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bad service and dirity conditions

To whome it may concern , at the McDonald's in Pheonix Arizona on Peoria and 35th the food is very bad and the manager looks like a wino and also looks very dirty , the bathrooms are nasty never No toilet paper in them ( men's/ women's ) and the worker's are very rude. i hope some thing could be done about this and bring the McDonald's name back to were it once was . this is just very sad.


I have a female friend who works at the mcdonalds in irmo, sc on st andrews rd. Everyday she comes home complaining about how every worker picks on her and talks down on her and her kids. Even the managers hear this talk and either do nothing about it or engage in it themselves. They also throw away employees check stubs if they haven't gotten them the day of checks being handed out. She was hired as a cashier but they always have her cleaning inside and outside and doing functions of a maintenance worker. She is continually gropped at work and when she brings it to the attention of management, they tell her to not worry about it. I am hopefull corporate will be able to do something about these issues. My friend is afraid to speak up more in the risk of losing her job.


McDonalds makes an employee that is ill have a doc note to take off. So if you are ill & cant afford to go to doc you have to work and contaminate all others as well as the food they serve. I will not be eating there anymore.

bad service

every time we go into the mcdonals on tenth ave south we always get cold food or under cooked now i have e coli what do u want to do about this issue

Worst meal

On Saturday evening, Jan. 26, 2012, I ordered 2 of the new Burgers with grilled onions and needed a microscope to find the onions. The burger was tough and the onions just about non=existent. Since the TV ads depict the burger as being 'great'.....it was a real disappointment when I saw the burger 'in person'. My wife and I usually are very pleased with the quality of food for the value...but this was terrible.

20 min in drive thru

I actually have footage at warrensburg drive thru and how from the time I paid to the time I got my food it was 20 min! What's up with that! I have gone to Wendy's in queensbury , Glensfalls area and every time I order all I have to do is pull up and get my food'. What's going on with McDonalds? U r suppose to be the best! U fall very short of fast service!

sandwich, illinois 60548

My Family and I went to McDonald's in Sandwich, Illinois store number 5289 today at 16:30. We ordered our food and waited. They started to help other customers and I noticed they they were receiving their food quickly. I didn't have a big order. We noticed there was two bags of food just sitting on the counter so we asked is that our food to the manager. she read out my order and didn't even give me eye contact or hand me my food. She simply walked away while her employees kept starring at us. 2 employees kept giving us dirty look and smirking at us. our food was cold by the time we got it. This is very wrong and hopefully this will be fixed. Now this isn't the first time things like this happen. It happens all the time we go there. I don't know what their problem is but hopefully it will be fixed. I would hate this to happened to anyone else. We felt very discriminated against and I'm very tired of it. I just hope they don't do nothing gross to our food. If you would kindly please address this issue. Thank you.

amazing operator

I spoke to an operator named Sharee, and i must admit she was so nice, professinal, she understood all my comments and concerns, very sweet, i was so upset when i first called, by the time we got off the phone, i was no longer mad, and ive had to deal with alot of operators in my line of work, but no one can hold a candle to her. Im so impressed with how easy it was to voice my concerns. Thank you. And good job mrs sharee

Why would you loose a customer over $1.50

through drive thru/...Got to window were u pay...Paid for my food and went to next window were I relized I forgot to order a drink for myself. A lady who has worked at this mcdonalds for YEARS!!! Told me it was to late to add on. She had no way to ring it up...Being that Ive worked for mcdonalds in past I know that this is a big NO NO.You never turn a customer away.Really didnt apprciate spending $20 there and trying at add a drink on and getting told I cant....Order for a business with a lot of people who when I got back told them how i was treated and they were all very surprised she would do that...After all shes been there for what 15 yrs??? I spend ALOT of money between barberton mcdonalds and Manchester rd...Manchester rd would have never done that to me in a million yrs and u can bet i will never go bk to the barberton one ever....Jsut thought u would like to know how I was treated by a emplyee that hasbeen with u guys for so long...I beleive her name is ThersA....But not sure...I called in to talk to manager but she seemed like she could care less thats y Im filing a complaint with u....

North Bend Mcdonalds

I was very disappointed in the service I got at the Mcdonald's in North Bend, WA. I have gone to this Mcdonald's for a while now and this time that I went was the worst. I know Mcdonald's is very busy but it would have been nice to get my order right. My boyfriend and I went to this Mcdonald's around 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday. We waited in the drive thru line for about 20 minutes, ordered our food, and waited. We finally got our food and drove away. They forgot multiple things on our order, the fries were still frozen, and the peppermint mocha was the most disgusting coffee I had ever had. We did not go back because it was extremely busy and we probably would not have gotten anything in return. I am going to be calling this Mcdonald's and telling them about their horrible service. I will not be a return customer.

inappropriate business

I have girl friend that works at McDonald in Charleston,SC on Savannah HGWY. And it seem to me that every time time i go there or to pick up my girl friend, i always hearing cussing, i hear sexually TALK, i see worker groping on each other, they also playing in the kitchen over food, they are disrespectful to manger. and these are things I don't apprcaite because they are disrespectfully to other husband wives, girlfriend and other. my girl friend don't want me to say any thing to risk her job, which i told her she isn't. i would like corporate to fix this situation


Winfield alabama highway 43 is HORRIBLE! People always getting fired, even on their first day! Employees quitting after one week because nobody including the manager know what the in wrld is going on. The night shift are supposed to get out of work by midnight. Their not walking out the door till after one am. Their food is usually old. Bread is hard as a rock 90% of the time. They need a real manager to come in and take charge AND FOLLOW THE RULE BOOK!! Stop making up rules as you go along. It is NOT fair to ANYONE


I will not take my grand children to McDonalds any longer. I think opening on Christmas day for money reasons and making workers miss the day with their families is over the top. I will discontinue going to McDonalds. Thanks for helping me keep my grand kids healthier.


I LOVE your food, but, my son was stranded at a Mcdonald's in Logansville Georgia, and we live in Mobile Alabama, He asked if he could sit out of the way inside until we could get there to pick him up as he did not have any close people to come get him, and he was told he had to stay outside, it was 39 degrees outside. I understand you do not want loitering that is understandable but, he was not homeless or anything, just stranded. I think this is terrible that one of your stores would or even could do this to another human being. He had to sit outside in the cold from 10:30 am to 8:15 pm to wait for us to get there. Why is this an issue, if someone needs help I would think that you being such a large fast food corporation that someone sitting in the back away from everyone and not doing anything but waiting for a ride, that they would have to do what he just had to do. wow is all I can say, and by the way, they were very rude to him as well. This is one customer that will not be giving you anymore of my money, these practices are just NOT right. Thank you.

The most Disgusting,Disorganized Mcdonalds EVER

The McDonald's In Oshawa (501 Ritson Road South) is the worst McDonald's in the world. Corporate needs to go there and shut them down. This location has lost more customers for McDonald's then any other factor. The fries are brown and soggy ALL the time. They cannot get an order right and have given me Tomatoes even tho I am allergic to tomatoes and tell the counter staff this wile ordering.The sandwich will have the "custom order" receipt on it BUT the sandwich is completely wrong time and time again. This McDonald's @ 501 Ritson Road South, Oshawa Ontario is a disgrace for the McDonald's Corp. I know about 7 other people that will no longer eat at McDonald's because of this location. The staff are not trained. The managers don't care one bit about quality. The restaurant it self is filthy. The Drive threw takes so long that I see people leaving half way threw. It seems that some how the owners of this location (501 Ritson Road South Oshawa) have managed to shrink there beef patties because they are smaller then any other McDonald's location. Please Corporate Investigate this horrible place they need to be shut down. McDonald's is loosing customers everyday from this Location.

Disgusting drink

My granddaughter wanted an un-sweet tea from the McDonald's drive-thru. We purchased the tea and was leaving the parking lot. She said her drink tasted funny. When the lid was removed, a piece of dirty plastic with hair was floating on top. All the owner's thought was an appropriate respondence was to offer value meal coupons. We have no intentions of EVER eating or drinking at another McDonald's anywhere. Especially not Piqua OH

Boynton Beach Florida on federal highway,great place and great people. I have one complaint,no biscuts and sausage gravy like other Madonalds have.

Lost Customer

This is the last time me and my family go to any Mcdonalds ever again. The constant problems with screwed up orders to not getting everything I paid for has finally made me say go to hell to a poor company. Every single time I try to get them fixed I'm met with hostility or contempt. Another company will get my money from now on. Good riddance to horrible customer service.

Bennett Colorado McDonald's sucks the management is the worst

I was at Mcdonalds today in Martinsville Indiana store #2251, I had just gotten out of the hospital and was wanting mcdonalds for lunch because it has been a while since I have had any mcdonalds. I ordered my food through the drive thru, and they charge me for 2 cokes and my snack wraps, I had ordered 2 snack wraps a LARGE fry and LARGE sprite. I had them fix the issue, when I pulled up to check my order everything was wrong. I only had my sprite and 2 snack wraps no fries, so I called them and they expected me to come back and pay for the fries. when the screen had said I ordered a fry not 2 drinks. so the Manager was extremely rude about it. but my receipt says 2 drinks and 2 snack wraps. Instead of apologizing and trying to fix it they tell me I should pay more attention to the screen. I am not pleased with Mcdonalds service.

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