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After reading the reviews of Mercedes Benz service to it customers The BMW sounds like a better deal. I Called M/B Rally dealership on LI. NY on Sept. 09 2011 and asked the sale person when will the new C250 SED. become avaible? His answer was I dont know the customers know before me. Well my MB/ dreams will now come to a end. I had a BMW 325I wagon several years ago. Great car and had great service.

Our experience in purchasing a new Mercedes with Foothill Mercedes in Foothill California was the worst experience in our lives and we have purchased over 20 cars in the last 35 years. We would highly advise anyone to go to any Mercedes dealer but them. Financing department was unbelievable, they made us sign 3 differed contracts with changes over a two week period, promised that we would not have to make any more payments on our trade in, (we ended up make two more payments due to their dragging their feet), after 90 days we were contacted by our sales me who informed us that our new car needed to be smog tested and for us to have it done and send him the certificate, it goes on and on. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM.

They picked up my car for service. They returned the car to the garage full of snow and left very fast. The garage personnel always clean the car. It was full of snow and when they removed the snow they fund the car severely scratched. Mercedes Benz repair department at Silver Star Motors denied being blame for the scratches. No principals, no integrity. They tried to charge me 1,000 dollars to repair the scratches using my credit card on file. I charged back to American Express platinum card attaching the letter from the car garage general manager clearly stating that the car was returned with the scratches. The manager at the dealer service dept. is very nasty and keeps insisting that it was not their fault. When I asked if he was the one that delivered the car to be so sure, he says that he was not…so again I asked “so how you know”… This happened two years ago. I went back this year to change the convertible for a new 2011, there were a lot of smiles, sympathy, I told my previous problem, I was told do not worry when asking what will happen when I need service for the new car, AGAIN, no problem, do not worry. I also convinced my partner to change his car for the new 2011, he did. Now the car is ready for service, THEY ARE DENIYNG SERVICE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE PAID THE 1,000 FOR THEIR SCRATCHES. BE AWARE!!!! This location does not provide the customer service care for what Mercedes Benz is worldwide known.

Mercedes Benz of Nanuet should NOT be allowed to sell the product they do a major diservice to the Mercedes name. Mercedes benz of Nanuet disrepect the intellegence of their consumers, they take advantage and mislead you to purchase used cars WITHOUT throughly servicing them BUT tell UNTRUTHS and say they did all necessary work to the car when infact they have done NOTHING at all but ensure the car will pass inspection. ( selling you cars with leaks, bald tires, and basic required Mercedes Service that should come to you automatic when the car is being sold.) BAD BAD SERVICE AT MERCEDES BENZ OF NANUET. They should change the name and stop using " Mercedes Benz" if they can NOT measure up to the name and standards.

My husband is due for his third deployments overseas, he wanted to make sure I would not have car problems when he is away, so he bought me a new GL 350 Blue Tech on July 26th, 2011, and when I got home, I found a 14" long scratch on the driver side window. I had to take time off work and drove all the way to your dealership Twice to get it fixed. I was upset for the poor pre-sale inspection services. However, on August 23rd, I was on the way home, my steering wheel quit working during the turn and heading me into a light pole, I almost got killed !!! The car was under 30 days of being purchased, and under 1500 miles !!! It is unbelievable, I do not know what to think, except I am scared to death to continue with this vehicle. I have contacted the dealer , they fix the problem , however they can not tell me why the brand new 68K Mercedes failed, both my husband and I felt uncomfortable to drive this car. We emailed and talked with the owner and general manager, they refused to replace the car. We have contacted Mercedes customer care, however, I could not reach the case manager. We are very disappointed with the quality of the car and the customer service of both of their dealer and Mercedes customer service. We spent 68K for their brand name and car quality, we demand to get the quality we paid for. They need to give us an satisfied answer !

I am a very unhappy customer of a 2002 C class E320 Benz. I have had this car 1.5 year and have had many problems with it. I have a battery draining problem, I have strut problem, I have a sway bar problem with the links on the sway bar, I have seat module problem that is draining my battery (which thousands of other people are also having same issue with no recall) my electrical light bulbs blow frequently, my dash cluster goes in and out, my sunroof does not work on a regular basis, I have constant and frequent problems with my door locks, and a rattle in the exhaust system. I am now going to get rid of this car, and buying a Lexus, I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH MERCEDES and until they stand up and correct these problems I will never buy another one. I have owned previously but will not again. I will not recommend to anyone to purchase your cars. Word of mouth advertising can be your best or worst enemy.... you now have a very unhappy customer. These problems are not normal wear and tear items... but defaults in Mercedes manufacturing and thousands of others are experiencing the same problems. Mercedes needs to stand up and correct these issues. Of course I will not hear Mercedes... as they don't care about the C class E320 owners....

I purchased a 2005 1 year old certified c 320 in 2006. I have replaced the lug nuts 3 times because of rusting. I would thing that with the quality that Mercedes Benz product is advertized it would be able to put chrome lugnuts on this car.

I purchased a used 2000 S500 in 2005 From the House of Imports dealership.At the time I purchased the Lemon it had 79,000 miles on it now has 97,600. This car has not ran a complete year since I purcased this car.I have yet to to get out of any repair done on it for under $2500 each time its been to one of the different dealerships here in southern cal. In 2009 after being serviced by Manhatten Beach Dealership it ran 2 mos,after paying $3100 for the to sevice this lemon, the air pump went out.So after it sat an entire year and some I had the pump replaced. Not a week later the air shocks went out. At this point Im through with this lemon.I own a Lexus s430 which if I have paid a total of $2500 in repairs I would be shocked.

I purchased 2009 C350 from Plaza Mercedes in St Louis 4/12/11 with 12,200 miles. The interior door, heat control console, arm rest and sun visor all have been discolored.I have been told the problem is probably due to a lotion from me. (I don't wear lotion) I have taken back 4 times to have them have it detailed, refinished and then a solution applied. Friends have told me it is probably due to previous owner using armour on it to make it shine. 6/24/11 Mike Comer, Mercedes Regional Mgr, looked at it with Service Mgr, Matt and they told me the interior material isn't defective and it is caused by outside inteference. When I asked to have the parts replaced I was told only if I sign to not ask them top do anything else if that didn't correct the problem. My issue with that was 1st I shouldn't have to sign to have it corrected and 2nd how would I know they replaced or just shine it up. 6/29/11 called Matt back to take it in and he said there was nothing he could do. I asked what about the warraNTY and he said mercedes isn't honoring warranty. I called Customer Care to complain and was told a Case mgr would get back with me. Today Randy, Case Mgr, called me and told me he talked to Mike Comer who said they weren't doing NOTHING ELSE about the discoloration because it is due to outside inteference which they aren't saying it is me. I asked that i have it in writing and he said he will email it and mail it to me but due to holiday I probably won't receive it before next Friday 7/8/11. Customer service and lack of empathy shown is pathetic.

How can I get in touch with someone in your headquarters. I own a 2001 C320 and I am very dissapointed. When I hit the break pedal, the car excelerates instead of stopping...I've almost had an accident twice. Is there a recall I need to be aware of? I don't have a lot of money and I need to know what to do. I love my car and I need to feel safe to drive it. Please advise.

I recently took my 2001 S 600 into Mercedes of Sarasota & dealt with Ben Lipke & Joe Cordik. Both have treated me with the up most respect. Both gentleman have gone above & beyond my expectations. Because of my experience with them, I will be buying a Mercedes again. I highly recommend anyone in the near (or far) area looking to purchase a Mercedes Benz (or looking for a place for repair) to deal with Mercedes Benz of Sarasota. You will not be disappointed!!! Sincerely, Eliza Van Wie

I have what I consider a revolutionary idea for automobile handling. I have really good ideas frequently. I don't have any clue what to do with them. I have tried the so- called "idea development" companies, and they have less interest in the ideas than how much of ones money they can take. Well, an idea is worthless if it doesn't get into the right hands. I have always had the highest respect for the engineering of Mercedes Benz cars. So I would like to know if there is an engineer at Mercedes Benz who might be interested in some of these ideas. No royalties, no patents, no strings of any kind. I am not materialistic, nor am I litigious. I would just get a kick out of seeing one of my concepts put to use. If someone benefits, and they want to reward me with a car, or a job or money, cool. If not, that's fine too. As I said, I am rewarded by having my concept validated. Thanks for your time. I think your cars are the best.

To Whom It May Concern, I have attached my invoices for the work I had done on my 2008 C-350 and I am very disappointed. I have been a Mercedes Benz owner for the past 15 years and have owned 3 Mercedes and I am looking for the right answer to correct this problem. Prior to my navigation delaying my Bluetooth worked fine, the calls would stay connected upon entering or exiting the car. Once my navigation started delaying is when the calls started dropping upon entering or exiting the car. I went in for service and the head unit was bad and was replaced, my phone calls are still being dropped. I have verified with my carrier Sprint that my HTC Evo is working fine. It is 2.2 software as is my car which means it is compatible. Do you have any explanations or service bulletins to correct this problem? The dealership didn't have any. The only explanation given to me by my technician and service manager was that this is just the "Nature of the Beast"! This is NOT a satisfactory answer! If my phone worked before I started having problems it should definitely work with a New Head Unit installed. Also, it will not download my address book or phone numbers, I have to input them manually. Please help me with this issue so I can continue to enjoy my automobile. If Ford can have a flawless Bluetooth, I know Mercedes can. Respectfully,

This is my second mbz a 1995 S500 2dr.cpe, I was driving on the freeway at 60mph, when my car made a loud noise, then smoke came from underneath and thorough the car, then I stop suddenly from 60mph to 0 in seconds which it is rush hour,then the air bag burst from the dashboard, hitting me in the shoulder and face,then breaking the front windshield, at one time I was proud to have own a Mercedes Benz,but sadly I am not to proud of this so call fine machine, only think fine about it is the cost that they want to charge me to get this car repaired, 20,000, I had to medical retire from my job, so i am on a fix income,I am not able to spend this type of money on this car, but would love to see if mercedes benz stands behind it car as being the best in the business.661)533-3002

Right now I am very disappointed in your product in every aspect possible. As you can see, the repairs are major repairs to your product, which is an indication that the product is an inferior product compared to other luxury models/makes. The product has been in performance for a short while (2006/2007) and the mileage (less than 90,000) noteably is minimal compared to the estimated life of the vehicle (accounting for performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and necessary/usual repairs). Now the vehicle is faced with an "intake manifold" replacement (estimated at $1222). Too much for me. The cost of these three (3) maintenance repairs is nearing $10,000. The "Balance Shaft" is costing us our emergency savings of $3200($5553 total)not to mention the "Body Valve which was in excess of $2200. We are now back to living from month-to-month, paycheck-to-paycheck, and trying to re-coup those emergency savings. We are praying that nothing happens until the end of the month. Thanks a lot.

I don't understand how the after the market GPS is ten times better than that of the navigation system in a Mercedes. I am recent owner of a Mercedes and the navigation sucks. I still use the Tom Tom GPS to get around in unfamiliar areas. The navigation system in my Mercedes tells has delay in telling you me what my next turn will be. I have to looked down to read to see what street I am turning on, which is not safe. Compare that to a Tom Tom or any other after market GPS you get better maps and directions. Why are the most expensive cars use horrible and cheap products. I believe you cut corners by selecting the cheapest navigation system to. I also hate the Mercedes family thing that your dealers try to sale, but once that car leaves the lot and you come back for any service you are treated like a stranger. I miss Toyota.

I own a 2010 C300 and am not able to download contact lists from either my Droid original or Droid 2 Global telephones. Both phones parred ok and is usable via bluetooth, but contact lists are not available to be used. Have been to the Verizon store as well as online support with both Verizon and Motorola.....they say the problem is with the vehicle.....been to the dealership they have attempted to solve the problem.....and say the problem is with the phone......HELP

Creative Measures by Aaron Smith (919) 909-9710 625 Oak Run Dr. – Raleigh, NC, USA 27606 By reading this business proposal you are agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement and ensuring nice percent of gross profit from all revenues generated from this operation in whatever forms it is released. We are about to embark on a physics defying adventure into the world of exploiting the benefits of electrical technology and how to make it maximally efficient. With the new available technology in mini wind turbines combined with the hybrid battery and the right motor and inverters, these are compact energy makers with minimal resistance which, in turn, make it possible to create more energy than is expended. By harnessing momentum’s energy, mobile energy will seem infinite without loosing the ever so popular horsepower or torque. This will be the end of petroleum pollution and the beginning of the new energy age. This project’s components are available on the market, and using a hybrid motor specifically engineered to operate the tires and the 1.5 megawatt (at peak) wind turbine at the axles differential is ‘the key’ for sealing the patenting rights for security. The turbine (from front to rear axle or rear to front axle) will turn when the wheels turn (four wheel drive for larger SUV’s), generating more electricity than is necessary (to recharge the hybrid battery pack), and the wheels will be turned by the hybrid battery motors; the hybrid battery will be what starts them turning. Since the AC motor power will always be superior to DC, running a power inverter for the turbine power will allow the different energy to turn to AC power. The first phase will consist of a functional prototype, utilizing the available technology to ‘iron out’ any resistance issues we may have due to weight. The math given is to operate an average SUV with full capacity. Phase two will be patenting all necessary parts (AC motors with wheel studs) to ensure market security. Phase three is production on a gradually expanding level to keep up with demand; the product gross profit will pay for any necessary expansion. I hope you won’t cut me out of the process. With the technology available, nice percent is what I expect. Sign here: _________________________

I own a 2001 C-240, which has approximately 36,000 miles, a one owner vehicle.I purchased it brand new right off the show room floor from Mike Smith Mercedes Benz in Beaumont, Texas. And has only been serviced at Mike Smith Mercedes Benz. The weather triggered the alarm system and it would stop. The Mercedes Benz technicians had to come out and turn it off. But, afterwards I could not start my vehicle and never had any problems with it before. I asked them to come back out to undo what they did. They refused on several occassions to come back out. My vehicle sat for almost three years, I had to tow it in to the nearest Mercedes Benz, where I purchased it. Now they are trying to find out what is wrong with it. I speculate that they had me tow it in so that they can charge me outrageous repair costs. They feel that just because I am a womaqn that they can tell me anything. Does anyone have any suggest, or any more information that can help me, Please e-mail me at paula_g_1964@yahoo.com.

I own a 2009 E-320 BluTech. Have had problem with fuel gauge reading gradually down to 1/3 tank then dropping precipitously to zero and the fuel warning sign coming on. Have had it to dealer twice. First time they said some arm in fuel tank was bent (bull). The second time they said it was a software problem. Made an 1,800 mile trip two weeks ago and twice the problem recurred. Usually I only need 8-12 gallons of diesel to refill. Anyone have a realistic cause for this? I know the dealer is blowing smoke (my car doesn't).

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