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Im so mad I wanna say bad words to everyone in Mcdonalds,here at 6335 E. Grrenway scottsdale az,store number 85254, I was there at 10:30 and I ask for lunch and they said its not ready,and on the side of my eyes one of the employees has a chicken sandwhich and fries, then the clerk looks at me stupid and trys to talk to me in spanish like I don't understand just cause im hispanic, im in a hurry I don't have time for such absurdness and should be treated with respect, and if mcdonalds can't have lunch served on time then they need to fire everyone here and hire someone that can do the job!

to who it may concern...i go to mac. every nite 4 coffee, on m-59 and airport rd. waterford mi. i will make this quick, the employees at this store can not turn the aircond. on, no matter how hot it is. we have had some hot weather, if this isnt fixed im calling every tv station in det. i go there every nite so i will know, this is simply abuse and i for one am sick of looking at it,,,do something...jerry

My concerns are 4 the mcdonalds in springfield, ohio, on south limestone st.,...i go 2 this mcdonalds everyday, and everyday its always something, theyre always out of something, u have 2 go back and correct your order, or you gotta go back because of your order is incorrect or incomplete...lets not forget almost all the time u have 2 pull up and wait by the end of the drivethrough 4 your order...i think this has 2 be the worst mcdonalds in the area, poeple spend alot of money in that store and its ashame people have 2 deal wit these kind of things everytime they want mcdonalds...if something isn't done about that store soon I think I'm done going there.

I purchased the new Cherry Berry Chiller today and its too cold, let me re-phrase that, its EXTREMELY cold. The drink itself is lovely as far as taste is concerned but its so cold I could only take tiny sips because anything more would leave me with a headache from the freeze, which happened four or five times while trying to finish off this drink. It was so bad that I wound up with a residual headache from the experience. Please you have a nice drink there is no reason to make it so cold that the experience becomes harmful.

If there was a such thing as 0 stars Mc Donalds would have it. I'm a worker at Mc Donald's on Shelby and get well rd in Memphis, Tn, and might I say they have VERY VERY VERY V E R Y poor management service they show no respect and act as If they are god . The STORE manager had gotten mad at me because I wouldn't come in on my off day because I had business to take care of. So she LINDA had taken me off the schedule ... I haven't been to workin 4 weeks without notification if I was fired or what I called my mc Donald's pay card and it's no longer active being I was still suppose to RECIEVE my last check but never did .. Not to mention Diane a manager also CURSED ME IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS and I will be going to court with this because theirs no way someone can fire a worker with out notification. I called the district manager KEISHA left numerous messages even on Mrs. Linda's phone and I still haven't gotten a call back regarding the situation. Mc Donald's lacks community service in many ways and they definitely have the wrong managers managing the facility someone needs to do something about this because it's gotten out of control working at Mc Donald's isn't what it use to be I'm only 18 years of age and if any parent is considering letting Mc Donald's be their child's first easy job like Mines were I WOULDN'T! Recommend it . You get NO RESPECT WHAT SO EVER AND EVERYONE IS DIS LOYAL AND RUDE it sucks going to a job you hate because of the lack of team work and respect. Mc Donald's is no place for anyone anymore IT'S HORRIBLE!!

we need to have turkey burgers for us americans....we eat no meat so this would be good for all of us thanks mc donalds for all u do for us

My family after church every and I mean every Friday go to McDonald located at 1935 Tully Rd. in San Jose , 95122. We take the kids so they can play while we order. Well, the restaurant closes at 11 pm we show up around 10:20 pm. The cleaning lady there name Josephina has blocked the entrance to the play area so the kids don't go in because she wants to clean early to leave at 11pm. She done this about 4 times now and we always got to speak to the managers. She had even turn off the light so the kids won't go play. All manager have let us in and been very understanding but tonights manager came up with a new excuse about how they close the play ground at 10pm not 11pm. There no sign saying that and we been there so many Fridays when there still kids playing after 10 pm. Such a lie. I thought by now they should know us as loyal costumes because we go every Friday and expect the kids would be playing but every Friday it's a bad experience and conflict. They just lost Costumers because from now on we're heading to a different fast food area.

my family and i decided to visit Mcdonalds store #357 in flint mi this morning for breakfast. i wish i had never pulled up to the speaker. The woman was so ghetto i could barely undertand her at all. she and the other employees were playing an actual game with me. she pretended she could not understand me little did she knw her headset was on the whole time. i could hear them all laughing in there as she kept asking me what i wanted. several time she cut me off to tell me my total when i had more to order. big family = lots of food. when i said no i have more to order they all laughed and joked. now, coming from a person who worked fast food early in life when getting started ( no longer work there because i have a head on my shoulders and expect more out of myself) i know what CUSTOMER SERVICE is and should be. this was the WORST i have ever had to encounter. there are thousands of good hard working people in flint michigan that are looking for work out there. with familys to feed and bills to pay. yet this group of individuals take their jobs for granted. its truely a shame. i know that this message will go unresponsive from McDonalds corp. but i thought id mention it to you all here. its people and buisnesses like this in flint thats keeping the city down. so MCDONALDS i would like to recieve some sort of notification from you that the problem is being handled. maybe if the workers cared more about the customer service rather than the times on their drive-thru there wouldnt be so many negative comments on this page and more happy customers. yeah sure who cares about a couple thousand pissed off customers when you have millions nation wide correct? but little do you know word of mouth travels quick and one mad customer contacts their friends and family and they hear the story. bi proxy the numbers start to add up. think about it!

today I had 'orientation' with Mcdonalds, in Missoula Montana. I had already been hired, and was informed I would be starting work tomorrow (July 6, 2012). Upon me arriving at this orientation, I was immediately given a disgusted look, from the woman doing said orientation. Her name was Jessie, a tall blond woman in her thirties. Throughout the entire meeting, she was very rude, and stared at me with very intimidating looks. About five minutes before this orientation was over, she looked at me, and told me I was needed to stay late, so she could talk to me. Once everyone had left, she gave no explanation, and told me to leave my uniform there with her, I wasn't going to need it. I simply asked her why, and she said "Because you're a felon! And that wasn't on your application." I calmly explained to her, about how I filled out the application for Mcdonalds before I was convicted, which was one week ago. She continued by telling me, that I don't fit the Mcdonalds credentials, due to me having a felony. the whole conversation between her and I was very prejudice, and disrespectful. The conversation actually went like this; Jessie said: "I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable, and neither would the manager, about your situation." "What situation? The fact that I'm a felon?" "Well yes." I replied with: "Well do you even know what the felony is from? Do you know what I did?" "Yes. Possession of dangerous drugs. And that's not what we want out customers around" "Yeah, possession by consumption. Which means I had a drug in my system that wasn't suppose to be there. It's not like I'm out selling crack to little kids." ...She was lost, and didn't know what to say. I was about to leave by, I felt like I had to throw one more thing out there so I said: "...I might as well go apply at Taco bell, they don't seem to mind us felons. I mean, I could go work with some sex offenders and child molesters!" And she said: "Well that might just be a better fit for you." ....Mind you, this was in fact my first job interview, I am 16, and I am a single mother. I am looking for a job so I can support my son. When I told Jessie, I could not stay any longer, because I had a two month old sick child being taken care of by my mother, this is what was said: "really, how old are you?" "16, why?" "And you have a baby already? Well, that is just so sad" "...well I'm sorry, but you really don't know my situation. For all you know, I could have been raped, and then gotten pregnant." After me saying that, she was stunned, and very lost for words. I told her, that what she was saying was very rude, and prejudice, which was illegal. And this could be a possible law suit. I already have a meeting set up with my attorney, and he is not very happy about this situation. I suggest the Mcdonalds owners, find new management, with people who are less judgmental, and more friendly. The Mcdonalds name is slowly being tainted by people like her.

I have never been treated as bad as I was today July 4 th 2012 at the McDonals in Grand Coteau La. I went through the drive through at 10:05 am , I ordered breakfast I was asked to pull up to the empty parking spot they would walk my food out to me , I move like I'm asked twenty minutes later I go In because no one has come out with my food, I'm told by the manager that they thought I left so they threw my food and would not fix me breakfast because it's now 10:30 am breakfast is over now remember Ive already paid for my breakfast before it was over this was there mistake management was so rude I'll drive ten more minutes I will post and repost on every wall I have how I was treated by the loser management at the Grand Coteau McDonalds , one more thing he didn't want to give me my money back for the drinks poorest service I've ever had.

My experience was so awful. Stood in lobby for 6 minutes before even being recognized because the cashier was too busy talking to her friends who were in line before us. The cashier told her friends she was waiting on hot fries and she would bring them to their table. Then we got our order, and the old fries that we're good enough for her friends - which I then had to take back. My Big Mac was so cold I couldn't eat it so i took it back as well. I had to wait nearly TEN minutes to receive another sandwich - which was somehow exchanged instead for a mcdouble MADE like a mac! I was furious, but didnt want to chance waiting so long for my bigmac I had originally paid for. The entire time this is happening, the manager who was walking around and talking with his friends in the lobby did NOTHING to speed up this process - OR APOLOGIZE even when I brought it to his attention and asked for my receipt-which he gave me almost woodlessly.So unprofessional. His name is Dustin, which I heard another employee call him. He, nor many other of the employees had nametags on. I was SO unimpressed with his "management." I was also VERY upset at hearing Dustin cussing at the counter and lobby area while conversating LOUDLY with friends and other employees. The whole time I was in the restaurant I was impressed by one thing-an employee named Tara. I know her name, because she was wearing her nametag! She was keeping herself VERY busy even while the other employees and Dustin were playing around.

Its customers like you all Mcdonalds staff hate winging on about food GO ELSWERE STOP MOANING

I attend Mc Donald at least 3 week. Tonight I was a concerned customer at this store location ; 920 e fowler ave, yampa,fl.,33612. I did not think that it was very right for the management to handle my concern of the employs to wear good gloves & the manager that were handling that shift (around 7;30pm) to handle money & credit cards,& think they do not have to slide on a pair of gloves on to make a meal. I said my piece & they did not take my concern very seriously. IF they gdanshandle food they should abide by sanitation rules as well.! Store # 1636 , July 2,2012.. Thank you.. Scan the video.

I have been to the mcdonalds at44th & sheilds in oklahoma city ok. and every time we go there the food is wrong cold or just plain shity well tonight we went again and i order the big mac and the pattys were half the size of the buns and my husbands nuggets were cold wetake them back every other time and they do nothing about it, and sat in the drive thru for 20 min. and the person working act like it was my fault because she couldn't understand me like it was my place too speak SPAINSH is there something wrong with this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to know the issues of McDonald's restaurant and how to sold the problem.

I was hunger so my family and I choose Mc Donalds to eat for lunch.Time was 11:30 and I arrived to the Mc Donalds located on 9131 w florissant, fergunson mo 63136. I order 2 mc doubles 1 without cheese, 2 big macs and 4 small fries. Made it home, and the kids and I was enjoying our food. My daughter ran out of her room crying because she had pulled a humann finger nail out of her mouth. The finger nail was planted on the mc double and I dont know if was on purpose or if was an mistake but how disgusting is it to be chewing on your burger you feel something hard in your mouth and you pull out somebodys fingernail. My daughter will not eat and has not eaten for two days now due to that. I finally got her to eat but she literally wanted to cook her own food or watch me while I cooked her food. We will never eat Mc Donalds again, my daughter is 13 years old and when she grows up to have children, it will be ashamed that her children will never be able to experience a HAPPY MEAL....

Let me come to your place of work and berate you. It's burgers and fries. Jeebus people. Focus.

I was employed by McDonalds in Dothan AL. I called out due to a funeral for a church member and freind of the family and was told that i had called out two Saturdays in a row and that i was terminated. I had only called out once before for a medical reason in which i brought a doctors excuse in on my next work day to prove where i was. If thats how your company works then i will not be buying food from your company ever again.

In regards to the McDonalds located in Charlotte , NC on Sunset, the manager is extremely rude. She did not give off a welcoming friendly vibe to the customers. In fact, her attitude was so nasty it caused me not to want to buy from that McDonalds any further. I thought it was to be believed that you hire those who are able to give off a good attitude to the customers in which they feel safe and comfortable to eat at the restaurant but, i did not feel either or. I suggest that she the manager of that Subset needs to get confronted to about her manner, its obvious no one has spoken to her about it before because today she was artfully rude. Thank You, Your Customer.

Is it the practice of the Mcdonalds franchises to NOT hire a person that does not have a bank account? My daughter went to an orientation at the Colorado franchise and was denied employment because she did not have a bank account. She why and was told that it is mcdonalds practice to do direct deposit only. If a person is looking for job, how are they suppose to have a bank account? I am not pleased with McDonalds.

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