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I just saw a commercial about McDonalds cows walking around in a green field, eating the grass and looking happy. WHAT LIES!!! I just called the 1-800-244-6227 for McDonalds AND RIPPED INTO THEM. I told them they are lying to the pubic! That the cows are NOT in open fields, they are in crowed big barns living in their shit, they can't move because they are so crowded together. They live that way until it's time to go to the slaughter house. The cows know what is about to happen to them and they die a very cruel death. The women on the other end acted like she did not care. HOW CAN WE BE LIED TO!!! People PLEASE CALL. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!!! And I heard from so many people what they put in the cows food. It's so unsafe for them and us!!!

I visited a Mcdonalds in fajardo, Puerto Rico. And I have to say that im very disappointed. The service was awful. And in top of that they made me wait 35 minutes for a crappy mcgriddle. Unbearable!!!

What has happened? Does any corporate figure head even read these complaints that your billions served have taken the time to educate you about your endless shortcomings? Is there a team of quality assurance experts working to change the lazy, dummied down processes that are currently in place? Where did the pride go of being a profitable front runner in this market? You should be the example. Your food should be quality, free of expense sparing toxins. Your employees should be happy, take pride in working for a reputable establishment of longevity and success. They should be eager to provide top quality service and their leadership should be setting the example and have the drive to inspire. Lastly,as a consumer, until I see change, I have other choices, I do not have to subject myself to what you have become and if the billions you serve all decided to take a stand against your failing credibility, then The Golden Arches would be no more.

Dear Sir, I am Raman from Guwahati(Assam),Iam intrested to open one mcdonled counter in Guwahati can u support or give me permision/wht is the formalty in ur company to open the shop if u r intrested then callme this is my number 09706016626i am waitng for ur phone FROM RAMAN MAHIPAL GUWAHATI(ASSAM)

I just say a co worker get fired when she did nothing wrong. We at McDonalds give water away for free we give it in cups and watch to make sure itt is used for just water. Kelsey diez did nothing wrong. She gave him a cup he asked for foam he got water. She did not to anything wrong Sherry Snowden General manager for Carroll county McDonalds of 227 should be fired. She only fired K.D. Because she has a personal dislike for the man that asked for the cup, she accused him of not getting water and said she saw him not getting water. At the current time she was in her car in the parking lot, she did not even check the cup for water and told him to get out of the store. Sherry Snowden lately has seemed to be emotionally unstable to every one.

I bought two takeaway meals at the Taylors Lakes McDonalds and when we went to drink the coke it was undrinkable. We ate the cold Angus and Big Mac burgers and the chips were cold too. We could not drink the coke as it was absolutely disgusting. I called them and the girl told me they were aware of the problem, when I asked her why they sold the beverage if they knew it was bad, she did not know why. She was about to hand up and I told her I at least deserved to be given a refund for them on my next visit. She wanted to know the exact time i would be coming. It was out of my way, but I went back. I spoke to an indian employee I asumed was the manager, he was the rudest person. Instead of give me an apology for the inconvenience he interrogated me. I did not want two drinks now, I thought a food voucher for next visit would be appropriate, he accused me of wanting something for free. I told him we always purchase the meal deal so two drinks were useless. He was ranting and raving but no apology. I am so sick of the treatment. When we go drive through there is always something missing or the order is wrong. An apology would have been so nice. Now this man has my name address and mobile number and I am not comfortable about it. I will NEVER go there again. Bad customer service. Not good enough.

employees at franchises are not getting breaks and being told now school is not an excuses from work. also u are not allowed to count your drawer before or after u receive it but fired when they say its off. mc donalads need to get there owners in check.

The breakfast is the best but should BE 24 hours or longer hours.... yall would make a lot more money!!!! The only complaint greasy greasy meat more so than other fast food places. :( that sucks


McDonalds on W. Franklin blvd. in Gastonia, NC treats their employees like crap and no one intervenes with the prejudice managers. Changes need to be made, that's why these conglomerates have poor reputations when it comes to employee treatment, and why they also always have trouble maintaining crew members. I wouldn't want to eat somewhere where the crew members forget that their not on a concentration camp, or where a 17 year old gets more hours than the hard working 30 year old because their mother does the managers hair.


I live in Shelbyville, KY. The McDonald's on the East end of Main Street is always Cold. There is a group that goes every Wed., Friday, Sat, and Sunday nights to just to set and talk. Some of them stay until 9:00 O'clock. Now it is so cold in there that some of them (myself for one goes home early) because of the Air Conditioner is still on and it is 42 Degrees outside. We bye a lot while we are in there. I would really love for you guys to warm it up, PLEASE> Thank You Dorothy

My children and I ordered four orders of fries four double cheese burgers and two apple pies. The fries are as cold and old as they could come. This is becoming a repeated problem and its sad. Money gone the drain. I'm a single parent and every $ I spend is valued. Just would like my familys food to b fresh like it should be.

If you ask me they don't even deserve a star! First off I would like to say that this isn't the first issue I have had with this mc donalds in particular. For some reason if I go to a mc Donald's in the new orleans east area there is always a problem. For example last night I went to mcd-#4992 and had to wait while another cashier eyeballed the two customers in front of me before she noticed I was waiting to place my order, then after I placed my order I was given my receipt. Obviously she didn't pay attention to my order because I had to ask for my cups. Keep in mind it was about 8:30 at night and I was the only customer in there at this point in time, the other 2 customers left with thee food already. So then the cashier comes to where I am ( making my sweet teas) and wants to double check my receipt to see if she charged me for something I ordered. Then she announces my order and I said, I meant to order 4 apple pies, because looking at my receipt I read only 2 but she explained I ordeedr 4. Now after all of this I get home and I'm missing my fries. This might not sound like much to you but how do you check my receipt to make sure I paid for something and don't give me what I paid for! I went to mcd 4992 one day to get a sweet tea, bought it and then went to pour it and it tasted horrible. Another customer complained about it, & his complaint went ignored and then when me and my sister asked for them to give us so tea from behind the counter that tea was gross. So my sister wanted a refund and the cashiers called a manager (skinny black woman) who took her sweet time before she said rudely said I heard you mamm one second please, after waiting 5 minutes. So then another woman manager a black woman heavy set with tight curls( looked like a wig) tasted the tea and said "taste fine" and went back to working the drive through. Last time I checked the service and product is judged by the customer and the tea was not good. She had 3 people complaining about the tea but only her opinion mattered. I felt sorry for the people who ordered teas through the drive through. I hate coming to this mcd because of the workers & managers are unprofessional, and there uniforms are worn sloppy. I saw a employee yesterday with a bandanna hanging out of back pocket. Is that apart of mcds uniform policy? What if he is gang affilated and the wring oerson sees that? That could be a danger to the resturants patrons. I can honestly say I've been to this mcds and received excellent service, the sad part is because mcds corporate was there and they were checking everything in that resturant from uniforms to trashcans. But even though that happened nothing's changed. I know your probably thinking drive to Bullard or Louisa if you don't like mcds 4992. But unfortunately that would be going out of my way to receive bad customer service.

I sent my 13 year old son to the counter to order to practice doing things for himself. He was suppose to get 2 #2 value meals, needless to say he messed up--I went to the counter and asked for the order to be refunded and rerung up. The manager was not verbally rude just mentally lazy and chose to ignore my request and I received added charges, so I paid more. I've had good service and lousy service and now lazy service. Management does not mean you treat the customer less than, if your management team doesn't want to be a servent then they need to work somewhere else. Wherever they go they're going to have to serve and no matter how high up they go they must have the mentality of knowing that the higher you climb the more of a servant you become. Servitudes status is just that serve to the benefit of all concerned in the moment. When I asked for Ms. Beatriz's name she gave it to me, then she was concerned with what my problem was. I'm not going to explain myself to an adult who knows better. She was given the opportunity to help serve my problem and she showed uncaring laziness. I'm not looking for her removal, just retraining on how to treat a fellow human being in the correct manner and how to resolve all issues at hand without joining in with her coworkers to laugh and mock the customer. This took place on 11-19-2011 McDonalds at 909 West Davis St. Conroe, Tx Also she shorted me by approximatly $1.30. She represents your corporation,if 1 customer is ripped off even by $1.00 and billions are served daily that makes your corporation theives by deception. You know this is fraud and if enough people get together an investigation can be brought against the corporation and federal charges brought against it, just because one person doesn't want to do the job the way their suppose to--in the way you require them to. Is your corporation not fed up with courts on foolishness not being resolved. I would appreciate it if this was taken seriously. Thank you raylenemontalvo@yahoo.com

The McDonalds in Lacey Wa on whitman lane is doing construction in there grill area and still serving food. I ordered breakfast for my family and whenI bit into my breakfast burrito I bet on a piece of wood. It was so big it jabbed my gums in chipped my tooth. What I took it back to the store and complained all they offered me with a refund for that 1 burrito and a free meal ticket for other item. After that experience do you really think I wanna eat your food again. Why risk peoples health, just close down durning your remodel? Shame shame

I was in two McDonalds today one in Florence Sc at Wal-Maart I ordered three large combo meal and drinks, When I ask the Manger for the three free glasses with my meals he infomed me that my meal I could not get them I got the McRib combo large fry and large drink the others meals were Angus beef combo large with large fries and the other meal was McDouble with large fries and large Drink. In my opionon this manger was out of his place by refusing me what was intitled to me as extras I feel that if McDonalds is offering free coke glasses with these meal then I was entitled to them and possible more if possible.You can contact me at Tommy Owen 901 Covington Street Bennettsville sc 29512 and my phone number is 843-544-5427 .

I went to the mcdonalds at 1645 S. Webb Road, wichita, ks, 67207 at 2:45 in the morning. Which is 15 mins before they serve breakfast and wanted lunch to find out that the manager brienna hutton had stated that they were closed to get breakfast up, the same manager was closed the store the night before apparently for maintenance. Its rude to not serve your customers through a 24 hour drive thru when it isn't 24 hours and they were closed when I tried to go back for breakfast and hour later. I would appreciate it if this situation was corrected for future visits hopefully more pleasant thank you.

To whom it may concern. My Son was hired in at the McDonald on ford rd and Radcliffe in Westland Michigan. They called him in for 2 days. then called him for another day, then we he was going to go in they said don't come in there's too many people. So He asked the manager if he works on the weekend she said no. Turns out the other Manager wanted him in, but no one bothered to tell him and he still did not have a schedule. So one manager don't know what the other is doing. They never get anything right at the one. So now they said there letting him go, and they wont pay him for the 6 hours he didn't work. That is not right!!!! I demand that you have someone who knows what there doing take over that store. My phone number is 7347487684. thank you. Jackie Enderle.

Hello I want to know if you have any corporate regulations about displaying the American Flag or flags of any nation ? I would send a photo if I knew where to. Check Lordsburg NM. Tattered she waves with strips of red & white from 6 to 12 inches long. About 5 to 10 % the length. Do you order hamburger before you run out ? Then franchises should have spares. Yes they get high winds. Why is that different from planning for food ? Leaves corporate a shabby image. Leaves me looking closer at my meal. Makes me wonder why McD thinks it has a sharper image. Hmmmm

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