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Me and my wife were in there last night with reservation 9 pm. We sat down and didnt receive service until 35 minutes later. The service was so bad the head sheft came out and gave us a free bottle of wine. As we ate the rest of the food we finially received, desert was bought out to us... the chocolate turtle... We ate most of the deserts that were on the plate. There were still peanuts in the pot. The Chocolate was not hot on our tounge or mouth as we ate. The spoon on the other hand literally burned my lip and inside of my mouth with a 3rd degree burn. I spoke to the head sheft, server, and the two people at the front desk. The gentelman laughed at the fact. I do like your food and have had several parties here with several friends in the comunity. But you must inform someone that this spoon will never be cool enough to eat from. I am not looking for a hand out. I do want you to talk to the adminastration about the laughing at the costmers expense.Mr Gilbert Walker II

Deceptive coupons

We took my family of 4 and my mom for a unique dining experience. We got that until we received our bill. Kids 6 and under eat free? Not unless you argue your bill. We intended to have a bill of about $80, however due to a boil order in town and deceptive advertising, we received a bill of $154. While we were able to show the waitress three advertisements of a 3 course free kids meal, we were still charged what averaged to be approximately $21 per child. Only after we asked for a manager and was hushed so she can figure out which of 5 promotions we might be asking about, our bill was reduced to $106. The email we received, sign at the door and flyer in the bill holder showed our bill should have totaled way less.

Great Experience!

Check out my review blog - http://derekmaul.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/love-and-intention-at-the-melting-pot/

Feeling blessed

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who came out to the Target house for St.Judes. It means a lot for people like you to care about people in are situation. My son has brain cancer and he told me at the party mommy this is the best day ever that brought tears to my eyes. So thank you and God bless you for all the help you give!


Our entrée was a disaster from the start! One pot was too hot and burned everything on the outside, while the inside was raw (not a good idea when trying to cook chicken!), the other pot did not heat up adequately until the we had given up entirely. The manager's solution was to take less than $35 off a $120 bill. Forget trying to get through to corporate offices, they do not answer the phone or have a valid voicemail system, and facebook does not work either, as they delete any posts that are unfavorable!

went home broke and mad

( RED BANK ,NJ ) false advertisement and lack of knowledge among your staff regarding such promotions ... and the fact that on your main site for Melting Pot has all of these promotions that your supposedly "offering".... ;which as a franchise you would think they would all have the same promotions and the fact that it does not specify that each location does not offer the same promo's is quite horrendous!....Just the fact that we made a reservation and asked for the promo an no questions asked ( " sure I'll put you down for (The Double Date ) promo ; and yet again when we all arrived " we're here for our reservation with ( The Double Date Promo ) " " Oh ok sure and yes we have you down for that right this way ......" We are upset about the lack of knowledge and information..... If we knew from the beginning that there was no such promo maybe we'd be less discussed or we would of just went maybe some where else ........ An the management did nothing about this but say sorry we don't offer that promo ( once we got the bill)


Melting Pot,11811 US HWY One,Palm Beach Gardens,Fl. 7pm reservation, seated around 7:50pm, order taken around 8:15 pm, food served around 8:45pm,completed meal and paid bill at approximately 9:30 pm. Cheese fondue void of much taste and not the taste and flavor that we enjoyed for many years. Manager smarmy and staff attitude and not customer friendly. Six people in our party.

My birthday is Valentines day and i wanted to do something different and have my man spend a little money on me for my birthday. I saw the comercial for the Melting Pot and thought it was something different so i made reservations Jan 14 for Feb 14 and everything was a go. they sent me the agreement and when i faxed it back to them they had cancelled my reservations without notice! i am very ferious! Not only do I NOT have a place to go out and eat for my birthday but I also cant find anywhere to go and eat this close to my birthday. guess after looking at some of these reviews it wasnt meant for me to go anyway.

I know that people only write reveiws when they are upset with something. I am writing to say that the Melting Pot is may absolute favorite restaurant. I have been to the one in Orlanda, Las Vegas, and the one where I live in Albany, NY. I have never had a bad experience. The food has been top notch every time as was the service. So...while I know that no restaurant "gets it right" every time..you have gotten it right each time for me. Thank you.

The melting pot in Durham North Carolina was horrible, the food portions was so small a small child would not have been full, there were 3 of us and we each got (1) shrimp, (2) small cubes of chicken, (2)small cubes of pork, (1)small slice of steak and we had to share (1) lobster tail, never again will I pay for "nothing" because that is exactly what we got was nothing... a McDonalds happy meal has more food than what the 3 of us was served put together. It's a rip off and not worth the money, our server never servered us until she was changing out the pots...over priced not worth it.

Been to the Melting Pot many times over the years. Went to Brookfield, WI location for my daughter's 16th birthday. Did not want to eat there because she had a friend with her who is rather particular about her food. (We spent the day at Museum of Art and ate downtown at a "burger joint" instead.) My daughter wanted dessert fondue, we arrived around 4:45, the place was nearly empty and we told the hostess we wanted dessert fondue only. We were turned away! When we first arrived, she grabbed menus and started to take us to a table. When we told her we only wanted dessert, she contacted a "manager" and then told us she wouldn't be able to accommodate us. First time we've ever been turned away because of what we were going to order. Really? In tough economical times, they;re going to turn customers away? If we were turned away because of no reservation, that's understandable. But to be denied a table because they bill wouldn't have been big enough is ridiculous. We won't be going back ever and that's too bad because we usually end up with a $180 bill.

Our night out at the Jacksonville loaction really was ALMOST perfect. It started before we even got to the Melting Pot. When I called to make our reservation, a person by the name of Dan took my reservation. He was short and rather impolite. I assumed he was just a member of the wait staff and didn't think anymore of it. The afternoon of our reservation, my sister called the Melting Pot to get directions. DAN answered the phone and was incredibly rude to my sister and spoke to her in a tone of voice that implied that she was a complete idiot. This encounter upset my sister to the point that she asked if we should just dine somewhere else for her birthday that night- but we decided not to let DAN's rudeness ruin our plans. When we arrived at 7pm, Louis, our host was so friendly and accommodating. Our server, Chris Brown, was charming, entertaining, attentive and quick. It would have BEEN the perfect night out if it had not been for the way our party was treated by the owner/manager, DAN. DAN was incredibly rude to our entire party, tried to accuse us of lying about what prizes we won during the charity balloon pop, and then tried to refuse to give us our very insignificant prizes. I hardly think that the sun visor, two chocolate bars and three free chocolate fondue cards, and free cheese appetizer our party of four "won" was worth the $80 we spent to get them, but THAT is not the point- the point is that we were there to give to a charitable foundation thru the Melting Pot and owner DAN had a absolute tantrum over the fact that our party would not back down and that we demanded our prizes. After getting in an argument that lead to DAN raising his voice at my sister, he stomped off and yelled at Louis "Just get them the (chocolate) bars and cards." Louis apologized for the way we had been treated no less than five times, and so did our server Chris. It is NOT the responsibility of the hosts and wait staff to apologize for and cover the behavior of their BOSS. Literally every other aspect of our visit was just lovely and perfect. If we do not return the this Melting Pot- DAN will be the SOLE reason why.

I use to work for the Melting Pot in Sarasota Florida. I would like to tell you about my experience both working there and as a patron of the Melting Pot. I began working there several years back and was extremely happy as far as work its self can go. The patrons who came there were very nice and at the time the food was great. The Manager was on leave when I was hired her name was Bianca Youngblood. When she returned to the place I had been traning for several weeks and was working a full schedule. I was the oldest waitress at the place they tend to hire younger people. I was a grandma and raising a grandchild at the time, but I have a youthful appearance. When Bianca returned to her job things began to heat up. She is rude and talked about the customers behind there back. I had an accident a few months in and my truck fell on me. I had a hematoma that was extremely lage on my right hip, I never missed a day of work I did walk with a limp due to the injury. Bianca was aware of the injury and fabricated a story that I was to slow.I had kept up with all the servers there even with my injury but she let me go just because I was limping. 2 surgeries later now and years gone by. I returned to dine at the Melting Pot in Sarasota and she is still there. I went in to have dinner and I sat at the bar. Was waited on by Nate he had been there when I was there. First of all he was rather put off by the time and I searched the men u for something new. I ordered a salad and cheese was planning a full meal. I got my salad and cheese and ate. Then he tells me that the kitchen is closing and that sorry its to late to order. So I pack up and here comes Bianca rude as ever telling me I think I know you, well she never did so I replied no you do not know me. I let her know I appricated her acknowledgement and decided to go. I somehow dropped my cigarettes in the lot as I left. I decided to go for a drive, then relizing that I had dropped my cigarettes that I had a bit of cash tucked inside of I returned to the lot. I was lucky that the box was still there, and retrieved my cash. Then as I left the lot I was pulled over by the police in Sarasota and guess what. Bianca decided that she doesnt want me to come to the Melting Pot I have contacted Corporate, I have yet to reach the brothers who own the place, but I will. I hope others read this and decide that stuck up doesnt belong in the place. That we the people are better than that. Its really to bad because the food is get but the atmosphere will truley never be the same. The tip I left was undeserved of either party and I am writting to the corporate office concerning her rude and indecent behavior. Take it from me if you only knew how she treats the guests You would never return. I had hopes corporate would do something so years later we will see. Mel and its your loss Bianca when the people stop comming there and it looked like to me that they already have.

I would also like to add if you would like a real Manager with morals and respect FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS call me at (941)592-2551. I really loved my job at the Melting Pot the problem was your Management team is rude talks about the customers like they are dirt.Customer Service begins before your clients reach the door and never ends. I had an accident years ago and with a hematoma to my right hip the size of my head,( I never missed a day.)but I was fired for being to slow. I love people and I was always belive the customers are always first. Without customers there is no work and Bianca tells the waitress'es and waiter's horrible things about your customers.Just ask them its years later and I am sure its still going on. I could run the place better then she does and increase your client list by changing the atmosphere in the place. NO ONE WANTS TO HERE BIANCA RUDE REMARKS, NICK HAS NO GUT TO TELL ON HER. I came in to eat there a month or so back been trying to contact you since then concerning the way I was treated. well if your interested in hering me (941)592-2551 give me a call. I have been in customer service my whole life and its not happening there. in Sarasota,Florida Melicia Batts Former Employee and now Former Customer.

My parents were in town and we decided to get a sitter for the kids and go to the san antonio location. I made a reservation online for that night and even called to make sure they had received it. When we got there we had to wait about 5-7 minutes because they said the table wasnt ready. The place was not overly crowded and there were plenty of tables. The worst part of the experience was that it was two couples paying seperately, so 4 people at a table with ONE burner. That means we each still paid $100 per couple and got the same amount of food for one couple (besides the meat and the salad). Not to mention....we all had to agree on the same things whether we liked it or not because there was only one burner. And while our server was very nice, he was very adoment about us all having to choose the same thing instead of offering us to move to a table with 2 burners. I thought it was very strange having to pay the same amount of money but having to split the amount of food for 2 people between 4 people. I gave it 3 stars because the food was good, but I am extremely disappointed that they didnt sit us at a table with 2 burners. Also, none of us had ever been before, so we just believed what the server told us. If I ever go back....and thats a big if...i will not tolerate 4 people with 1 burner.

Matt from the melting pot in galleria location in buffalo was awesome. Reading all these negative stories really made me wonder what was really going on back tthere and to be honest I may never go to melting pot again I go there consistently monthly and these testimonials are scary but probly true. I can say this info enjoy going to melting pot here in buffalo because if nothing else the service never disappoints. We got Matt on his first day and a few more times after that and because of his service we will always be comming back.

I would just like to say that I think Jennifer, who wrote about the Chicago MP, must be confused because all the meat is kept in a walk-in freezer at night and in a refrigerated area during the day. If it werent then the restaurant would have been shut down by the health department. The health department also regulates the veggie wash she referred to and there would be no reason for it to contain MSG. Although the idea that it would is pretty funny. Also there has never been a server by the name of Jennifer at that location.

Because my 84 year old mother, who is 5'1" and barely 125 pounds wanted salad or cheese fondue (but ESPECIALLY requested chocolate fondue) for Mother's Day, we were told that we would have to eat at the bar. Is there ANYONE out there who would sit their frail 84 year old mother on a bar stool for ANY meal, let alone Mother's Day? How utterly disrespectful, offensive and insulting... Shame on you, Melting Pot. You have proven to me that it's not about your food or your customers. It's all about money... Ever seen the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where Reece Witherspoon decks Candace Bergen for being rude to her mother? Well, that's pretty much how I feel about the Melting Pot right now.... Nobody treats my mama like that... Nobody!

I think it is important for you to know what happened at your somerville, NJ location. My husband made a reservation for the two of us on Sunday 2/27/2012 at 9:30pm. We got there early around 8:50pm and our first impression was that the restaraunt was hummid, very uncomfortable. The seats were wet, the air was dense and smelled. It was late so we decided to stay and stick it out. After we were seated we ordered the couples option "Fondue Fusion". Several minutes later I received my calafornia salad and relized the walnuts were missing, I asked the waitress if the saled should indeed have walnuts, she said yes and said she would go get them. She came back with croutons and said that they ran out of walnuts, I I let her know that I would rather not eat it without (never asked to even have it taken off the bill.) Well here is where the real problem started when she walked into the kitchen. WOW!!! The conversations that go on between your associates and manager are sickening. I was cursed at, disrepected and taked about. These conversations happened because I chose not to eat my salad that was missing what it was supposed to have. Hmmm...do they spit in your food if they don't like you, I don't doubt it. They said that it was "bull shit" that I didnt eat my salad!!!! The manager fought with the server about taking it off the bill. When they (including your manager) were finally done talking about me in the kitchen and the server came out, I told her I heard the conversations and wanted the bill for what I ate, wanted to leave right away and wanted to speak to the manager. Do you know what your manager and server said "Im sorry that you had to hear that" REALLY? How about apologizing for saying it! I asked the manager for his supervisors contact info and he gave me his own buisness card, I guess he didnt want him to know how he runs his location. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had; this location will be losing business at the very least and your manager should be fired!

To Whom It May Concern: I am very upset and disappointed about our visit to the Melting Pot in the Bedford, MA location last Saturday evening, February 11th . I had made a reservation several weeks in advance for six adults and had requested a booth. When the restaurant called to confirm Saturday afternoon I again reiterated our desire for a booth to which the reservationist replied "all we have are booths so you are all set”. Once we had all arrived (on time) the hostess said it would be a few minutes to get our table ready. The hostess then brought us into the very well-lit "function room" which was so bright it was like daylight! We were three couples out to share an early Valentine’s Day dinner together in a fairly romantic setting; we did not want to sit in a well-lit room with several other groups. We did not sit down at the table and went back to the hostess station where I stated we had specifically requested a booth to which she replied that there were none available. She had us wait a few uncomfortable moments and decided she could seat us at a booth in the bar area. Not ideal, but we were fine with it. When the waiter arrived, I mentioned my concern with just having the two burners at the table with 3 couples with different tastes to which he replied, “you will be fine”. I contacted the Boston location where I had gone in the past and they said they have portable burners, obviously, the Bedford MA location does not! I then told thw waiter that we were interested in the “Valentine’s Weekend 5 Course Menu” which was available for $45 per person for 4 or more adults, instead of $60. He was not aware of the special price and said he would check with his manager. He said he was told by his manager that the special price was only available on February 14th. We had access to the website via our phone and confirmed that the website clearly indicates that the special was available (FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10 - TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 - We’re celebrating the most romantic of all occasions with a decadent five-course fondue experience. $60 per person - Parties of 4 or More Adults - $45 per person) We asked for the manager and that’s when her arrived at the table. He indicated that the special price was only available on Valentine’s Day and that the website was not clear and something to the effect of “it was not proof-read by the owner”, etc, etc.! He went on to say that the best he could do would be to take $30 off for one couple, which he did. The website CLEARLY INDICATED the following: Celebrate Valentine’s Day FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10 - TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 We’re celebrating the most romantic of all occasions with a decadent five-course fondue experience. Valentine’s Weekend 5 Course Menu Required menu on Tuesday, February 14th** Optional menu on Friday, February 10 thru Monday, February 13 $60 per person* Parties of 4 or More Adults - $45 per person* Vegetarian - $50 per person* Children’s Entrée (under 13) - $10 per child* Our server was pleasant however, the drinks came slowly and we were sitting in the bar! Also, we had asked for salt and pepper and that came about 10 minutes after the meal arrived. We actually saw the manager and had to ask him if he could get it for us. We definitely did not get what we paid for and our bill was close to $600. We paid $55 per person with the $30 discount however we only got two first course fondues because we only had two burners. Also, I do not eat fish and because we only had two pots, the meat and fish were both cooked in both pots. After what we had already been though, I was reluctant to ask my friends if they could all use one pot while I used the other one. Not to mention there was no way we could all reach both pots unless we kept changing seats and that’s a little difficult in a round booth. For the dessert course, we did get three pots however; we had to use one burner for two pots so the chocolate in those pots wasn’t even hot, lukewarm at best. Unfortunately, in my opinion, The Melting Pot in Bedford MA just cannot accommodate parties of more than 4 successfully. It would have been nice to know when I made the reservation what our seating options were for 6 people. Had we been advised we would have to sit it the function room in order for each couple to have their own burner, which is really what you pay for, we would have gone elsewhere! $200 per couple is an awful lot of money to pay for a less than stellar meal at any restaurant.

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