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Hi Dan and Joanne, I think of you guys all the time and I am praying hard for Marina. I know this has to be such a hard time for all of you. I wish I was there to keep you cmnoapy in the hospital. Marina is such a fighter! Hang in there. I will keep the prayers coming. Please give a big hug to Mason. Jane

Approached drive thru of el monte ca mcdonald off valley blvd. was told very rudely by Perla that was unable to accept $100 bill after 8pm it was 8:01. So I asked her if she could ask her manager. She said no. I was so amazed by her lack of customer service skills. She then told me I "could not purchase food there" I asked for the 3rd time for her to call her msnager so I could speak to her. She shook her head at me rolled her eyes and slammed her drive thru window. She came back and opened her window and gave me my change. I told her she needs to treat customers more politely since she works in customer service. She replied back "why" I then pulled up to next window to recieve my food and I see the manager standing smirking at me. Its no wonder the employees act the way they do! i will not ever be going to this location again. Aprilmonrealmayo@ymail.com

Its 230am and we pulled up to window to place order. Lady told us to pull up to window n she would let us know if we would be allowed to order food. Very rude! For this we will never again eat McDonald food. Store in Fresno, CA. On corner of Abby & Divisadero 209-262-8374

I wanted to let you know that i am still waiting for my W2 form, my old manager Abigail in oak harbor washington store told me that it has been sent already and it has been over a week and a half and still not receiving it... Last i talk to her she was telling me that she had sent it also told that sometimes things get lost.. I am disappointed by that i got 5 children myself we moved to a new city it shouldn't take that long to sent at all period.. So please i am asking how do i go about to solve this because i really need my W2 to file my tax i got children's that i need the money for... Thank you, Iemaima Sagapolu 5673 king james ct #201 fitschburg, wisconsin 53719 (608)284-7375

I like the food, but in the Pasadena area the workers do not wash their hands after using the restroom and touch the food. They also do not wear gloves. Isn't this a law. So I don't buy the sandwiches anymore as I want to throw up. I get a cone where it goes directly in and they don't touch it. It's the stores on Lake Ave. and Lincoln. Thank you.

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