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Everyone's lost

I received a free coupon for an oil change through corporate and the store would not accept it. Lots of headache with this company

Horrible experiences

Will never go back to another Meineke!!!! Worst service ever, don't fix problems correctly and charge more then any other place. Stay Away!

Customer Care

I had my car serviced at your location in Jamestown, NC recently and although your service was OK they left the floor mats in my vehicle full or either grease of oil. This is the first and last time I will ever bring my car into a Meineke location. Actual this was first time and last.


worst experience of my life... don't trust them they are crooks

Brake Booster

Went in to get my brake booster fixed. Cost me $700 plus dollars only for me to take it back up there going on the third time! When I call and complain, the manager gets upset and acts as if I did something wrong! Will never go there again!

not again do not recomend

had the front hubs replace. now have ABS and Traction Control lights on manager sais I have to take to dealer to reset lights dealers fee is $150.00 plus the 500+ I already paid. manager is refusing to check why lights are on. he is also refusing to fix the problem without a dealers print out..

i went to north versailles meineke becuse they just opened recently and wanted to give them a chance i needed my brakes checked and the guys name was ford he said my brakes were okay later to hear from another tech he said my wheels were never even taken off and also that it was hardly even looked at way to go meineke!!!

Sorry service

Took my truck in because the heat wasn't working on drivers side two days later I got back and still had the same problem took back again two days later I got back now i still have a cold truck plus a fist size hole in my dash that was added by repair shop.

avoid meineke

Needed a mass air flow sensor. I was charged $620.00 for a part that other shops would have been $160.00. Total bill was twice as much as anywhere else. Expensive lesson. Check around and avoid meineke.

Dead Battery?

I took my car to the Meineke on North Russell in Missoula, MT. I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra, and was told my battery was nearly dead. I have had no indication of a bad battery, and took had it checked at Battery Plus and was told my battery was good?


Took my car in for belt replacement on 6/28 and I just got my car back today 7/25, the bent all 4 lifters, because something the mechanic did wrong. They had to send my head out basically rebuilt it. The customer service was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, in the four weeks it was there I got one phone call to tell me something about the car ONE over a four week time frame. Then when I went to pick up the car , it was parked in the next parking lot over and the window where down, doors unlocked and the key was in it. GREAT

Took my car to the Sunrise, FL Meineke for an oil change and they ended up coming back out telling me I had all these problems with my car and ended up pulling my hoses apart so that my car would over heat and have to bring it back to them to fix. I took it to two mechanics right after that and they told me the car was 100% and that they were full of lies. Never going there again!

Poor & damageing service

On a96 Lincoln town car, the fan belt failed, I pulled into your repair station 346 in Bristol CT. They did not proper replace the bet. When the car was picked up that evening, there was no coolant in the car. It hadbeen draned out.

mieneke corporate

what good is a corporate office that does nothing, IF they answer the phone they make empty promises. say there gonna do this and that but do nothing ,i guess as bad as the independent mieneke owners are they have to much to do.


Took my truck for an oil change and the loser who called himself a mechanic tried to charge me 7 hundred bones to fix a problem.... Well took my truck to two other dealers and there was no problem at all. This business is horrible. They hire trash. They are trash

Rialto ca location

I am still sitting in the parking lot well past my 0730 am appointment & no one is around. The phone just rings with no way to leave a message. This is my first & LAST time I come here. What a poor example of a business.

I would like to thank gorden and mike at your 10667 e briarwood cr centennial,co location for helping solve my Catalina converter problem. they knew what they were doing and handled the problem in a professional manner. Joe dirks120

rear brake pads

I was having brake pads replaced and I ended up with the wheel nuts breaking off. Basically the negligent mechanic didn't bother to tighten the wheel nuts. Any worse would have been in an accident.

Terrible service

I was having issues with my brakes so I took my car to meineke and the guy that drove it said nothing was wrong...literally four days after I had brake failure, hit a truck and totalled my car..same thing happened to my cousin..I informed meineke and they were completely rude and acted as if it was my fault I will never get anything done there again and have informed everyone I know. .


I went to Meineke because the timing on my car went. The manager Mario said he could do it for $180 bucks $2,200 later. The vehicle still is not running. The timing needed a new kit, then the valves were bent so they needed to rebuild the motor. When they disconnected the motor they detached the exhaust from the manifold and he said they were not qualified to do that type of work. I had to bring it to a local muffler shop who fixed what they broke. I had to start the vehicle with starter fluid to get it home. In the morning the car had excessive backfiring, and would not drive. Now he says a wrecker will cost them $60.00 and if I can use my AAA to get it to the shop, they will look at it. I will be filing a suit in small claims court for the refund of my car and the cost to lease a new one while my vehicle has been in the shop for the past 5 weeks

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