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Since your profits are up with smoothies, shakes, and limited time offer drinks. I was wondering when your going to bring back the the orange bliss drink, or if you will bring it back this summer or at all in 2011?

Your comments have been sent to Restaurant # 5286. Your Information: Name: Michelle wallace Email: Mshell23553@yahoo.com Phone: Comments: Tonight at 830 I went through the drive through and first of all the story was out of chicken nuggets. I ordered my cheese burgers with no ketchup and after pulling away I checked my food and had to go INSIDE because there WAS ketchup on the burgers. There were no customers in the store and there were three employee cleaning the dining room being really load and carrying on while I was at rhe counter. Then after I stated my complaint the girl at rhe counter turned around and said "Lewis you screwed up this order" which I find really inappropriate. Worse of all a young man comes from the back stands at the counter not even 2 feet from me and yells ALL the way across the dining room ( about 30 feet) and yells " I found maggots in the back" a lady I guess a manager (because she was dressed nice with a button up shirt) YELLS back where "the guy now walking towards her says still loud enough for me to hear "in the meat department" and then laughs. I was then handed my remade food with no apologies at all. Indie eat my fries but was so grossed out that I threw my families food away 2 cheeseburgers and a snack wrap. I am a 29 year old single mother so it's not like I am a older uptight customer but I find the attitudes, behavior and conversation tonight to be completely inappropriate disgusting and just wrong. I would like to be compensated for my food since I did not eat it and will never again eat at a restaurant that has maggots and is not concerned with their customers knowing they have maggots. Their behaviors leads me to believe that this is not the first time that maggots have been at the store no one seems concerned or grossed out by the incident. Also I feel a talk with your staff explaining that they are at a restaurant and not an after school party would be appropriate. Thank you in advance for your time I look forward to your response. Mcdonalds @ Duchesne in St Charles Missouri 63301

I am a McDonalds employee and I am here to tell you the stuff that goes on there would curl the hairs on your toes. A word of advice "next time you think of going to McDs do a 360 and go somewhere else." You never know what might be in your food. I have even seen the managers drop food in the floor and pick it up and serve it. I even seen one store manager get food out of the trash and serve it. I jest you not I was there! Its no better for employees, there is favoritism humiliation and cut hours just for spite. Well I could go on and on but my keyboard would die before I could finish! JUST TRUST ME STAY AWAY FROM McDONALDS!

I just went through a Mcdonalds in a town called Grants, New Mexico a few days ago and I got the worst service of my life. The employees were cussing and they were so rude. I stood in a line of 2 people and waited for almost 20 minutes and all while two of the managers stood and did nothing! The only one I remeber to well was a manager named Sonya who when I complained about the service said there was nothing she could do! This was honestly the worst Mcdonalds experience of my LIFE!!!!

How dare u ppl discontinued the big and tasty ..wat em I suppose to do now im a pregnant woman with a craving of a big an tasty n I was told they got discontinued ...I jus suggest u guys get it bck on the menu ...

Business Proposal: i enjoyed your services across nations but so sad to say there is non in Ghana- west Africa the most peaceful nation on the continent. i would assist if your are willing, I've done the survey and many are much interested than you can ever imagine....there are others but none much the quality of McDonald's. please consider this..

Today I went to DcDonalds drive thru in Aransas Pass, Tx. Couldnt hear the girl on the speaker even after I repeatedly stated that I could not hear. Went to pay for my order and received and attitude from the low speaking girl. I ordered my burger with mayo NOT mustard. Has it occured to anyone that I might be allergic to mustard? In any case,I should receive my food as ordered. I am so sick and tired of companies taking their customers for granted. Thinking we will still patronize your establishment no matter how we are treated. Owners and managers of these Restaurants either dont or wont train employees. Seems like so many people out of work these days they could find someone that would really like to work and care about their job. Times are really hard these days. I cant eat out as often as before. I will choose more wisely in my restaurant selections in the future. When these "DONT CARE" Restaurants loose customers or are forced to close will have no one but themselves to blame.

I just want to know how come all your employees are rude???? From the managers to the employees. It doesn't matter what McDonald's you go in. Don't matter what city or state, all your workers are the rudest people I have ever come across. I've been working in restaurants for 20yrs and there is no way I could get away with talking to the guests the way your workers do. Obviously you all don't teach anything about giving good quality service to your guests. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your workers make my experience horrible every time I go into one of your stores. There is a McDonald's on 5th Ave and Grant Street in Gary, IN. Probably out of all your stores this one takes the cake. Rude, rude, rude,rude,rude people that work there. Employees and managers. Also there is a McDonald's on 169th Ave in Hammond,IN right off of Cline Ave. The service there is so so slow. All I can say is you all need to check their times. Whether you are in the lobby or in the drive thru you will wait at least 20 min for your order. The service there is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to McDonald's today inside the Wal-Mart in Hobart, IN and again the person at the counter was rude as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of McDonald's and all their employees with there nasty nasty attitudes. When you are ready to hire someone to teach your managers and employees about giving your guest good quality to service let me know. Cynthia Edwards (219) 888-8428. If you want your guests to continue to come back you HAVE to treat them with kindness and respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I go into the issues a hand, let me say something first-YES WE SOMETIMES WE FORGET YOUR FOOD, SOMETIMES WE MAY SEEM TOO BUSY TO HELP YOU. REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE OTHER CUSTOMERS BEFORE YOU, AND THAT WORKING IN FAST FOOD DOESN'T JUST MEAN TAKING YOUR ORDER. EVER CONSIDERED THAT MAYBE YOU FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING? Its not always us messing up your order. Take some responsibility for yourself. Now that being said, I would like to report a manager named Dianna at the McDonalds located on Buttermilk Pike, Kentucky. The store address is 2513 Hazelwood St, Crescent Springs Kentucky. The store phone number is 8593412232. The supervisor is Matt Dodd, and the GM is Jessica Kloentrop. The manager I would like to report is named Dianna, and she's an overnight manager. She treats customers like crap, yells at them in drive thru and charges 15 to 30 cents for both sauce packets and water. And this is after they've already bought other items of food! She's chased off two different groups of overnight people because she's a bitch and treats us like criminals. I refused to work with her and so did many others. She once kept an employee at work overnight until 3 in the morning when he was due back in at 6 am. That's illegal. She's a horrible person, and an even more horrible manager. If you tell her something she doesn't like she will write up a list of things she wants you to do, nevermind the fact that you're off in 10 minutes or not working a closing shift. If something is not done about this I will be calling you.

My mother had just gotten out of the hospital (2 cancers found); with all her tests, radiation and chemo, it has been very hard on her and the family. When I picked her up, where did she want to go? McDonald's. I drove to the McDonalds on Dempster St. in Skokie Illinois with my mother and met some of my family there. We all were so happy to be together. When I went to order for my mother and myself, the cashier was nice at first. I walked away and forgot the extra mustard that I ordered. No problem. The young Spanish women couldn't had been ruder. She kept calling maam, maam. I am 28 years old but I did turn around. With an attitude and spoken Spanish, she snidely said "you forgot this." She turned around to another Spanish worker and they both laughed. I was angry but walked away; I could have said something to her but didn't want to ruin the day for my mother and family. But the more I think about it, the more I am angry. I too love McDonald's and love the food but will I ever go there again. Nope...

My husband and I went to the McDonald in Winfield ks and I noticed they don't care about how there workers look. there were men wearing makeup I mean eyeliner and things like that. Then you see Men wearing there pants down to where they are sagging. Isn't this a professional setting. If so I don't think that men should be wearing pants that are sagging and men wearing makeup. I understand they dress this way during there off hours. But come one this is a place of business. Maybe McDonalds doesn't mind how there workers dress or how they represent there name. But personally I don't want to see it.

I just want to let you know the server at the McDonalfs in Corpus Christi Tx gave me change for a $10 when I gave her a $20 and was very rude when I questioned her about it I am goingto set her up the next time I go in fbefe and when she steals my money again I am going to call the police and file charged on her and Mc Donalds

To whom it may concern , Iam a regular customer at the Glendale galleria Mcdonalds and was dissapointed from the poor service delivered not from the employee but the manager herself. This occured yesterday june 9th 2011. I simply asked for ketchup after given my order and she refused to give me any and instead threw hot sauce in my direction stating there is no more ketchup and shortly after handed some to another customer. I wanted ketchup to go , but she was insisting to retreieve it from the wall. It was disgusting service , her name is Isabell and iam no longer go to ANY Mcdonalds resteraunt. Managers are supposed to be the role model for their employees and she's doing a poor job doing so.

The trussville al mcdonalds location on Edwards lake road is the most awful place on earth to eat.... Rude and unfriendly people working there and managers who don't care.... Every time I get to the window where they give you the food I get asked " what you had".... Seriously.... I just waited on line for 27 minutes for apple pies that require 12 minutes to cook.... Terrible terrible people Will never go back

My husband and I were visiting mcdonalds in springfield illinois located on south grand ave at about 11am and I witnessed a manger named greg stratton telling a customer to go to another restaurant then putting his finger in the customers face. When asked to remove his finger by the customer the manager punched the customer in the face then asked the customer to leave, but the customer refused and tried to perform a citizens arrest and was overwhelmed by the employees. After the customer screamed for help and stated he couldn't breathe another customer got involved and the released him. The customer end up having a siezure and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. This was a horrible experience and I will never eat at mcdonalds again after this.

I have one thing to say about our beloved McDonald's....Train the new employee's right the first round.So that none of these bad complaints on here ever happen.And stop just hiring teens.Give adults who pay mortgage payments,so that a teen has a roof over their head.Grown ups need jobs too McDonalds!!Sweat shop labor is in Third World nations...We are above that model!Give jobs to the needy not to the Teenies!!Sure,they need jobs to support the car payments,school clothes,and supplies.But I have seen way to much,that companies only now want cheap labor at my kid's cost!Parents and the media should follow up on a story about corporate only hiring kids to do the jobs they need to be filled and worked.Enough of this cheap economy excuses!!Give the old timers and vets and college grads a chance at a JOB!!

I am sad to say that my child works for McDonalds on Simpson lane in Richmond Ky. There, my child has been taken advantage of. They have asked my child to clock out and continue working for another hour, washing dishes and mopping the store. It was not just my child, I might add. The manager LOST her cell phone, and called the police in to have all the employees searched. What a rude invasion of privacy!!! I have tried to reach the owner of the franchise and have recieved no response. I guess I will have no choice but to call the labor board, and any one else that I can possibly think of. These offenses are uncalled for and more importantly are AGAINST THE LAW. Obviously McDonald's makes billions every year. There is no excuse in taking advantage of young people by having them work for FREE to save money, or cut back on hours. If you want to cut back on hours, close earlier, do not have slave labor!!!! If you want to keep your cell phone, then keep your brain and keep track of your own belongings, get off the phone, smoke one less cigarette and stay in the store. I'm pretty over it! I will not stand for my child's rights being walked on and have them treated like they are unworthy of fair labor standards, or like a thief. When the phone was found there was no apology. They are horrible people in my book. I will not stop until someone hears me and makes this right.

Really, people, work at McDonalds and you may understand a little more. It is fast food, not instant food. It is not like you are buying a sports car. you are buying a bunch of junk that is going to give you a heartattack anyway. I'm sure this will probably never be posted because of the truth in this post. who cares about your stupid chicken nuggets or the sauce! you have too much time on your hands.

Was just at McDonald in sout Elgin,il I order 2 happy meals with grill cheese cuz we don't eat meat. I was taking those happy meal to school because it was my son birthday and he wanted happy meal for lunch. Before I left mcdonal asked the to make sure it is grill cheese and they said yes. Got to school cuz 5 miles away. And opened it was a hambergure. Son got nothing to eat @ lunch cuz the screwed up a meal on his birthday. They need to hire people who can readb@ mcdonals. Very poor service. When I went back to tell them they wanted to give me another meal. I wonder why cuz his lunch was over. Then offered me ice cream. Ther .99 ice cream .

Hi, I go to the Ballenger hwy store #13736. I used to get a whole breakfast but recently I have been just getting a coffee. I just noticed I have not gotten a receipt most the time I just get a coffee. Didn't think of much of it till today(5-23-11) I watched the manager open the register with her key to give my change .I thought it was a little odd that she didn't use the keypad to open the drawer. I feel she is skimming till her casier gets on duty, thanks Shawn Sedlow. You can email me back at fastbike66@aol.com

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