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I live in Pekin Illinois and my son works at the Court Street store and i hear daily how badly he is treated and would like to know why back line employs are NOT ALLOWED TO TALK while front line employees are,nothing ever said to them at all,yet my son and his coworkers are told to shut up and quit talking because there is no talking unless its a work related conversation,and when my son told the person thats not right you cant tell us we cant talk she sent him home!I hear complaints daily from my son and his fience on a daily basis and i do not think things are handled in a very professional manner.Am just going to give you an FYI I have the number to the labor board and he will be calling them and after he calls the labor board he is contacting my attorney and I will give him the number to corporate headquarters and he can call you and complain.Thank you for your time and if you can fix this problem that would be very helpful.The phone number and address are as follows...309-347-5696 1013 court st. pekin il 61554

I just recently went through the drive thru and I ordered a happy meal for my daughter and I wanted to have a water with it because I don't let my daughter have soda and she has an allergy to milk, anyway the drive thru lady told me that I couldn't get a water with the happy meal that it came with a regular drink, I told her that she could charge me for a soda but just give me a water, after that I gave her my order and she then again asked me what I wanted to drink with the happy meal, I told her again that I wanted water, she was very quiet and so I just drove up to the window and she opened it and told me very snotty to hold on for a minute, then the manager came to the window and proceeded to tell me that I cannot have a water with the happy meal, I could pay the extra and get a bottle of water instead, I told her that I didn't want to pay the extra and to just give me water out of the tap, she still told me that I couldn't get water, I told her that I didn't understand why it was such a big deal to give me a water they would actually be making money off of me because I told them that they could charge me for the soda, I finally told them that I didn't want anything at all and that I would never come back. So I hear now that Mcdonalds is trying to make healthier meals for children huh, but they won't let you have a water with it you have to have a sugar filled soda instead, this is crazy!

Today I was going to visit your McDonalds in Dallas, TX on Gaston, located beside Baylor Hospital. My doctor is located directly across the street in a four story building. I was picking up some medication that his office had ready and waiting for me. I parked at McDonald ran across the street, caught the elevator and went to the 2nd floor, walked in his office and they handed me the medicine. I returned to the elevator and went immediately back down. When I opened the glass leaving his building, I am looking for my car. MCDONALDS TOWED MY CAR WITHIN 3 minutes. You have a employee that does nothing but stand in your parking lot and tells people that their cars have been towed. REMEMBER --- I said I was picking up medicine and plans were to return to McDonalds and purchase lunch and a drink to take my medicine. This is the very worst customer repor that I have ever seen or read of. You can rest assure that I will never, ever walk or drive in/thru ANY McDonalds anywhere in the world again. You have lost my business and do know that I will tell every person that will listen of this experience and they will tell someone........... You tow customers cars within less than two minutes and I know this because your employee told me that "the driver of the truck was just waiting for someone to walk away." You people need a couse in Customer Service worse than any company that I know.

I live in Enfield Ct. I go to the McDonald at John Fitch Blvd. in South Windsor Ct. sorry dont know the store no. 1.Drive Thru. is slow and they make you wait long to take your order. 2. The employees make mistakes when they take the order and they dont care. 3. Some of your employee are caring and some are smart acting. I am tired of the whole chain. 4. I want items to save my family money or why bother to your store. You are better then the average drive in make a difference. Sincerely Yours, Mona M. Barresi monabarresi@yahoo.com

I have been going to this McDonald's for over 25 years.(Store # 3394, 1230 Canton Road, Akron, OH 44312. But today just blew my mind. The drive thru was so congested that you had to go in. So I along with others who could not go thru the drive thru went in. What a surprise, Two very young employees were more interested in talking about their college classes than servicing the drive thru much less those at the counter. All that were standing in line were really upset. Complained about too much socializing rather than taking care of the customers. To add misery to it all, two managers were in the office. One working the other just standing there. We all stood there for a good while waiting for our orders. Some left. I then dared to call the Mc Donalds store # 3394 on Canton Rd, Akron, OH. Then had the opportunity to listen to a manager that has not got a clue on how to talk to a customer much less care about the service that her employees were giving. Perhaps if she spent a little less time in the office and more time on the floor, she just might have some insight on what is going on. I have bit my lip for 25 plus years but this is pure nonsense. Shame Shame on the owner of that McDonalds. I average at least $120.00 a month in purchases. It's not much in the vast pool, but you have not lost my business.

McDonalds located at 5669 highway 18 W Jackson, MS 39204. I visited this location today at 1:30 p.m. and was totally disappointed from the moment I entered the door. First, there were at least five male employees (in uniform) loitering inside the front entrance. So customers had to walk through a gauntlet of folks just to get inside the doorway and they were unmotivated to even clear the pathway and move. Then, get to the counter, the employees DO NOT greet you, do NOT ask you if they can take your order...just stand there blankly and act as if you are supposed to be helping them. Then, as I'm trying to give my order (I had a coupon) the floating manager comes rushing over and interrupts the process I was having with the cashier. "What are you trying to do?" she scowled at me. Ummmm...trying to give my order. She was so funky acting AND UNPROFESSIONAL that I said forget the coupon. And on top of ALL that, there were flies everywhere buzzing happily around and it was hot INSIDe the location... It was a "HOT GHETTO MESS" from start to finish. The McDonald's Corp. should immedimately remove its colors, brand, and logo because this location represents it very poorly!!! I will Never, EVER, EVER EVER, visit this location again and I intend to find out who the owner is so I can make sure to Avoid all their locations. Because this foolishness is obviously from the top down!

I had to find a forum were i could post my extreme displeasure about Mcdonalds consistant lack of quality customer service. I live in Columbia, SC and have vowed to never spend another penny in Mcdonalds. The restaurant on St. Andrews Rd. and the one on Harbison Blvd have the worse employees and you have to check your order due to their lack of caring whether your order is correct or not. 24 hour drive thru makes you wait 5 minutes before they even take your order. I will not deal another attitude from one more Mcdonalds employee. No other fast food chain is as negligent as Mcdonalds from my experience. This post comes after numerous disappointments and my last disappointment in Mcdonalds for that matter......im sick of it.....

I just went thru the drive thru for your Tuscola, Illinois, 61953 McDonald store having just gotten your email coupon today for $1 off any size or flavor smoothie. I asked when I ordered if this store accepted the email coupon and was told to present it at the window and they'd look at it, which I did, the window closed and after about 5 minutes of waiting, the window opened and I was told that no manager was on duty???? and that no one was aware of this coupon, there was no button for that coupon and that there probably wouldn't be any discounts given on that item at this franchise.........I paid for my purchase and left but I want you to know that those employees were very rude in their handling of this issue, which shouldn't have been an issue at all, and I'm not understanding why that store wasn't aware of this promo since I received it via email? I am a senior citizen and usually don't even bother with food coupons but I decided to go out there and try the smoothie since it sounded good and was a $1 off but I can tell you right now, that I will NOT be spending a dime there ever again!

I usually do not write complaints, however what I was part of earlier was the rudest customer service I have witnessed. I was with my husband who is a truck driver we are coming from Dallas, tx. We stopped at mcdonalds, the adress is 5669 highway 18 w Jackson, ms 39204. Well we parked the truck and walked to mcdonalds just to get coffee. When we walked towards the door it was about 10:00, which on the door states closes at 11:00pm. Well I noticed everyone sitting around and talking. Well we reached for the door it was locked. Then it appears that a friend of one of the employees was sitting inside eating. Well my husband talked through the glass just said he wanted some cofee, they told him to drive thru drive through we pontes at our truck them they told us to walk thru the drive though and some of the employees started laughing. My husband really wanted the cofee so he walked then they made us wait for additional 10 mins. We stood there listening to one of your employees cursing up a storm to a friend of hers outside. I was so disappointed with the service.

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