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rudeness to employees

I am am employee at a mcdonalds in allen tx and the head manager is very rude to the employees and also I just started a little over a week ago so I don't know where everything on the register is and he is also rude to me about the stuff on the register. I am seriously considering quitting if this continues

machine failures

Over the last six (6) months the Frappe machine has constantly broken down. When you're in the drive through lane and traffic is locked in behind you, this becomes more than an irritant. Constant reports to the management have had no positive result. This is the Grass Valley, Calif. location.

bad service

Lets just say that I spend a lot of money at McDonalds. its cheap and fast, however I choose to no longer easteat there, the mcdonalds on east Washington street in Charles town west Virginia hasjobs before and in most cases some poor customer service. I have worked customer service jobs before and in most cases the customer is usually right. Even if u feel they are not the last thing u want to do is call them a liar, all that results in is escalating the situation, and being a manager u would know this. I am very disappointed with this store. If u want to be rude and condescending to your customers no wonder you get yelled at put yourself in their shoes and wonder how they would feel. or maybe u just dont like your job and could care less, well thats no excuse because you get paid to do your job therefore u should do it to the best of your ability instead of taking all your frustrations out on your customers. Let me repeat especially if you are a manager.


Everyone needs to read an article about McDonalds guest workers in the Harrisburg Patriot News. Workers from foreign countries are working 7 days a week, double shifts, paying rent to the owner, relying on the owner for transportation, and living in basements. Is this what McDonalds wants for their reputation? I will never take my grandchildren to McDonalds and I am darn sure I will never set foot in another McDonalds no matter how hungry or thirsty. I will stop at a gas station first!!!

Health & Safety Violations

Bloomington, In south store. Since when did the rules for "ALL" employees change for wearing head cover while working in the food and grill area? Was in this McDonald store and observed 2 employees working the grill area that were not wearing hat's or hair nets,while prepairing food. Additionally a male working the assembly line was handling food without having a hat or hair net on. The evening manager was not available to speak with over this matter. This is not the first time that this was observed.

no shamrock shakes

So i went to the one in san Luis obispo ca store #7675 and i was told that they don't have the shamrock shakes any more i just had one two days ago why r they out and it's not even the 18 yet i am not happy but i called one of the other ones in the next town and they still have them


I went to the one in Mercersburg , pa just a stop by to get something to eat and it didn't that long maybe 10 minutes , but the thing that bothered me was the management , the one manager kept yelling at her employees like they're a bunch of kids who don't know a single thing and starts to have attitude toward them . She even made one cry. At McDonald's I expect to see friendliness , not a military thing. Never will go Back , just because managements so messed up. If I had my kid work there , I would get the manager fired right away . That's not how you treat employees .

What?!!! No more Mc Skillet burritos

I want the Mc Skillet Burrito back, went to Mc Donald's in Gaithersburg Md and ordered the Mc Skillet Burrito and was told they no longer have it, It is my favorite breakfast at Mc Donald's

bad service

I bought 5 orders of fish bites and got home to find no sauces . Fish is very dry without sauce. I will never buy them again. Paid too much to just throw away

horrible experience

Recent visit to mc Donald on Ames Blvd say in line for 30 plus minutes to order finally get to window for the ignorant manager to say ooh we not taking any more orders because everyone is about to Get off grant out only 11 o clock and this is a 24 hour MC Donald by far one of the worst experiences I've ever had wish there wad something Else that could be done horrible MC Donald ames blvd marreo la

employees of Mcdonalds

The store manager at mcdonalds on iowa street in dubuque iowa is changeing time cards on any employee who gets overtime. when asked whay she is doing this her response is "to save you from getting a wright up". So the few employees who go out of their way to stay late or come in early are rewarded by being disciplined or stolen from. I am contacting the us department of labor and kwwl the local news agency.

Multiple Sclerosis

McDonalds has the Shamrock Shake coming out. Why not make a McDreamcicle Shake in orange for MS Awareness Week? One week, March 10-17. Sounds good, I bet lots of people would love it and it could help promote awareness; not to mention the name "Dreamcicle" is just about perfect and who doesn't like this flavor? Help support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness! A cure for diseases like this needs to be found! Help MS Warriors, like myself, find a cure, reach our goals, and find our dreams!

Spit in food

You want to talk about food getting smaller? How about saliva being inside your food? I went in to the Clearfield, Utah location and ended up checking my food for onions when I opened the sandwich a mouth full of saliva dripped out. I am talking unmistakably full of spit. Yeah, I will NEVER eat mcdonalds again.

Reduction of Food?

Just want to say this morning, I bought the McGriddle combo spent $5.08 for breakfast and the sandwich, like all their burgers, and items on the menu has reduced in size. I mean how much smaller can a breadfast sandwich or hamburger get? I will definitely not purchase any other meals from McD's... McD's use to be cool but there are other places that I can choose to spend my cash at, where I feel as though I'm getting what I'm paying for. ~ ZJ


The mcdonalds at store #6657 is triffling. They dont wear caps on their head. Unprofessional, arguing amongst each other in front of customers. Screw up orders often. Messy, Unsanitary. Unorganized. Manager hires family members not professionals. Fake nails, fake weaves and no class.

What happen to the old McDonalds standards?

After this visit to the Dequindre & 16mile store in Troy Michigan I will never, every step foot in that place again. It's dirty everywhere you look counters,bathroom,garabge cans,windows and the floor. I placed a order and what I got back was inexcusable not even worth the effort to eat it........... I am a diabetic and my water had lemon aid mixed with it, now it became a health issue. Is anyone in Corporate Office looking into the issues on this web page? 1.9 how much lower can you go?

Mccdonalds on west 16th st

Me and my husband went to the mccdonalds on west 16th street and the people was very rude plus when we got home our order was messed up we ordered a sweet tea and got a ice tea and we also ordered a double quarter pounder and there was 1 onion on it and I had a double cheese burger NO onions and I had alot of onions on mine. When I called to see if they could fix the problem they was very rude and said they couldnt do anything about it. Now im not trying to be difficult but I used to be a resturant manager and I know how hard it is to work in a fast food buisness but when theres no good customer service and they mess up more than one thing something needs to be resolved. Please and thank you.

angus burger vs quarterpounder

I went to the drive up in Prpnceton Il. store # 3900, I have had losey service there before, but things appeared to be getting better, intill today. I ordered a #14 with a sweet tea and a quarter pounder with a diet. I paid 12.93 and asumed I got the right order, I got a double quarter pounder meal and a double cheeseburger meal, when I called to complain they wanted me to give a reciept # upon looking at the reciept it said a double quarterpounder meal and a quarter pounder meal. what part of #124 did they not understand? Why then did I not get what the reciept said? If I bring it in with the reciept they will replace it or they will give me angus burger next time I am the... I think not! WENDY'S is right across the street!!!

just plain stealing

In canton,OH it is the practice of the restaurants to collect your money100% of the time and give you all that ordered 10% of the time It is a really good hustle I am finally giving up we are trying to get a popeyes franchise as a whole. When you send them a complaint they just send you a coupon for food ....but that is useless because the jokes on you they get the coupon you still dont get what you ordered.

McDonald's Does not care!

I worked at a McDonald's for 3 month's in Opelika,Al. Someone made a complaint on my behalf. They let Corporate know that the employees and customers where being yelled at by the Manager over the whole store, and the manager of the year.All they did was contact the franchisee and she did nothing about it. That is not even the worse part. Every time a third shift employee was about to get over time the shift manager was told by the owner to clock them out and back in. Still working a ten hour shift we did not get payed for over time. I was told that, that was the legal way of doing it. Even if I worked 45 hours for one week the 5 hours was just put on the next pay period. I do not believe that it was legal at all and I have contacted a lawyer. I was not the only one that was done too, even the managers had to do the same for themselves.Someone needs to put a stop to Mrs. Marshal, she is the franchisee of all of the McDonald's in Opelika , and Auburn. I am calling the labor board today. Not to mention all of the rudeness toward the poor customers.

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