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Store 10714 in Gaithersburg md is the worst McDonald's ever! They always short you on food and give you the wrong food! The employees are always talking and joking around and never understand what you ask for! Stay away from this place!

Hello i thought i'd like to say that after 1 n half years of working for Mcdonlds, I Still cant believe all the bullshit that followed. I used to be intake manager, Therefore i looked after all the deliveries twice a week, For the 1 n half years i was employed, They then decided to put me onto night shift work, Then after 6 months they want to make cut back on spending, A corporation that makes multiple millions of dollars a year, But cant afford to pay me a decent wage, What a joke, Along the with the fact i was always on time to work, Never called in sick, Stick it where it belongs. I walked out no letter of resignation, never ever went back. I earn $367.980 a year elsewhere almost tax free, So it pays to look for work elsewhere. Now i own my own 3 story home 4 cars, Plus 7 investment properties.

THE Manger is always on her cell phone when she is suppost to be doing her job and she is always talking about employees when there trying there best I thank the employees of their hard work Thanks Mc Donalds Employees

I'm a worker at Mcdonalds. I am very disgusted by the Management here. You customers seem to think it's all cherries and ice cream and we're all rude for a reason. Trust and believe me, if you worked where WE did? You'd have an attitude too. But by the by? We're not the only ones who are rude. I've had my fair share of customers who come in, their nose stuck up and their attitudes set. Hell yeah I'm going to cop an attitude back if you push me. I'm not some mannequin doll you can curse to high heaven, I'm a human-being and I WILL have human reactions; deal with it. I don't anger easily, but when I do, I'm mad. Customers always whine about "customer service" but their IS such thing as a bad customer and we can get them by the bucketful. If you want respect, I suggest you earn it because I won't kiss anyone's ass. McDonald's is the bottom of the barrel, we get it. But it's a hell of a lot better than sitting our asses out on the street isn't it? If it's such a bad job, why do we get more and more people coming? Because they KNOW a job is a job. But in any case, worse is Management. They play favorites, hire only people they personally like, regardless of whether or not the others were good, and they fire you for unprecedented reasons. They also don't follow their own rules yet expect you to respect and uphold them yourself. When you need to call out, they make sure you CAN'T do it by not answering the phone or not allowing any young managers to let you. Then they claim a no call no show when you don't show up, regardless of how many managers already knew in ADVANCE that you couldn't make it. They would have more than enough time to help find someone to replace shifts, but they won't do it. It's horrible, but it's a job and people need the money. Stop making McDonald's employees lives worse by being jackasses. Trust, we're already in hell.

To everyone, Having the experience of working at a McDonalds, I would like to address a few things and inform a few people of what goes on in the world of fast food. First of all, we the workers are generally not rude until we have a reason to be. So when customers come into the store laughing at us, calling us lazy, and incompetent, making jokes about why would anyone want to work here, and how could anyone advance here, go out and get a real job...your obviously going to piss someone off by offending what they do for work. Sometimes we don't choose to work there, it's more of a beggars can't be choosers type deal. Second, why blame the workers for the waiting in the drive-thru? Have you ever thought for just a moment it may not be them you are waiting on but a customer in front of them holding up the line? For instance I have had someone purchase 25, 5$ gift cards in the drive-thru during peak hour. Peak hour being between 12 and 1 where workers compete against other restaurants for times and accuracy. Also car count. Now that's a 125$ order that the customer used a credit card to pay for. Using this credit card, the person needed to sign the receipt being over a 25$ order. When this happens if u do not get the signature in time with the purchase of a gift card than the whole order times out and needs to be refunded and re entered to start all over again. Activating the cards is also a whole other process. Yes I completely understand that the workers are sometimes slow and it's absolutely rediculous but remember that it's not always the worker. It could be the equipment, the customers, he'll there could be a 75$ order in front of you causing the wokers to have to restock everything! (has also happened) Thirdly,the drive-thru is for people who know what they want. The lobby is for the pally daggers. Don't sit and stare at the menu in the drive-thru for 10 minutes and then complain that the workers are slow just because you can't get yourself out of your car and walk to the inside. And you call them lazy!? And please be my guest to look at the menu befor you order. Generally if it's not up there than we don't have it. Oh, btw. We DO NOT have iced caramel macchiato frappe chino coffee coolattas...pretty sure there is no such thing. Someone had onced asked me of the sign above our speaker box was a joke because it said "please order accurately" I said no sir it is not. not every mcdonalds is run the same way. You may just run into one where the workers are"trained properly" Oh and just a little f.y.i. To the person who said the workers are lazy... We do more back breaking hard work than you will ever do in your life sitting on your ass at ur little desk job so I can just stfu because you wouldn't last one day working as a McDonald's employee the way that the McDonald's I worked for was run

I am absolutely SICKENED every time I go to McDonald's. Surprisingly, not even by the food, but the workers. I can't believe 90% of these people got hired on. Rude is not even half the word needed to describe these lazy, incompetent, unhappy people. And talking to a manager or any other "higher figure" in the McDonald's corporations seems to be unsuccessful. They don't care. They don't have to, because regardless of the SHIT service, people always keep coming. I'm proud to say that a lot of people in my town have decided to rebel against their pathetic operation. Absolutely done with this. Along with the help of a local radio station, it has spread to a few surrounding towns. Just watch, corporate McDonald's. More and more people are collectively getting tired of the way you allow your workers to treat your paying customers (i.e. the reason you have money in your pocket)and more and more facts are emerging about your food. It's all downhill from here unless you change some things.

My brother just asked me to go get him some food since he had been in hospital and is just now able to eat. over an HOUR later I come back with his food from the McDonalds that was right down the street! I waited in the drive through for about 25mins give or take. with only 2 cars in front of me. When I get to window, lady didn't even know how much my total was, I didn't get a receipt. not even sure if I got the right amount of change back. They messed up my order so they told me to pull into parking lot and wait for rest of my food. I waited 20mins for only two mc doubles. by then, his fries were cold. so i go inside and they weren't even making my order! and were rude about giving me the rest of my order. so i asked if they could replace the fries since they were cold. she said she would give me 2 things of fries to make up for it. then i realized she gave me my cold fries back!!!! i am so mad!

This last saturday i went to the Mcdonalds near my school its on rufe snow near 820 in northrichland hills tx,i wanted lunch so i wanted mcodnalds i asked what kind of cheese is on the Angus Bacon and cheese and i get the answer that kind of cheese and point towards the picture if you cant dont know whats on your sandwhichs then im jut going to eat at Panera Bread and order my usual Chicken Fontaga no tomatos no onions with baked pottao soup.. i have to say is train your employees better to know the food

I am here to complain about the mcdonalds on winston ave. in latonia, KY. I am tired of the poor service, the rude employees, the employee's vulgar language, the way they handle the food with no gloves on, etc. I could go on and on, If someone does not fire these people who work there right now, I am going to to drastic measures....say video tape the poor service. Perhaps then they will find much better workers. I myself have applied for a job here before, but I am assuming they are against hiring a person with proper grammar, respect for others, and quick hands. Fix it or lose customers.

I have been sitting in the drive threw line for about 30 mins behind a car so I came to the window an now have been sitting here for about 30 more mins. I have been here for over an hour now does it really take that long for your employees to switch over for breakfest??? I have never had this problem before at any McDonald's I have ever been to. No one had came to the speaker to let us know what was going on and when I came to the window the cashier was rude and had an attitude an told me that if I wanted breakfest I had to wait maybe 40 mins before I got served. So I have been waiting here an almost an hour and a half later they finally came to the window to take my order. The cashier I had was great that took my order. But the "guy" manager who came to the window at first was awful and did not by all means satisfy the customer but blew me off. I am very upset tonight with this service and I hope you do what you need to do to correct this problem you have. And by the way I am still sitting in the window waiting for my order. It's now been well over an hour and a half. Sincerely, One very upset and unsatisfied costumer , Rebecca Matherne (504) 256-0003 I look foreword to hearing from you.

February 8, 2012 I Antoshia Reed donated a kidney to my two year old daughter on Jan. 10. After the surgery I started having complications with my kidney levels and other things that caused me not to bounce back as expected. My daughter was released from the hospital Jan. 26 to the Ronald McDonald House and at that time I had my mom here to help me out. My mom left on the 28th after being here for a week. Once my mom left I was not able to do a lot of things for myself. My daughter is in isolation for 6 weeks so she would only leave room when going to doctors. I would call down to the front desk everyday to ask if someone can bring me and my daughter a plate of food up at dinner time, they would bring my packages up being I was on a restriction from lifting and no chores. I also asked for fresh linen and I was told they were not able to provide extra. I would have to go and wash my own linen and take out my own trash. When I found myself doing the very thing I was instructed not to do because it had to be done, my back would go to hurting and my stomach also. It seemed as if it wasn’t a problem with them helping out with the few things they did and then all of a sudden, Barbara the morning house manager saw me coming from the doctors ask to speak with me after a week. She sat me down and stated they are no longer going to be able to help me; I need a caregiver, they just can’t help out anymore. I told her thank you and I will go and call my social worker. All this time she is calling over to the hospital to verify my stories I assume. Barbara comes to my room the next morning and says she is just checking on me but when she comes in the room she is looking as if she is expecting it instead. She started asking me questions like why is the TV all the way in the corner; you would think it would be here in the middle. Then she sees the bed I sleep on higher than the other bed and says why is this bed higher and then says oh egg crates. That visit was not to see if I was okay or how I was doing by her actions. I called the Ronald McDonald headquarters and I spoke with a Jackie and explained the situation. Jackie stated she was going to call the executive director regarding my compliant. The impression I was giving was they were going to see about meeting me half way somehow. We had a meeting on 2/6/12 at 1:30p in my room, because my daughter could not leave the room and the meeting was made without asking if I was available to meet. Carine (executive director) and Barbara (house manager) was present and started to go over why they cannot provide any service outside of what there procedures are. That was not the indication I was giving. They were concerned with me trying to get someone to come here when I just explained to them that I did not have anyone to come at this time. They basically told me I have to make due alone and if I can’t then I need to seek a caregiver in order to stay in the Ronald McDonald house. I started to cry because I felt as if they were going to put me out if I don’t find someone to come and stay with me. I stated I will disobey my doctor’s orders because my daughter and I cannot go home right now because of the complications that we were having. They left the room stating let them know what is decided. My daughter social worker was trying to call and see if my insurance would cover HHA or CAN to assist. My insurance does not cover those services. This experience has been horrific and stressful to my healing which I would have not come to Ohio if I knew it would be like this. It is disappointing when a place is suppose to help you can’t have other protocol’s in place for unique situations. This experience has me leery on coming back for any procedures I would have to do. I felt the need to ask my daughter’s doctor to move up her procedure so that I can leave earlier than usual because this is too stressful on me. I wish that they could set something else in place for future people with similar situations so that they won’t experience what I have being here at the Ronald McDonald House. Respectfully yours, Ms. Reed

I cannot express the disappointment I feel after reading the newest nugget/pittbull advertisement. I have been a McDonalds customer for 36 years now. My parents took me there as a child and now I take my children there. I'm not a bandwagon type person. I didn't boycott BP when the oil spill occurred nor anything else in my life, therefore, when I say I will never step foot in a McDonalds again, you can believe me! The pittbull stereotype angers me more than you will ever know. Not all pitts are mean. Just like not all white people are racist and all black people sell drugs. You have supported this image worldwide and I sincerely hope that others are offended and react to your ignorance. I would love for everyone that approved this marketing concept to come spend a day with my family, which consists of two children, two hamsters, two pitt bulls and one chihuahua. I guarantee that you will fall in love and your uneducated views will forever be changed. The ignorance needs to stop. The dogs aren't born mean. They are made mean. They are abused, neglected, and trained to attack by cruel methods. "Some" individuals feel that having an aggressive dog makes them, the human, a threat. If a child grows up in a home where drug abuse and other illegal activities are done odds are the child will grow up to do the same. There is no difference. People need to be educated. pups6.jpg pups7.jpg pups8.jpg pups9.jpg pups2.jpg pups3.jpg pups4.jpg

I am very disheartend to hear your company's ignorance when it comes to pit bulls and your advertising techniques. As if it isn't bad enough people view this wonderful breed as a threat or danger, you have to add to the publics stupidity and feed into this mass histeria about pit bulls being bad. Do you not realize these dogs have a high ranking in tolerance and loyalty? They are the American dog and have played a huge positive role in history. My family and friends will no longer support your company or any affiliats.

McDonalds ingredients have been more than questionable for quite sometime, everyone knows that for the prices you get what you paid for at all locations. The HUGE issue I have with you now is your new advertising campaign stating that your chicken bites are less scary than petting a pitbull? Are you kidding me? Most pitbulls are sweet wonderful pets it is terrible owners treating them badly that causes the bad press about these amazing companions. You need to pull these ridiculous ads depicting pitbulls as scary and learn some TRUTH in your advertising. Like saying 100% beef while dropping the USDA grade A portion of what pretty much all other burger places claim because they don't get their beef from unregulated third world countries like you do. Since you serve unregulated beef and add in sugar and some weird pink slurry of god knows what to make them addictive and so on. Truly should be ashamed of the pitbull ads, why start an anti dog campaign in order to sell your below average chicken bites. Also love that your 800# is experiencing technical difficulties when massive ppl are trying to set you straight about this very problem. You seriously disgust me and MANY others with this thoughtless bs campaign, take it off the air!!!

I have been a loyal and repeat customer to McDonald's since I was a child and since I have had my children. I went through the drive through at the McDonald's in Shelby, North Carolina across from Burger King last Sunday night. I ordered an Oreo Mcflurry. I began eating it on my way home and began to feel something sharp cutting my lip! I found several pieces of plastic inside the Mcflurry. My lip began bleeding and I turned around and returned back to the store. Upon entering the store, I notice the lid of the cup had been broken and must have been mixed in with the ice cream. The manager completed an "incidence report" and I am yet to hear anything from their insurance company. I called home office and inquired about it, but still nothing! Nobody seems to care. My lip has healed but I am completely and totally convinced that McDonald's takes no accountability for what they should!

I applied for a job at a Mc Donald's in BC. This morning I went to update my phone number being that the manager said I was going to be contacted. The supervisor took my number, said she would give it to the manager and as I was walking away I heard this conversation. The supervisor asked another worker, hey, I wonder why they didn't call her, and the employee responded, because she is a lesbian, but you did not hear that from me. If headquaters wants to contact me, it would be appreciated, I do believe this has been one of my worst days ever, I am hurt, and very sad that I had to go through this. Sincerely. intriguedb@hotmail.com

Comments: This is the worst McDonaldls I've been to. I go there often because it's cheap and around the corner from my home, but yesterday was the worst. I decided to enter the store because most if the time my drive through order is usually wrong. Well I waited 10 minutes for 2 Mc Doubles. Why 10 minutes? I counted the drive thru cars being served to see if there was a difference. 8 cars were servered in my 10 min wait. Why???!! When I was waiting a gentelman entered the store who's order was also incorrect and waited for a long time to get his meal correct. Why? When I asked a person who looked to be in charge where my 2 Mc Doubles were she told my she didn't know and should ask someone else, instead of helping me the customer. Why? When I was finally fed up (12 min. Into my order) I asked for my money back. The person who said they didn't know anything was the person to refund my money. So it seems to me the manager at the time didn't care about me until money was involved. Why? I have called and complained about this store to the phone number provided at the drive thru yet nothing has changed. Why? This is an embarrassment to the McDonalds chain, and management of the store.

I work at the Firestone on William Penn Hwy in Monroeville, Pa. Being that the McDonalds close to us is directly across the street, we frequent the restaurant. Almost every day, we experience subpar service were the store is understaffed, the customer service provided is extremely poor, and the orders are constantly incorrect. Today, I stopped to grab breakfast for me and a few technicians. As I bit into my sausage egg and cheese McMuffin, I immediately had a distinct taste in my mouth. Upon further inspection of the sandwich, I noticed that the egg was brown and green. Livid, I called the location to complain and was told by a supervisor (who would not provide a name) that this was normal..!! I'm not looking for a cash settlement or anything of that nature but if this is the "normal" for the food that is served at this establishment, the restaurant should be CLOSED.

If there was an option for no stars you wouldn't be getting one!! Franklin pa McDonald's M&J management went through their drive tru today this very nice young girl was at the window and I had a fairly large order she warned me that she may have to ask me to pull over and park cuz of the order being so large I appreciate her saying this 100%! She asked over her head set if she should "park" me she asked this at least 3 times and was never given a response I asked this young girl if anyone else had a head set on she said no just me and my manager which by the way I believe was the STORE MANAGER!! She never did pull me over cuz she had no idea! Bull shit that manger is given the responsibility to communicate with their employees!!!! And is to answer all of their questions when asked! I worked for a McDonald's before that manager doesn't deserve her job! I asked this girl if this has happened before her response "every day I work" I was going to apply there well you bet I'm not now to be treated as this girl was is not except able goes to show how your managers are treating people I told this girl she needs to call corporate and I hope she does! I told friends that were also going to apply not to waste their time unless they want to be treated poorly!! Your losing your future employees I will be sure to tell all my friends of this and everyone I know so they do not apply there! After repeatedly asking her manager what to do she got tear eyed and held back I can promise that the situation this young girl has with her manager is not pleasant and the worst part is in only saw a glimpse of it!! Bull shit McDonald's fire that manager if you have any respect for your under class employees at that store!!

i work at a mcdonalds and i know for a fact that they do not do food safety properly the do not teat the products the just put any number down in the book they want there excuse is they dont have enough people to take and come back in the grill also they change dates on the tubes of sauces they have a 24 hr holding time but they change dates so they may have been sitting out longer than that and the store manager takes whatever employees that have overime and let them work off the clock to do things for and in the store i find the food issue very disturbing due to the fact they are gonna make someone sick one day im very selective of what i eat.

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