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home owner

The costumer service at the Moline store could be much better. The person behind the counter is rude and condescending. Nice store but costumer service needs a lot of work.


Very funny menards, so this is how you value your customers! I tried to call your number and it's a fax number. This looks like Home Depot will be getting more of my business from now. It's sad that you do not care much about your customers!

Phone Number

This is a fax number!

MENARDS forces customers to take a store credit, even if you pay cash for an item and it goes on sale within a week!!!!!!! This policy is not written anywhere in the store, only in fine writing online!! Also, this "forced" store credit cannot be used for online purchases, only in their stores where the employees are of NO HELP whatsoever!!!!!!

Do not care about handicapped shoppers

My review for Menard's is a big fat 0 as in goose egg. To the person complaining about the lack of electric scooters in the stores: I wrote the corporate headquarters twice already and I was blown off by each person who answered my complaints. Each said they would "look into this serious allegation" and that was the end of it...at least they contacted me right? Right. Still nothing has been done. To handicapped shoppers, do not bother with Menard's anymore. Go to Lowe's; they have several electric carts at my local store or go to Home Depot; they have several carts there as well. Pass the word to other handicapped people you know. If they will not care for us who need accommodations, why should we care about doing business with them?


I purchased a dryer from the Menards In Comstock Park ,MI. I am only 8 days over the 30 day return policy. I have a receipt, I don't want my money back I just want a new dryer without a big crack on the inside. I contacted the store and talked to the dept. manager and I emailed there website. both responses were Sorry. now I have to have someone come out and look at it from Whirlpool. Obviously Menards doesn't understand "grey" areas. it is only 8 days and I just want another one. I will bring the cracked one back and bring the new one home in my own truck. I am very disappointed as I have shopped there many times while remodeling my home.

Customer Complaint Lawn Mower

Bought a lawn mower. It doesn't work (Choke) hear it's very common on this model. It's been in the shop for 11 days. I was told I would haveit back 1-2 days. I agree with above comments on corporate phone number (lack of one) and poor service.


we went to mennards in baxter ,mn bought a patio umbrella 399.99 plus tax and gas and time got it home set it up holes all over the top and the grip handle to bring umbrella up broken ) : took ever y thing down put back in box more wasted gas ,time 60 miles brought back they were up set because we wanted another one ???? talked to manangnent to get price lowered due to all this NOPE not are fault yes it was they sold us some ones RETURN that was to go to manufacter what is a wrong with your company and you would do some thing like that ???? I would like an answer ?

Menard's Lancaster Ohio

All I can say is CRAZYNESS! How does this company stay in business. Corporate, are you reading any of these? Or are you still hiding behind your hidden phone number. THE WORST SERVICE EVER! ...I had to select a RATING, and you don't allow for a NEGATIVE... so I will post this one " -10" rating. Reader please disregard the 1* I had to choose to post this... they SUCK!

item no in stock on first day of sale

July 4th sale offered Repel bug spray buy one get one. Not in stock the first day or the following 2 days. No raincheck would be issued. Not the first time this has happened with advertised items. Lousy store policy about rainchecks.


hope your sending out small calendars again this yr. they are so helpfull.if not hope u sell them Ty so much

Handicapped Shopper

My husband is handicapped after a stroke. We tried to shop at the Rhinelander store, but was told the entire store had one motorized chair, but was being used at the time. Shame on you for neglecting the handicapped. Our rating is a big zero

pour service

I didnt get eny had 2 employes stand and watch me and my girlfrend load about 60 board by ower selfs. thay swore at us and were very rude.

lawn devil mower

Just purchased this lawn mower few days ago. It has a transparent grass catcher. When mowing lawn, dust flies out the back and through the catcher and into face and eyes. Neither manufacturer (Amerisun) nor Menards can help me. model 8605 ser# 141505733. cannot return it.

Lack of responiblity

FYI to All - I was just told by Menard's Insurance Company that any injury or damage on Menard's Property, Menards is not responsible.

Your phone number

What company would not show their phone number on their web site?

A new Menards coming to our town

I'm hoping to hear from you soon. Is Menards going to be building a store in Warren, MI? I think your store's are great. I have lived in the Marquette area for years and the building of Lowes across the street hasn't hurt your store at all. could you give me an idea when you think you might be breaking ground. Thank you


Poor attitude from manager BILL at Chillicothe Ohio store.Poor customer relations.Just do what you tell people you are going to do. Customers are not near as dumb as you think.Lowes will appreciate my future business........


Menards stores are only as good as their employees are trained. Most are not trained the value of customer service. It is amazing to experience low quality services and low quality employees. Best of luck to Menards. There will only be Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware in Home improvement centers. With high unemployment, improve selection of better quality employees must improve the stores. But it's the blind leading the blind. I am not surprise by the low ratings. John, best of luck with your business! If you don't improve your customer service in your stores, you will be acquired by your peers at a devaluated price.

this is not a review of me but a complaint as an employee are u aware of the coverups at the kewanee store. It involves a one Carlos Ortiz. He showed up to work on Saturday the 28 drunk. I noticed this decided to see what happened. After i left it was observed he was sent home by the Assistant GM only to have him come back in 6 hours to cover his position. Policy number 141 states in Illinois if show up under the influence u are to be terminated. This individual has gotten away with alot of things since showing up at this store including poor attendance and abuse of his position. u need to deal with this problem there is alot of things that go on in this store and this is a major one

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