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Really bad food and customer service

I had a horrible meal here back in early July at the Harrahs location. I reported it to corporate a manager responded to my complaint after that. They promised me a gift card as compensation. Three months later, I never received it. Your company has lost a great deal of revenue as a result of this. It just shows that management is just as bad as their food. Never again at any of their properties, I'm so glad I never bought into the frequent diners program. I have since taken my business elsewhere. Good luck and good reddens.

Poor poor customer service

On Christmas day of 2013 My family had a reservation at the Oakbrook Illinois location, after waiting 2 hours we left and went home. I was contacted by the manager of that site and given a gift card to use in the future. I tried to use it only to find out the it had nothing on it.so much for I sorry for poor service and customer service stinks at best

you can get a better sandwich at wendy

service was ok food did not come out the way she descibed it. Would have got a better sandwich at wendys .Call restaurant said it was the cooks mistake on how the sandwich was made


Disappointing Arrived 15 minutes early for Mother's day reservation. Seated on patio. Reservation time came and went, no one ever came to seat us in restaurant. After ordering crab Benedict's they arrived cold. Meals were then microwaved to heat up. Complained to manager that crab did not taste fresh. He told us he would tell the chef but never returned. Poor meal and service considering a $75 bill for a breakfast we could have gotten anywhere for $20. Naples Florida restaurant

Worlds best Bread Pudding

You no longer sell the Bread Pudding to my regret at your Charlotte location

those crumpets look good - and not half as ftitenang as the chocolate caramel macadamia slice *we* made! I have just spent ages searching your recipe index for the crumpet recipe - i could have sworn I have seen it before. it only took ages because i was busy discovering kugel, rice balls, etc. have you published the recipe?thanks

Hello ladies!Punky's Mama, yes they were good!Hi NW, I've been adtdcied since you posted your recipe I think :-)LOL Kate, tricked you ;-) Mmmmm, curry, you've inspired me for dinner!Hi Paula,Oooooh, slice! Yum :-) No, I haven't posted the recipe, but NatureWitch has a terrific recipe on her blog which is the same as my recipe.Cheers, Julie

My friends and I had alays enjoyed meeting after work at the Town Center McSchmick's in Virginnia Beach in previous years in the bar area. I had not been in there since I had gotten into a big fight with a customer who just walked right in and stole a booth that was waiting to be bussed, and my friends and I had been waiting for for at least half an hour. He kept sitting there as a nasty fight ensued between him and me. Language was flying. It was miserable. WE LEFT.. and NOT ONE worker came over to help resolve the issue. Should have known then to not go back. That was in MARCH of 2012. Well, we tried it again a few days ago... Our most recent visit was Friday, 8/3/12. On my advice of where to go for Happy hour, I said, "Let's try McSchmick's." So, my girlfriend and I rushed over there to make sure we got a seat. HA! Was I embarrassed! The place was deserted!! The food quantities and quality had taken a sharp dive, including what I had and always ordered..fish tacos with a glass of house chardonnay. Fried fish now and in flour tortillas instead of corn and nice grilled fish...two instead of three. Happy Hour wines have gone up from $3.50 a glass to $5.50!! No wonder the place that had ALWAYS been packed and a favorite was completely empty!! Sad, really. Lower quality and quantity are a recipe for doom in the restaurant biz. So? We walked on over to Sonoma Wine Bar across the street to enjoy wine and appetizers. Everything was great...funny thing, the bartender overheard our conversation about how McSchmick's had taken a dive...she chimed right in and said she would never go back again for the exact reasons I spoke of above. That's at least three customerse GONE who will not return. CORPORATE, YOU SUCK!!!

My wife was ROBBED while we were dinning in the Center City Philadelphia restaurant. Full dinning room. A man was sat, by himself, to "wait" for a party of four. I thought you needed your entire party before seating. Anyway, she noticed when leaving her purse on the floor next to the man's foot. He got very nervous and she instantly knew something was wrong. Instead of opening her bag in front of the man, she went to the restroom and opened it. Her credit cards and all personal info were pulled apart. Two major credit cards were missing....and so was the man when she ran back out into the dinning area. Can't even get the general manager to return our phone calls, even though there is a police report. NEVER AGAIN! What upscale restaurant seats someone alone who sits for 15 minutes with no water or any food whatsoever...wearing a baseball cap....and no one notices? Hmmm...inside job?

When a restaurant is well rounded, the experience is lovely experience! When it is not; disaster strikes. This was our experience. Great weather; Great expectations for patio dining with the promise cocktails and selection of appetizers. Food was not stages; despite our request. Everything was brought out at once. Items got either cold or warm (oysters) because we could not get to it all at once! Annoying! The WORST part of the evening; a hair in the tuna tartare! DISGUSTING! Server can be commended for immediately getting the manager. His response; nasty! Took it away with apology, informed it would be taken off our bill. Like he was doing us a favor! They did not offer us anything else! To me, that is completely bad customer service and not good business practice! We will not be going backā€¦.

All i can say is be VERY carefull what you EAT . me & My family member suffered one day in the hospital and three day of drinking BROTH and water,beacuse nothing we ate stayed in our body... The Health Deparment have advisie me of the report and i am looking for a reason why this location server us a plate from HELL.. i am also going to get a DAM GOOD Attorney ..

September 18, 2011 in Raleigh NC, my husband and myself went to McCormick & Schmick's I must say what a differences from our first time a year and a half ago, our last time was not good, but today I must say what a difference a server makes. The server was outstanding, I looked on my receipt his name is Jordan C. He was totally outstanding, great personality, wittie right there if you needed anything. I wish we could fine more people who take their job serious, again, it was one of the best experiences we have had, we love Ruth Chris Restaurant, but this young man has made your restaurant a five star restaurant at a great price. Don't forget they have certain wines 1/2 price on Sunday. Thank You Jordan.

Recently our family was looking for a place to have a reunion lunch. About 40 years ago, my wife and I had eaten at Spenger's Restaurant in Berkeley, California. I looked up Spengers on my computer and saw a listing of restaurant reviews. I was shocked what I had read and sort of expected to go to another place. I still had the desire to go, since we had eaten at various M&S restaurants not only in the San Francisco Bay Area, but across the U.S., as well. Our hostess was very friendly and accommodated us. Our wait person was very prompt, checked with us during our meal to see if we needed anything. The bathrooms were extremely clean and without any odors, that had been mentioned in previous comments. This dining experience was very good and we will definitely return to Spengers Restaurant, in Berkeley, California for more of their fresh fish meals.

I went to partake in a meal at McCormick & Schmick's in Birmingham, Alabama and the service was very poor. My waiter only came to my table once and never checked back with me the entire meal. My food was not cooked properly and I could not even get another meal because my server never came back. I asked to speak to the executive chef(chad)and sous chef (russell) and they had a very unprofessional way about there approach in talking to me. I Felt like my opinion didnt matter. I will be telling everyone that I know to not go there and eat. THis is a very serious issue with me I have been to the resturant before in previous places and have never felt an utter disregard for the customer.

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