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Every morning on my way into work I stop and get an Oatmeal and Large Sweet Ice Tea. This was from the store in St. Peters MO. Store #2754. After early afternoon I dumped what tea I have left in the sink as I do everyday. To my disgust along with the remaining tea a glob of what appeared to be soaked paper pieces and black hair also was in the cup with the remaing tea. I called the store and asked to speak with the manager, Dan S. He was very rude and said he found that hard to believe and wanted to know exactly what I wanted him to do about this. He also state that it was only a dollar tea. I asked him if he would like for me to bring into the store so he could see and he said sure but I don't know what you would like me to do. It was obvious that he could care less. I have put on my Facebook page and asked anyone that sees this post to copy and put on theirs as well. Hopefully the word will get out about the poor customer service. Needless to say i will not be going to McDonalds again. And if I have my way anyone that i talk to an tell the story to will not as well. Posting this not expecting anything because it is obvious from the quality of managers that are employed by McDonalds that they do not handle issues such as this.

these people are the nastiest people i ever met the most incomptenet and immature on top of it

mcdonald's is a companie that never do something for they'r employers, because here en las vegas nv. every store manager are very mean with the crew. also they are dismissing ilegal crew, and they'r still hiring ilegal people, has not sence.and when they dismissing they'r crew the corporation never give to them some compesation for the years that they worked on they'r companie. its not fair for them. for that reazon i quit because the corporation is handle for a trash people. :(

Today My husband, daughter (22months old)and I went to McDonald's on Florin Rd in south Sacramento. The cashier NEVER gave us our full change back she gave my husband 0.15 and owed us 5.02. before we could tell her she clocked out and went home leaving us waiting at the cashier window for our change. The new cashier asked if we received our full change which my husband stated "no". She then told us to pull forward and wait in the front. Five mins later a Manger came out and stated they counted her register and she was even so she gave us the right change with a nasty attitude. I kept telling her "what if she was short and that's why it came out even" but she kept saying no she has worked her for a long time and she wont do that. We even got off the car to talk to the Manger but All three continued to give us the same story that she wont do that and she gave us the right change. I will NEVER go back to McDonald's again! Not only did they take money that my hard working husband earned but they made us feel as if we where lairs and where trying to get free money.

Fllatwoods mcdonalds wv a work place that cares nothing for those who perform the service. I cann honestly say the employees try their best to make the comsters experience the best but corporate and mangment hold them back. The comsters pay for the emplyees having to deal being belittleed over being made to perform in seconds.yes its fast food but is still some of the work done by humans not machines. The almight dollar is all they care about, if they would see we work for what little we make and let employees in on the service dicisions I believe things would be better. To comstomers I say I'm sorry I can only do what mcdonalds will allow me to. Comstomers want better service helpp the workers receive better working conditions. Thank you

There is a a manager at surf city nc McDonald's named Erica who i have witnessed on two different occasions screaming & berating other employees in front of a lot of customers. I have never been so uncomfortable & awkward in my like. I don't appreciate spending my hard earned money on a meal & having to watch one of the employees cry because that manager was yelling at her. It appeared that that employee was one of the only one working a lot of the other employees were just standing around with their shirts untucked & Erica did not make them tuck their shirts in but screamed at the one employee to tuck her shirt in. This manager made everyone in the place very uncomfortable & I will not take my kids back to this McDonald's until they get rid of this manager. At the very least she should be demoted..

Brand new store in Collins Ms This is the second visit there. On the first visit the food was cold. On the second visit my order was taken amd i waited over ten minutes. Never got to the pay window. There wont be a third visit. You should close it now . It sux. Q

Can you please tell me why the sweet tea isn't sweet anymore. Come on. In Elizabeth and Linden NJ it is horrible!!!!!

If something isn't broke, don't fix it. Why has the sweet tea in Elizabeth and Linden, NJ not sweet anymore, come on, it's called sweet tea for a reason. Please bring it back, love it.

My 17 year old daughter works at McDonalds in Bentleyville, pa.. She is being harrassed by a fellow employee, shift MANAGER, who tells her she's disgusting, tells her to move the "F" out of her way, then states "when I say move, I mean "F"ing move. She tells her she is gross and has nappy hair (which she don't), and says everything in front of customers. I called and spoke to the manager she told me she would take care of it, August 1, and today she said "i'm not allowed to say anything to anyone because i may have to go home and cry to my mommy".. Well listen I work for an organization for Adults and children.. I can legally file harrassment charges for this lady, so called lady, harrassing my CHILD at work. And I have a compliance form stating if I see abuse of a child, I can call Child and Youth services and have this person charged.

Awful. I went to a mcdonalds in warwick, ri in which point they had basically run out of all supplies. When the girl turned to me and said "I have no drink tray" I am not about to go and ruin my BMW's brand new seats. Even if I drove a hoopty I wouldnt want to risk the chance of the drinks spilling. On top of that I was given attitude. At which point I asked for a refund. The "manager" said my money would be on my account in the next 15 minutes. That in which never happened. I was declined at wendys and had left my credit card at home. I then went back to mcdonalds to ask for a cash refund in which the "manager" was very rude to me, threw a reciept in my face saying the money was put back and overall terrible customer service. I then said "you have no reason to be so rude to me", put my car into gear and started driving a way at which point this employee poked her head out of the window and screamed "f*** you, you f***ing c***!" I was appauld by this language. Mcdonalds you pride yourself in customer service, maybe you should take some tips from wendy, burger king, and kfc. You never, EVER treat your customers like this. I for one, work in retail and strive towards great customer service, so when I see this from another corporations employees it disrespects the idea of customer sevice. Awful, awful, awful.

I went for a job in Folkston GA, was told by Kaila, who does the hiring and the scheduling that I would definitely get the job because "I am white, and an adult". Well, I walked in with my husband, and her whole attitude changed towards me because my husband happens to be black. When it came time to come out of training, and to be officially hired, there were "reasons why i was not recommended. The managers that i did work with said that what was wrote was not stated to her. Can anyone say RACIAL DISCRIMINATION?

I have a question I was told that the Mcdonalds were giving out free food vouchers to Gay couples. Can you please let me know if this is your stand. If so Chic-fil-a we showed our appreciation not by free food but just going and showing our support. Please let me know if this is your stand. By the way Mr. Cathy saidhe was for the biblical idea of marriage.

I worked at McDonald's for 9 years as a manager, the store I was at keeps giving me a bad reference for no reason and is keeping me from being employeed. I called corporate a month ago and havnt heard anything back so I will be taking legal action against McDonald's for lost wages, bet someone will answer the phone then

I am pretty outraged over the McDonald's sign on facebook that says. We support Chick-fil-a. Now, Protest us. I did not believe that McDonald's would let themselves be put in a political situation like that so I am hoping that the sign was photo shopped. But if it wasn't, I will protest McDonald's.


The McDonald's @ 22nd & Portland in Louisville, Ky has to be one of the worst . They mess up your order almost every time you go there.I do go and give chance after chance for it to be better. I wish that they would train employee's better. Today I went there and got meal's for the children and a tea for myself ,had to pull up and wait and then when I got to the park we had no straws or napkins to use. To say that was a mess when the 4 year old was trying to take a drink and the cup was weak and spilled all over the place and then no napkins to help with the mess. Thank God I had a towel to help with this mess. When in training they should teach the basic things like giving straws and napkins. If they can't learn that then they don't deserve to work there. I hope that it will get better SOON............

We want to thank you for your support to Chick-fil-a concerning their stand for traditional marriage. Keep up your support! My husband and I were just married when your 15ยข hamburger became popular in Chicago in the 60's. It was good then and is still good today. Thanks again for taking a stand for liberty and justice. Sincerely, Pat & James Ward, Pearcy, Arkansas

I think the corporate office needs to look into this McDonald's. There is dating going on of employees and nothing is being done. People are smoking weed and popping pills. This is including some managers and no drug tests are being issued because it cost too much. Certain people are getting a raise. More white people are getting hired than blacks. When someone says they need to be put on morning shift for a personal reason the manager says there aren't any openings but she hires several white people for morning shift. People have told the owner and managers but they act like they don't care. Nothing is being done so this is why this is posted. I think everybody should be treated fair. Not by there skin color and who you know. Corporate please look into this. Help issue drug test and fix the problems we have. Us employees are not happy. We are suppose to want to come work and want to be there, but the environment we work in makes that impossible. ....................Chris and Aleesha date, Jonathan and Alana date. Jonathan, Ashley, and Alana got caught smoking weed outside by a customer. Jonathan did admit to this. A certain manager at 11672 does smoke weed and pop pills. Also has bought pills from employees. At store 11006 a manager puts liquor in their coffee while at work. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not work for Warrensburg,MO McDonald's. They demote you behind your back without telling you. i found out about a year to two years that they changed my manager title to crew. I have BSM and food safety class. I wish corporate office would investgate this store. We have two employees who are over 40 years and were both demoted. The store manager doesn't do anything about things. He just ignores it.

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