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I work at McDonalds on neperhan ave in Yonkers & is literally the WORST job ive ever had . We get treated like crap & if we call out sick we can get suspended or fired . im eveb starting overnight & they are not raising my pay !!

I as a Liberal Democrat do not want to see Fox news for 1 second, but if you go to the Mcdonalds in Nacogdoches, tx on university Dr. Thats what you will get. How stupid can a franchise owner be? Even if you have it on a Liberal channel (if you can find one ) you could lose 1/2 of your business. Put the TV on the discovery channel of something netural. After most republicans eat at a little bit more up town resturants than McDonalds. I and my liberal friends have decided to just stop going to McDonalds. I have found that Burger King is much better. James Costello

I went to mcdonalds in westfield wisconsin like I always do almost every morning. In like several times in the past service was never always tha great. This morning Was the worst. They took my order n after 12 customers later I finally had to go up and ask for my money back. I walked out of there n across the street to burger king which I will do from now on. I live in the area but I will never go to mcdonald's in westfield wisconsin again.

McDonald's at 1645 S. Webb Rd. Wichita, KS. Ordered the 10 piece McNugget meal with honey mustard dipping sauce. Large fries and a large Coke. Received my food. The girl working the drive up window did not say one word to me. Nothing. No dipping sauce, no large fries (small), no straw, and no napkins. I called the manager and voiced my complaint. I will say the manager was very polite unlike the other personnel. I informed him that I will never patronize that store again. I did not discover this until I got home. Too pissed to drive back and talk to the manager in person. The only thing making me feel better is writing this Because I know corporate will not take care of things like this. I think I'll just stop eating at McDonald's all together.

The Mcdonald's off of 183rd Street, Miami Gardens Drive and 47th Avenue, next to the Church's chicken restaurant. The employee there was very rude and obnoxious and vulgar. I surprise because I never was treated like that before. The Mcdonald should be suspended without pay or fired for her rudeness and very unprofessional work ethics. That McDonald's has been known to have a very bad reputation about the employees not washing their hands after using the restrooms facilities and also, I caught some digging their nose while making sandwiches, also the employees should have some type of strong discipline ethics their and it is bnot been conducted in a fashionable matter.

everytime i try to fill out application on line i can not get past the dates when i worked before and it just goes back to the beginning

I went to the McDonalds on Fruitville Rd in Sarasota and the service was horrible. I went to the Drive Thru and waited 25+ mins for a Kids meal! After I was asked to pull up and waiting 10 mins, I went inside and the employees said it would be 5 years til my food was made. The people were eating fries & cookies behind the counter, throwing things at each other too, it was disgusting.

We were just n this restaurant and it was the dirtiest one we have ever been. Behind the counter the bottles on the floor had syrup on them in view. An employee put a bhamburger patty on the bun with the bare hands. There were several employees working, but when I was in line, one unfriendly employee taking orders. People behind me were commenting on it. There was no ice in one machine, water came out of both Dr. Pepper spouts and the floor n front of the order counter was wet and it was flooded in front of the soda, napkns, etc. It almost came ver the soles of my sandals. Not be employee was mopping it up. It was a hazard condition.

I am a current employee at McDonald's in Germany. I have worked McDonald's before in the United States. All I can say is different countries, different rules. 1. For the customers who have gotten shoddy food or shoddy customer service from ANY McDonald's: you should call the owner of said McDonald's or speak with the GM of said McDonald's. 2. To the employees who have been mistreated by the managers: 1. Managers are in NO WAY allowed to yell at you nor cut your hours in retaliation for them getting an ear full from coporate. It's poor management to mistreat your workers. As a second assistant manager in the states, I had the respect of my crew because I listened to them and their needs and also said please and thank you. We learned this when we took our Shift Management classes. Also, cutting hours in retaliation is against the law NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOU'RE IN. If you can prove it, speak with the Labor Board in your country. 3. As for illegal workers, again if you can prove it report it to the Labor Board. 4. You cannot shut a restuarant down for managers being tards and not giving you ketchup, nor can they be shut down for flirting. If it made you uncomfortable call McDonald's Coporate Office for that area and they will pass your complaint own to the owner who in return will tell the GM who in return will talk with the managers. Why have 65+ employees out of a job because of 5 people? 5. Im not saying this is your fault, but plastic can't cause that big of a problem. Perhaps the worker didn't notice the plastic? However, I can explain the looks, they probably thought you did that on your own to get a free drink. McDonald's employees don't intentionally harm people. People intentionally harm people. 6. Being charged for sauces is NOTHING to complain about. One case of nugget sauce costs McDonald's 20$. You being charged for sauce is McDonald's covering the cost for you nor purchasing nuggets or chicken selects. And getting free meals as an apology would make ANYONE happy. Here in Germany you pay for ketchup, mayo, and sauce if you didn't order a meal. I wish I could address all problems, but I need to get my child ready for school and go to work in the morning. On behalf of McDonald's HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY or NIGHT. And I apologize for all the wrong doings. Also Ronald McDonald and his brother sold the company in the 50's to Ray Croc, who sold shake machines. Mr. Croc in return took a failing burger joint and turned it into a multi billion dollar industry. Ray took pride in his business as should ALL McDonald's employees.

I attempted to contact your office at about 3:50pm central time 7/22/12 but got a party that answered and hung up the phone after I explained why I was calling. I was calling in regard to store number 5927 located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. I have rarely left complaints about any of your staff because I know that we all as humans are entitled to a bad day so I understand that at time common curtsy will sometimes fall a bit short with people. But the last few times I have visited this location this cashier has been rude and excruciatingly unattentive to myself, my husband and other guests her name badge said Bria on it and I guess all I am asking is that someone talk to the manager about her inability to pay attention to the customer and get the order correctly done the first time and I am not just talking about having to completely reprint and refund orders and reprint them because of missing items or adding extra things the customer did not want. You can contact me at janejohnson08@hotmail.com thank you for your time.

Today my wife and I went to mcdonalds at 1136 Annapolis rd in odenton Md we ordered two big mac meals, after paying for them i noticed the signed that offered military discount, as a retired military personnel i thought i would ask, i was told by the manager that since i had alreay paid they could not go through the trouble to give me my discount,this was a joke, but dont worry i want be back.

I work at the K-44 McDonalds in Springfield, MO located at Kansas Expressway and I-44. I work the overnight shift, full-time. Some of my managers are bullys, and worse off, two of the managers on my shift are living together and in a relationship. That is not what bothers me. I have worked there a year and I will soon get a weeks paid vacation. The two managers that are dating constantly let eachother go home early, and if they don't get their way, they act like 3 yr. old children, throwing tantrums and furthermore treating the other manager that works much harder than them like crap and punishing them out of spite on the nights that they run the shift. They sit around and do one task all night, constantly checking your list, only to tell you exactly how behind you are, never helping you. I can tell when they have planned to write me up. They watch me like a hawk and plan out my punishment from the beginning of the night, warning me the whole way about what they expect from me, which is ALWAYS perfection. They have their favorite employees too, and never boss them around, encouraging them, and inviting them to partys to smoke marijuana and drink heavily. I have let all that go until recently, when I was being watched one night by Brian. He literally picked apart every last thing I did and when he found something wrong, pushed me until I was "argueing with him", which I wasn't. I only wanted to do my job, which is very hard to do with Brian "Smiley" and Natasha Rice constantly griping at me and telling me how behind I am, which I am NOT. Every month and a half, I recieve a write-up. In the beginning the write up was slightly justifiable, but never in my experience at any job have the write-ups been this frequent and for the smallest things. Today, July 19th, 2012, I was doing well at work. I was doing very good with customers in backcash position. I didn't get everything on my to-do list done by 5am, which she changed from 6am because she wanted to write people up. I was done with everything by 6am and she had the write-up ready for me after I was done. The whole night, I could feel it. I knew she was planning it. The write-ups have become more frequent and now it's a seven day warning of changing my performance or getting fired. I work very hard and this is just insulting. I have told my other managers and they say they can't do anything. I have told my store manager that they are bullying and harassing me and trying to get me fired before my vacation. This is my livelihood we're talking about here. I can barely pay all my bills, let alone eat. My livelihood is not a game to be played with. Also, if I quit now, I will have no chance at a new job at any other McDonalds in the World. If Natasha finds a single thing wrong with my performance in the following week, which she will, I will be fired and also have no chance at a new job at any McDonalds location in the world. Also, an extremely small chance of any fast food, or any job for that matter, anywhere because I quit or was fired. IT'S HARASSMENT!!! I FEEL AS IF I MUST LEAVE MY JOB AND GIVE UP!! THIS IS NOT A GAME. THIS IS ABUSE OF POWER!! So, now I'm going into work tomorrow night to be eyed like a hawk by the two managers who are dating AND LIVING TOGETHER, who talk about all the employees when they are home together, outside of work. I can't say I ever want to work for this company ever again, but I am moving soon and the only comforting thought I had was that I could put my two weeks notice in after my well-earned 1-week vacation and apply at another McDonalds in my home town. My home town only has about 4 restaurants I can apply at, one of them being McDonalds. When Natasha wrote me up after what I thought was a good day of hard honest work, it was like she ripped my heart out and ate it.

every time I go to the McDonalds in Pittsfield Ma at the Allendale Shopping center And ask for an ice cream cone, I always get the answer that the machine is shut down. I think they just don't want to bother with the cones. Sometimes when the weather is hot a nice cool cone jut hits the spot.

Well first of all I agree with the Mcdonalds employee talking about the terrible conditions, I too worked for Mcdonalds and it was one the worst experiences ever, I worked for the Mcdonalds off cooper and I-20 in Arlington TX ... Ive witnessed corruotion and mistreatmebt towards employees like I never have before, the store manager seriously is not proffesional enough for hes job, like honestly what kind of grown boss makes one of the ard working ladies in the kitchen crt over something thats not even important, also.making a manager her self cry, this man will refuse to answer the phone for complqints cause he is too busy flirting and having physical contact with a co-worker, so yes ladies and gentleman if you dont speak to who you need to soeak to thats why, this lady he talks to will e pulled out her working position while being on the clock just to talk to him for hours evem when its busy and help is needed, seriously the man is MARRIED, not to mention him firing my friend over 28 dollars "stolen" and refusing to show the video, firing another friend for laughin and walking awqy from an arguement, and firing me becauae he stopped giving me days I found a second job and told them I could only work a certain ammount of days due to that since I wasnr gettun enough hours nd he chose to write me up because of that and on top of that I had to deal with an exrremely rude customer and hes grown daughter that I was being insulted by and threayened by , alk I asked was to.not be spoken to the way I was and he fired me, many peopke have quit because theyvsee corruption and refuse to speak, anothee example the hiring manager being a grown man thinks its ok to flirt and try to have relationships with co workers of ages down to 17, anoglther manager having managers clockbin for her when shes late, this man had me and my friend kicked out of that store because we went for breakfast at exactly 6:15 am (store opens at 6:00} and he told the cops we went trying to get in when the store wqs closed, but doors alwqys say "doors must remain open during business hours" due to that my friend was arrested recebtly when all we were trying to'do was eat and he had to type of proof saying we couldnt be there...up to this day thus man taljs down on me abd my other friend that was fired and does it a.lot, he told pla manager we know that he shouldnt hang out wuth us and that we'll never be anything in life, alsobhes threatened that manager of firing him just cause he is friends with us...this aint even all of what goes on, we been herrased, talked about, lied to, and treated unfairly and honestly somwthing needs to be done

I visited store# 3308 in Newport news va. Today, I was only hoping my order would be correct. I was asked to pull to parking spot, fifteen minutes later I went into store, the mgr. Was headed to me with food, she was dismissive and rude, the store was empty and the drive thru was slow to med. Busy, the ice has melted in mine and my families teas, she didn't care. We get home and are missing a cheeseburger, each of the fries is less than half full and I can't even call the store since the phone is conveniently hooked to the fax, and I looked for any other number to call there is none, the mgr. Name is Virginia, and since she cares little for quality, customer care, and common decency, I will make it my mission to make sure the bosses know, all she had to do it make sure my food was ready in a timely manner, make sure I get all my food and make the fry cups at least appear full. I am now hungry since I had to give my food to one of the kids, since their cheeseburger is Mia.

Greetings. Im gonna get straight to the Chase. I have been employed for McDonalds in the Past, twice, for about 1 yr and a half on both Jobs. Thats 3 years of flawless employment At McDonalds. Recently I decided to try my hand again at a Maintinance Job. Same as before. I had the references and knew what I was responsible for. 2 Fridays ago I decided to put my experience back on the Market and Work again for McDonalds. I contacted a Store in Richmond Hill 119-05 Liberty Avenue and started working Wed of last week. The store is alot smaller than Im used to, but The work was easy. After 4 days of Employment and I was FIRED. The explaination wasnt that I wasnt working hard enough, but that I wasnt working fast enough. This is a Maintenance Job. Its hard work. And I performed my job to the very best of my ability. But I guess they wanted a Programable ROBOT and not someone who had the experience. The saddest aspect of the entire ordeal is, with my nearly flawless employment history working with this company, I can never return back to this company because of this Strike against me. And that saddens me so badly. And to even make matters worse and add insult to injury, I was fired after I pulled trash and gotten sloshed with food particles, coffee grounds and other forms of waste, while performing my Job duties. UNBELIEVEABLE. It was like they patiently waited for me to get done with the heaviest , nastiest job and then they FIRE ME. (347)969-6678


Im so mad I wanna say bad words to everyone in Mcdonalds,here at 6335 E. Grrenway scottsdale az,store number 85254, I was there at 10:30 and I ask for lunch and they said its not ready,and on the side of my eyes one of the employees has a chicken sandwhich and fries, then the clerk looks at me stupid and trys to talk to me in spanish like I don't understand just cause im hispanic, im in a hurry I don't have time for such absurdness and should be treated with respect, and if mcdonalds can't have lunch served on time then they need to fire everyone here and hire someone that can do the job!

to who it may concern...i go to mac. every nite 4 coffee, on m-59 and airport rd. waterford mi. i will make this quick, the employees at this store can not turn the aircond. on, no matter how hot it is. we have had some hot weather, if this isnt fixed im calling every tv station in det. i go there every nite so i will know, this is simply abuse and i for one am sick of looking at it,,,do something...jerry

My concerns are 4 the mcdonalds in springfield, ohio, on south limestone st.,...i go 2 this mcdonalds everyday, and everyday its always something, theyre always out of something, u have 2 go back and correct your order, or you gotta go back because of your order is incorrect or incomplete...lets not forget almost all the time u have 2 pull up and wait by the end of the drivethrough 4 your order...i think this has 2 be the worst mcdonalds in the area, poeple spend alot of money in that store and its ashame people have 2 deal wit these kind of things everytime they want mcdonalds...if something isn't done about that store soon I think I'm done going there.

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