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upset employee

Really upset at the manger that runs this office


Fredericksburg VA is Horrible in a hurry quick sloppy

unfair employment practices

age discrimination!!! played off with alleged complaints about bad service and loss of customers. cover their butts and stiff the older women while they load the new girls up with jobs. all has been documented thoroughly!!

TOTALLY Dissatisfied & Frustrated!!!

This is the second time I have had Merry Maids and am again horribly dissatisfied! The first time was in 2005 in Texas and let them go after 2 months. This time around my husband hired them again here in Central PA, as a Mother's Day gift this year when I started working again after a long illness. How sweet of him. This time we are roped into a 1 year contract-UNFORTUNATELY! I have complained to the manager after all but one cleaning so far. They have done damage to my home and a very shoddy job cleaning. I have to clean behind them every time. I am so very frustrated. My dear husband was trying to do something nice for me only to have me completely frustrated and paying $133 per cleaning!!! NEVER HIRE MERRY MAIDS!!!

Desceptive Business Practices

I have unfortunatly been taken advantage of by Merry Maids and they have, to this point done nothing to help me come to a resolution. The Riverside, CA office on Adams sent over a very poor and unscrupulous sales rep. who sold me a 12month/24 cleaning contract at 113.00 PER MONTH. She presented it as monthly, wrote bi-monthly service rate: $113.00 on the contract (which she told me meant bi-monthly cleanings) and is now taking $113.00 every two weeks from my credit card account. When I called to dispute this, Riverside Merry Maids refused to correct the issue. They were obviously masters at overcoming my arguments and said if I want to break my contract I have to pay a fee of $214.00. They said they would NOT wave the fee. They accused me of not listening well and perhaps not being able to afford the service and using this as a way to get out. I just want people to know about the deceptive sales tactics and terrible customer service. Don't ever use Merry Maids. They are awful!


Inch of dust still on couch. Scum on all soap dispensers. Floor still dirty. This is after the second team was brought in because the first on left a ton of dust on the dining room table. Extremely visible streaks on pergo flooring. Dusty railings. Dusty blinds. Sticky countertops in the kitchen. The list goes on and on. Don't bother not only is it not worth the money, it is not worth the aggrivation! You have to rate it or you can't review it. I had to give it one star to voice my opinion. How wrong is that?

The worst!

The ownership recently changed with my service. Until then, I had been very happy. But this past Monday my trash wasn't emptied, the bed was left unmade, and the door to the small closet in which my nineteen-year-old likes to sleep (which has a sign NOT to close) was shut. I called that afternoon and received no return call. I called two days later to fire them since they couldn't even bother to call me back. I called the corporate office two days afterward and was just shunted back to the office that had neglected me previously. Needless to say I would NEVER hire Merry Maids again!

improvement needed

Dont hire Merry Maids. They are not reliable on quality maintenance nor customer satisfaction. You will have to be on top of them all the time!

Sounds like you're starting to see the inner wrokings of your new land of residence. Strange eh, that people can justify having other people take care of their little ones, while then do nothing of particular importance doesn't make sense to me. Pleased, in any case, that you can enjoy those breath-taking views, that you find the time to get out and explore such an amzing way to get to know the place!Be well, Sweet, and looking forward to more updates!x

In Waco, Texas, the Merry Maids office has a great office staff and the owners, Mark and Amy Rhodes, are very attentive to the customers' needs. We have appreciated in addition to details of cleaning our home their flexibility in scheduling. The workers that come to our office are very professional and have been patient with us to work out some of the things we have requested of them. I would recommend them to all that are looking for a professional cleaning company!

They are a horrible service. They use my cleaning products, broom, vaccum and go through the cabinets and closets. The cleaning is terrible and have to go behind them. I would never recommend the service to ANYONE!!

I wrote a review already but notice i didnt put the rating on which is 1 star not 5. In surrounding area of southern pines, the merry maids office is very poor because they do not care about their employees, especially when one got hurt and had to go to emergency room, the first thing that came out of the owners mouth was well this is how worker's comp. works, she wasnt even concerned about the employee being hurt just what was going to happen to her company. The employee didnt ask to be hurt so they should of showed more compassion about it. They should treat thier customers the way they want to be treated. If you're working in office you should do your job your required to do and not just sit there and not answer phones, update papers or talk on your personal phone all day. Customers call and they barely answer them and the teams get to the house and customers tell them they never reach anyone in office. Im very displeased in what goes on there as im sure it does at other offices. Point being that are not professional at all!

As a cleaning person myself, I do not recommend merry maids at all. The people that work in the offices are rude and treat their employees wrong. The customers that call the office complain that they barely get to speak to anyone in the office because no one will ever answer your call, some of these owners that bought into the franchise are just out to get your money and thats it. An office in the local area has illegal worker in office and is prejudice against white girl working in office and if you've been in merry maids business longer than them, then they treat you like you dont know what your doing. I think these merry maids offices need to check on the owners as much as the employees. They hire girls that dont know how to clean and havent got experience in that area but the owners keep them on anyway! Bascially merry maids are not professional at all. They do not send supervisors to check on work that has been done on a regular basis.The managers just sit in office doing nothing to earn a paycheck. Merry Maids in local n.c. shouldnt just hire spanish people in office to work when the owner can't speak good english herself.

as a maid and a person that has maid service.i have a few things to say while at home i missed dialed the phone and got work they were very nice intel they find out that its an employee.Then its just a knew tone very nasty,also commented by a customer.as beening a worker and a oerson who has service you talk to every one the same way but not here.if you call in shame one you if you call in on friday you are called and asked to take Monday off.your maids work very hard and are so scared of any and every thing they do miss a spot,a few crumbs.with the way things a now maybe you should think about them,they also have familys ,and other things to worry about and the front office staff has runny months on things that are no of there bisness A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

An employee at the merry maids office in robinson, a girl named nicole shaw i know frim school, she cleans my boyfriends parents house. I just found out from a close friend that works with her, before toyou get hired you have to take a drug test. I was told she brought her nephews urine in a condom to pass her test, shes a known drug addict, she uses marijuna,perkacet,viccodan,extyce, and opana. They are very strong pain medications. The friend who told me this would not make any of this up either. I want to know why when we contacted the owner at the robinson office, she did nothing about it to find out. We are suppose to trust these girls in our homes n we are told they have no criminal record, And that they are drug tested. Ive seen nicole at my in laws recently, so i know for a fact they never looked into it. These people arw paying good money to have there houses cleaned and my inlaws have to make sure every time the girls come, that they are home and have to hide there prescriptions and watch to make sure nicole isnt stealing there belongings. Im left with no options but to contact the better busines buro to look into it. And when they do we are canceling our service, n will make sure to let everyone know the type of business they are running

My daughter attempted to surprise me and hire Merry Maids to clean my home. I was just about to leave and noticed the young girl scrubbing my 6 month old stainless steel oven with something. She did not use any oven cleaner or chemicals. She just scrubbed. I didnt notice the scratches throughout the entire oven including the door until 2 days later because I did not use the oven. I called the office and no one came out for more than a week and that was after demanding for someone to come out. I was told to come out the following week and objected. To date it has been 3 weeks and no conclusion has been arrived to what is to be done with my oven. I am very unhappy with the service I have received and want the corporate office to know how their franchises are being run. I will never use Merry Maids again and will not refer any of my friends who are constantly looking for cleaning services.

I am very very displeased. What maid service do you know that you would have to remop and clean after them? They gave me a price on the contract they tried to charged me more. Isn't that false advertisement? The person who cleaned my bathroom did a loosely job and missed some spots that looks like she didn't even bother to clean. What the heck did I pay them for? I can't even get a refund or another cleaning free. I would never call you again or refer to anyone. Very Upset!

I contacted the local merry maids office here in Lawton and met with Lynette. Lynette came over to my house to look at what I wanted cleaned and to give me an estimate. I stated over four times to her that I was interested in a new home cleaning. We have just finished building and I wanted the windows washed, baseboards cleaned, the dust off the walls (which meant they needed to be swept down), floors mopped, clean the ceiling fans. Ms. Lynette said ok and just kept writing. I told her I wanted a customized cleaning and I know that is one of the things your company advertise. The team came out. Too my surprise the walls were not cleaned, the ceiling fans were not dusted, the wood floor not mopped and none of the interiors doors were dusted, neighter were any windows done. I called Ms Lynette and told her I was highly displeased with their service, they did not do half the things I asked. She told me she would be bye in a couple of days, well she LIED. I called again and she said she came by the next day and noone was home again she LIED--I was home all that day with plenty of contractors in and out of the house, all day long for the next three days we were there as I stated she LIED. I tried to call her several times 4 times on her cell, 1 time to the office, left a message and 1 more time to the office speaking to another lady that worked in her office. Finally I left a message on the answering maching at the office stating that I was going to call Merry maids Headquarters and turn her in. At that point Ms. Lynette decided to call me back and ask me what could she do to make it right. I told her NOTHING. I told her I ask for a customize cleaning and all I got was a big cleaning bill. She told me oh we don't do windows, we can't clean a 14 foot ceiling fan. I said what the ----- you came out here and looked at the house and now you're saying "Oh we cant do ceiling fans that over 8 feet, we don't clean hardwood floors because we may mess them up and we don't do windows. I WASTED MY MONEY ON A HALF ASS CLEANED JOB. I am so displeased with your service and the 230.00 dollars I spent until I will never ever recommend your business to anyone here in Lawton or the surrounding towns. Bertha Stewart lawton, Oklahoma

If you live in the surrounding area Merry Maids will not serves your area. My question is do they believed that it is a dangerous area or it it too many minorities in that area.

To whom it may concern: Several days ago I started looking for a new cleaning company and decided to go on line and ask for a quote this was on Sunday the 27th of February. To my surprise on Monday I was contacted by the local Williamsville NY branch and attempted to schedule an appointment. After a brief conversation I was told that they started appointments at 11 I said that wouldn't work since I work. After 3 attempts I was able to get the woman to agree to 930am on Wednesday the 2nd. So far not a great experience but not so bad. Well 930am came and went. At 10:05 I left my home and headed to work. Here is where the apathy of your franchise comes out. After getting in my car and cooling off for about 20 minutes I called the office (10:21 according to my phone) a gentleman answered the phone and I promise sounded like he was just out of bed. I told him who I was and what happened he told me he knew nothing about it. He then yells across the room "Hey do you know something about an appointment?" The woman’s answer was "no". He then comes back and says let me check (this appoint was made less than 36 hours earlier by this woman and she cannot remember?). He fumbles around for a few minutes and say "oh yeah here it is" and reads off my address. So now we have apathy, denial and it gets worse. I asked what happened and his exact first response was I didn't do this! What? He then said oh wasn't the appointment for 11am? I said no what time does your book say his response "oh yeah 930". Then he says well we were coming at 11. Really, they had no clue 5 minute ago and if they left their office 5 minutes earlier they would have still been late. Pure apathy, is this person actually a franchise owner? I then asked is this how you run your business? Still there is no apology or attempt to fix the situation. His response "well sir accidents happen". Does any of this sound like an accident? I told the gentlemen that I was no longer interested and hung up. Now I would just like to mention a few things. How much is a lot of money to your company or does apathy run straight to the top? I know that that is sarcastic however last year I paid my current cleaning service $5,780 dollars for weekly house cleaning, I wonder what the average account size is in the office I contacted? I certainly am not entitled to information but working in the franchise industry myself I couldn't help but wonder what the lost franchise fees are on just this one acct? Then tonight I decided to Google that office and my thoughts and decision to run were confirmed by countless others with horrible service from your Williamsville NY Location. Words are used like apathy, dishonest, disorganized, and sloppy and may more. I know this probably sounds like sour grapes but I truly hope that someone can take the time to teach this team how to be successful. As I am sure you are aware winning is an attitude and theirs clearly stinks! Respectfully, James C. DeLaurentis

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