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I ate at a McDonald's in gastonia today. And the didnt even have toilet paper in the bathroom for my daughter to use it. I ask when we got there they said OK we'll get some. We finished our meal and still no toilet paper. She had to use napkins to wipe. THAT'S SAD.

I know someone who worked at a McDonald in the New York State Area some of the other employees made fun of this person kept on calling this person a Mexican but this person was from Peru a Peruvian. This person tried to tell them that it was bothering them and to stop it and leave them alone but still it continued daily till this person got so upset from this they had to quit there job at McDonalds. The person I' am writing about they or there family doesn't know I' am doing this what kind of working atmosphere does McDonald's have when other employees can do this to this person. I have known this family for years their children have been brought up to respect others to say yes sir and yes ma'am It just makes me very mad that a employer such as McDonald's would let this happen daily when the Managers and the Assistant Mangers and Supervisors are right there and hear this kind of abuse and discrimination going on how many more have to be mistreated till things like this are put to a stop.

I was working at the Mc Donalds at walmart in Redmond, Oregon. I quit 2 weeks ago regaurding family matters, I handed in my work cloths and everything. Come to find out from a friend who works there still, they're saying I just walked out on the job and theyre mad, worse place ever to work out, Me nor any of my family will ever eat there again!

Plano, Texas 15th & Custer Pulled from side enterence of the building & swooped to the first back window w/o going to the order intercom. No one was at the first window so pulled forward for sprite & oatmeal. Then 4 cars pulled behind me. Mcdonald's staff would NOT serve me since I did NOT go to the intcome located in the back of the building way behind side enterance & told me to remove myself & get behind the 4 new cars. Arguing with a client is the 1st no to great customer service as any good reputable business will tell you. I refused to remove my car or pull to the side for a simple request. So the manager threatened to call the police if I did not move my first 1st at both windows from the drive-thru. That is because - WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET A MCDONALDS TODAY! HA! Bad service.

I use to work for pam hutchinson (owner/operator) I was asked by her now GM tommy if he could suck my dick for 150. When I came to them about they down played it...said they asked employees about it but no one said anything. Two people they ask came and told me what was ask but when. Spoke to her regional supervisor was told no one heard or saw anything but now I have contacted a lawyer and my old telephone provider to get a copy of the text msgs and plan on taking her and her currennt GM to court since mcdonalds doesn't take harrassment serious. Ive tried handling it behind doors caude I didnt want to risk my siblings employment at her store but now I seek justice. Store location Youngsville, North Carolina off US Hwy 1

The worst service and Manager at the Utica loves mcdonalds; I was charged twice for a drink in the morning; it was 4.46 and I had 2 charges. I immediately called the manager and asked her to take a look on Tuesday morning. she said come in and show me your statement. I went 3 days later and met the manager. This happened on Monday July 16th, I went to the manager wednesday. usually my charges drop off if it was a pending by the second day. It was already day 3. I get into the store and the manager goes to the till. she asks me what drink it was. I said a mocho frape. she said theres no such thing for 4.46. for 5 minutes she argued and said that there was no drink. I said, I dont recall the name exactly but the item shows it was this amount. then as she continues to look at my statement she says that I went to another mcdonalds for the second charge. really, why would i drive to another mcdonalds 10 miles away. secondly it would show which location, being it was the exact same location, same day, she would be smart enough to know that this was actually true. after 20 minutes of wasting my time and saying rude comments and not believing what i said, she refunds me the amount. she never apologized, never said thank you, and actually insinuated that I was making this up. really!!!! horrible Manager and I can't even report her because it wont take the store number from utica. It says store 32193 but wont take it. I looked up the zip code mcdonalds and put utica zip code and says there is no such location. The receipt clearly says that it is utica. I am going to keep calling and getting ahold of corporate until I can talk to someone. I will never go to that mcdonalds, and as far as the manager, worst service ever. We go to that mcdonalds 2-3 times a week. Never again!!!!

I went to MC Donald's today store #10023 Victorville CA. I ordered a meal two egg MC muffins has brown and a drink well I did not order the drink because I am always charged a 1.00 up charge when i order a drink with the meal that by the way is supposed to be included. So to avoid the 1.00 up charge I did not opt for the drink then I was charged for the hash brown that was part of the original price of the meal! My daughter ordered a egg MC muffin with ham and we all received sausage and a employee who was the rudest person I have ever had to deal with. I asked why are you charging me a 1.00 for a hash brown that is included in my meal price? She said because I did not order a drink. I told her I did not order a drink because you charge me a dollar for a drink that is also included in my meal price. She said you want the number to corporate take it up with them. So here I am telling you MC Donald's that you are a bunch of shyster's I guess you think that people don't pay attention to receipts well I do because I along with most people have to work for our money and going out to eat is a treat not a everyday occurance. I can tell you this I will never go to another MC Donald's again your order is always wrong and you get cheated from your money. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

my complaint at one of the restaurants. the same employee tries continually to stick her sharp fingernail into the skin of my hand.i have had many complaints to the management. and it continues.the female tries to stick her fingernails into the skin of female customers only.many of complaints of her doing it. and she continues.

I went to McDonald's just at 5056 s. Walnut st. South bloomfield 43068. I order 2 burritos, 2 hashbrowns and medium orange juice. Well what i got back is one of each. This is like the second time McDonald's got over me and its with the same person. The last time I was running late for work order the same thing but handed her 20.00 dollars. Well she gave me the wrong change the lie n said I only giving her a 5.00 bill. Then on top of that they said i couldn't get my money back til they count the drawers. I could stay cause i was already behind for work then she had a nasty attitude with the hold thing n i knew I was right.

4:30 am.. Stopped for coffee on the waytaking my husband to work. Rising sun MD. Rude cashier . Shut the window in my face because i didnt choose to elect how many creamers he wanted amd sais she needed to kno because they mix it for u to make it easier.THEN WE WAITED 7 MINUTES AT THE NEXT WINDOW.. MIND YOU... NO one else was waiting. The manager gave me a snide look and walked the opposite direction so we left. He was late for work and your rude employees ruined my day. Oh... When i stopped ack to get his $ the manager shut the window in my face as well when i stated o wanted the district managers contact info. We`ll never go there again. I dont want rude employees spitting in my coffee!!! Or food for that matter! So annoyed. Customer service at its worst!

I have worked at the McDonalds in Stanwood, wa for about a month. I have worked at other places before, but this was my first for food and money handling. My first day was video training. My next 2 days where physical training with another person that started the same day as me. My "Crew trainer" apparently was not actually a crew trainer. She was nice and kept saying everything was common scenes. Me and the other trainee got what she was saying. Now she basically would just point at things and and say what it was. For example "This is the ice cream machine, it makes ice cream, do not need a brain." Or "This is the register, you click the picture of the food". Now that shows us where stuff is at, but does not teach us how to do it. Our training days where slow too so we barely saw stuff get made. We mainly just did cleaning in the lobby and outside. Now we both figured the register out on the third day. We kept asking our crew trainer to run us threw it again, but she just kept going "click the picture, common scenes. What do you not get" We where a bit scared to touch the register because they start cooking food as soon as you press it. At least we figured it out on our own. We really did not want to mess up on orders. That is probably what made use not get the register down, even though once it popped in our heads it was easy. I just had to wait till I got more hours. I also got my first check that week. My name was spelled completely wrong. First and last. When I finally worked again it was in the morning. I had the register down. I was cleaning and taking orders no problem. I moved to the hand out window eventually. Got putting food in the bag down, pressing serve and giving it to the customer with a smile :](I was also following the rules witch got the other crew mad. the window has instructions on it like " give the customer food first, drinks last." The managers and crew got mad when I did that. I am always confused at McDonalds. I had gotten my food handlers permit and was all ready wash my hands every 2 hours and all that stuff. I am never given the chance to wash my hands. Nobody washes there hands. The only time I see people wash hands is after they do the trash "Liners". Anyways that morning was so nice. I would sometimes be told to make something, but my crew trainer never showed my how so the manger named "Jeff"(Everyone said he sucks. He has dry humor, but he is a good manager) Gladly showed me how & would let me practice when another was ordered. Anyways best day of work ever. I got 0 orders wrong, served fast! and learned how to make new things. Now I work 2 days later and its the worst day at work. I got sent home early for no good reason. I started the day out being a runner(putting the food in bags or trays). I did that well, I sometimes have trouble understanding the abbreviation on screen, but I was doing it correctly, even putting fries in last so they are hot/fresh! Now the managers in the back where arguing about something, i think there where just short on grill or something. Anyways once the person at front counters shift ended I got front counter. I had to also be my own runner. This is my first time doing that. Taking orders then getting the food. I was a bit slow at first because I kept asking stuff like "does the rolo mcflurry have a pump of carmel?" It was not like I was asking how to do it. I was asking if that went on it. I wanted to get the food correct. I feel that is a issue at mcdonalds. Anyways they would just glare at me. I know I had 3 days of training like everyone else, but please just say yes or no instead of just glaring. I even had someone get 3 apple pies, I did not know where they where. So once again when I asked where to get apple pies, they glared at me. Finally they just pointed and I found it. Nothing was labeled, but the pies had color boxes. I pulled one out, but I guess i was to slow so I got yelled at. I figured that was fair due to me physically knowing where they where now. Anyways after that a manager started yelling at em again. They where like " make this" I had customers walking in the door. I thought I should stick with food that is going to the customers in the front, not the hand out window. I did it anyways. Asked where the chocolate was, got glared at again. Anyways none of these people where doing grill. It takes one person to put food in a bag. They helped each other, but not me. I just stopped what i was doing and took the customers order. I rather serve the customers then get glared at. Anyways when I focused on just the front counter the customers where getting there food at a reasonable speed. I felt like I would get in trouble for that, but it would allow me to get more time to clean and get food for hand out. Working like a team. Anyways the one thing that got me home early was even more dumb. I had gotten 2 water cups for a customer. She was done/served, nothing else she wanted. The manager that kept yelling at me asked why I was not helping the customer. I said i did. She said go help her and walked off. The lady up front said she was waiting for her daughter to get out of the bathroom. I think that should explain why I was not serving her. anyways the manager walked back up and said I am getting sent home early because I do not know what I am doing. I may not know everything, but I do know we(as in all) are not even doing our jobs correctly. I love taking peoples orders, but McDonalds needs to fix how it trains employees. Anyways I do not see how making me go home helps when you are under staffed. I hope the customers are complaining about how slow you are. I am probably going to quit at this rate. I want a job with teamwork friendly or not. I want the customers to feel welcomed and satisfied. They do not need to see employees getting yelled at to not serve the customer. I also want this job to follow its own rules. I have a father I would help make things with like sheds etc. He would swear, get super mad, throw things, point and even yell yes or no, but he is so much better to work with then mcdonalds. He is angry, but actually into teamwork so we got it done good, fast and neat. Managers do not even wear anything to protect food from hair. They are not even meant to be cooking, getting food, but they do. We need managers to help with problems, not glare. If you want new employees that know what they are doing then make them know.

I recently got a meal from macdonald's todaystore#3350 (7/4/12)and I had it for dinner. I ordered a sweet tea and I found a freaking fly in my cup. I'm so sickening from this mistake and all I'm requesting is for the staff to please pay attention and check the meals and drinks so this mistake won't continue on to another customer. I will never go to that Macdonalds again just because the customer service was poor as well and nobody acknowledge me when I came in. Please inform your employees that they need to be trained again or just to be well alert.

I eat at a mcdonalds in my town of North Port, Florida all the time and it just so happens I go in there tonight and when I got my food we were watching fireworks and when I reached into the bag to get a fry in the bottom of the bag what do I find but a Hair tie and I was so grossed out and couldn't finish the rest of my fries. Like I said I go there all the time and when my daughter went in to tell them that we found it they treated her like we put it in the bag well I didn't so they kept the hair tie and was like do you want us to redo your food but my daughter said no but they could of done something else cause I spent 23.81 and the store number is 12119 please if there is something you could do I would really appericate it cause they were willing to do nothing!!!!!!

mcdonalds had good mcdoubles, then they bought in double cheeseburger for $2 i also liked that , but now there is none anymore , we should get the mcdouble back

I work at mcdonalds as a cashier and my drawer came up $10 short, do I have to pay that back out of my pocket?

I had 2 daughter working at Mcdonals in Buffalo NY, Bad treatment against them,Its horrible. The staff are the worse, One of my child got terminated because 3 womas went inside the McDonalds and jump her, and the McDonalds manager insted of help my daughter she insult her and fired her from her job. That was at Grant st, Buffalo NY. My other daughter is been treaed it like trash in the other McDonals on Niagara St Buffalo NY. Big franshise like this one, How they let people treat workers like trash. Manager got hire with out any education or training. They hire any body from the street to treat people like trash. I hope that this stop one day McDonald can put some money on send this people to real training on how to treat people. I worked with Young High Schools students and my person I will not recomend one of my students to wotk for them. What a shame!!!!!!!!!

have problems with conditioners !! HELP!! Haddon, PE7 3UG Peterborough

I have an idea for an amazing mcdonalds ad and would like to get in contact with someone at mcdonalds can I get a number or email add

my son got a job at store in myrtle beach they were supost to get free uniforms no one has them i had to buy black shirt and pants

my son and stop for coffee they did not ask us if we wanted cream and sugar. so when i ask for some she got really mad then she did not bring stir stick when asked for it she got mad and yelled have a nice day really loud we pulled over to put the cream and sugar in my son picked up the cup and the lid was not on it went all over his leg

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