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Mercy Fairfeild - RUN from this place. ER staff - worst seen anywhere. Major complaints going to state board of licensing and medical boards. Not compassionate and do not treat people with dignity either.

I have met theae two people in Fl. Let me say that this duo is full of it shes not half as sick as he represents. If she were doo you think doctors would leave her in he streets? I think this duo has a substane abuse problem. Otherwise he would`ve had no problem taking her to pain mgmnt, and emergency rooms are trained to see people obusin the ystem from a mile away.

I would like to add that my girlfriend is very very ill! and has been for the past 30 years. Well we recently moved to Oklahoma city Oklahoma about 2 months ago and after all the b.s.! that she has been through in her life regarding the health care system, DOCTORS! HOSPITALS! etc. etc. We we had been referred to the N.May ave. offices of Mercy Health Clinics we! meaning myself also who is not only her boyfriend but her caregiver! Power of Attorney! Surrogate! Taking care of Victoria I must say is a 24/7 days a week duty, which dosnt bother me just wish I had a little bit more sleep, then again just imagine how this poor helpless soul feels with 11 disease 2 of them no cre for and very deadly! also lets not forget the chronic debillitating! pain Victoria is in round the clock which seems to never stop! or even slow down,so we finally made an appointment with a Dr. Lisa Baych M.D., I must say the first appointment I thought she was brilliant caring compassionate and really cared, accepted Victoria as a patient fullfilled her prescriptions! and please lets not forget! yes Victoria is on pain medication and has been on them for nearly or over 20 years not a mark! on her record! no abuse! and I personally must say that she is one of the kindest softest! morally descent! caring giving responsible women I have ever met! that why i fell in love with her, and she just got a real bad deal in life, however after the first visit with Dr. Baych heck we thought we had it made finally a good doctor a good listener she started a program which she was to enter "Pain Management" and also a "Rheumatologist" everything was roses,.. UNTIL...Victoria had took a turn for the worse turned violently ill!! and we tried to get this woman admitted into a hospital infact your hospital "MERCY" where she ended up going there twice! and they said she did not meet the protocol! after she took a pretty good beating! there the e.r. nurses and doctors were HORRIBLE! in her treatment she left mthat e.r. with scars on her body! and I have been with Victoria for over 4.5 years and I had never seen this before so as for the hospital part of "MERCY" I vowed I would never! ever! take her there again! since than we tried another hospital in our area called "Integris Baptist Hospital!" which we went to also 2 times and again they said after "NEGLECTING! and BEATING! her up as well,she dosnt fit the protocol, now lets not forget this women has a record of 30 YEARS!! ill! 11 DISEASES!! and which prompted these e.r. visits was that her illneses several of them were attacking her body all at once! also 2 seizures that same morining! so now she is deadly sick! Incoherent! and I was able to get into Dr. Baychs office on the following monday she it was here where the supposed incident took place now lets not forget Victoria needs oxygyn! shes incherent! going into seizures! and yes I must say it was a difficult time there but as her caregiver she was totally out of it! not aware of what was going on at all so the man technician that tried to put the oxygyn on her put it on first of all wrong! and her bones and body is very fragile! he hurt her! so she responded I guess with a foul word not really with the program the medical assistant! Darlene was not the nicest person to her at all so it basically was not a pretty seen but there were only 2 people in the office at the time plus the staff! ok it was rough a little expletitives were accidentally spewed out but for gods sake! Victoria was not aware of anything that was going on! and if they admitted this poor soul the first! time this could have all been avoided. so we get to her monthly visit today 10/13/2010 at Mercy health clinic 9100 n.may ave in olahoma city Oklahoma Dr. Baychs office only to come to find out after the appointment with the Doctor thay decided to let this poor woman go! and the clinic managers response was it was the prior incident was the reason!dont these people get it Victorias not at fault here this poos soul id terminally ill! there is no cure for her illnesses shes been suffering at the hands of the hospitals and dcotors for 30 miserable years!! she wasnt aware of what even was going on!and guess what Dr. Lisa Baych didnt even have the courage! to tell this poor woman herself that she can no longer treat Victoria I had said to the manager my gosh!! she wasnt even aware of what was going on she had been to 4 freakin emergency rooms!! and if they admitted her all this could have been avoided!! the manager said when I asked cant you give her another chance? her reply was NO! and to top that!! they also told Victoria it would be in her best interst! to not ENTER! or try! to see any!! at all!! other Mercy health care doctors!! now what! kind of crap! is that! you all are supposed to be more caring!! more compassionate than all the others!! what happened that day was not her fault and it was not!! that bad!! to 100% BAN!! this poor woman from all other doctors in the Mercy network!!! is "UNconscionable!" and you had better believe if someone dosnt contact me soon I will be contacting my Attorney!! this is totally! un acceptrable this woman is dying!! very sick!! and certainly!!! dosnt deserve to be treated in this manner!! my god the woman cant even walk!! shes in a wheel chair! and also at the time of the small incident but to ban! her from the building!! and also the whole Mercy!! network!! now not that I give 100% satisfaction to mercy doctors at all!! especially after what Dr. Lisa Baych had done to her, yeah thats right that was not!! very caring! or understanding!! or even compassionate!!! lets not forget your OATH!! DOCTORS!! "First do no harm to the patient!" Remeber that well all I have to say about what Mercy hospital has done to her!! 2 times!! and now what a Mercy doctor had now done to her lets just say "the fruit dosnt fall far from the tree" oh and people I have a warning for you all!! at Mercy Hospital! and at that clinic!! I will be contacting my attorney!! you had better believe that just to make sure her legal rights werent violated!! I already know how she was treated by mercy hospital and also by Dr. Lisa Baych this poor women is in tears, but once again Ill fix this for her otherwise what kind of boyfriend and legal representative would I be if I allowed you so called health care professionals to continue on doing to other people as what you did to Victoria, so get ready for the ride! because im fed up! and I will tell you this if any of the news stations or the 20/20s want a story you had better believe I will gibe it to them! right on your door step! now that you all over there can beat up! and pick on a defensless!! very sick woman lets see you pick on me!! and Dr. Baych I dont know how you sleep at night! you ought to be ashamed!! of yourself! the best advise I can give to you is, have your babies and I would be a stay at home mom! because this season! is not for you!! Sincerely James David Trotta

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