn't get them. I have never had to go threw what i'm going threw now. What ever you do do'nt get life insurance with these people you will be sorry.

My name is Jessica Met Life has grossly mistreated, disrespected, and personally demoted me as a customer. My story is absolutely terrible and i am still trying to figure it out with them with not one return call...my house is in jeopardy because of them. I would like to invite anybody who believes they have any legal action against Met Life to join me and start a class action law suit. I have a excellent attorney who is willing to take my case and any similar cases to court. Please post to this site if you are interested.

Attention all Realtors....don't do business with MetLife...if you want to close the deal! I'm the buyer of one of MetLife's Short Sale property in Pennsylvania. The contract has been going on for almost 7mos. now with NO APPROVAL by MetLife Home Loans. Everytime the listing agent or my attorney call they get a different person & are told it is being "processed". Neither realtors involved has ever has this type of problem with another bank doing a short sale. It very difficult to understand why they won't approve a cash sale with no contingencies. I'm fed up. I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau & some National Media...maybe they can find out what the problem is... PS...I would rate them a -100 is I had that choice.

I have used Met Life for Home and Auto for nearly 10 years without the first glitch until 2010. I sold a home and purchased a new one with a change of address for my auto. It was at this point that my problems began. For the next several months I have been on the phone with Met Life several times and they were never able to resolve my issue “repeated insurance cancellation by Met Life”. All of the representatives have been courteous with the exception of the last one. Every time the cancellation was blamed on a computer glitch. My only issue besides this is, Met Life is charging me for time when I was not covered. In other words if my policy was to begin Jan 1st and I called midway through February and found that my policy was cancelled they bill me for the month of January. This is without me filing a claim. It is almost laughable, I asked the reps how can I be charged for this time and if Met Life would covered my if needed during the time I was unknowingly not covered and they just say “we don’t know for sure”. I recommend anyone who is unhappy do what I did, go to another insurance carrier. I am now much happier (with the exception of dealing with my last bill) and I saved money by moving several items to the new company.

Auto is the exact same way, I called and cancelled on the 11th of the month its now the 25th and they have taken another payment out on the 25th and are telling me that I owe because I pay a month behind, not a month in advance. I have already been through four different people and they are all feeding the same crap. Never do business with these people!!!!

There seems to be a general concensus about MetLife and its inadaquate customer service as well as the enormous amount of disatisfaction with the MetLife clients. It is totally outrageous and should be reported to the better business bureau or taken a few steps further. I highly recommend people moving all of your business to a more reliable company that is if you ever get the money that is yours before you change companies. Good luck.

I have a home mortgage with Metlife and considered getting a quote for auto and property as well until further researching their history. In an effort to maintain my current mortgage and stay with Metlife, I reached out to find options to reduce my mortgage w/o penalty to me. Mistake number one...they aren't interested in "helping" you pay your mortgage. In fact, I believe their system is designed for your failure as a benefit to them. Sparing the details on that front, I have absolutely NO faith in their customer service reps. They're not equipped to do more than offer unreliable information, transfer you from 1 unqualified agent to the next with hopes to get you off their line. I was told my property taxes had decreased which would reduce my monthly since they're impounded. At the close of the year, I was told to pay the new reduced amount for my monthly by a phone rep. I sent the payment in and it was rejected as a partial payment. WTH??? YOU GAVE ME THE INFORMATION, METLIFE!! I later got a letter stating the reduced payment was effective in 3 months, not what the rep indicated to me on the phone. The impact was that I would now be late on the corrective payment and the payment would now be credited towards 2011 annual tax summary instead of 2010 tax credits. I am livid. I spoke to supervisors who turned out to have no authority and failed to follow through on any of my inquiries. I stated to them...check the recording from my call since you announce that you record the calls; that way you can hear the misinformation given by your rep which caused this whole hiccup. I am PISSED...no resolve...no follow up. No one home or willing to assist or even respond. Appalled by their "norm" of service behaviors and tolerance for substandard customer service by their reps. This is just the tip of the iceberg and most recent experience. Lesson: Do NOT rely on information received from their call center. I don't know what information they're reading when they pull up your account but apparently...they're the last to get the updated information at your expense. Unreliable!!!!

DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY !!!!! I purchased an auto policy yesterday with them because I get a group deal with my job and my car is still at the dealership because Greg Westbeld decided to email id cards with the wrong car on it, fax nothing to the dealership and go home. No one else at the company can help you but that one agent. They keep telling me to contact him, WHAT IF HE FALLS OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH? I'm getting transferred and buttons are being pressed in my ear. They won't give you a supervisor without getting the complete story and then they say hold on and you get the next idiot who is in sales or customer service and they cut you off and put music in your ear and so on and so forth.... A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!!!!! I hate to see how it goes if I have to file a claim ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I have a mortgage with Metlife. I was required to maintain an escrow account. As of Nov the account has enough money to pay off my account and I am paying pver $225 per month too much into the escrow account. They will not refund the money or change my escrow requirement until a January review and then the change will not happen until April. In other words they are holding $3000 of my dollars and will not discuss the matter any further. Not very responsive.

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