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Poor service

Samantha that works at the Weatherford tx location was very rude more than once . To the point I'll never go back!!!!!!

not a happy customer

I have eaten at the McAllister's in Athens,Tx on several occasions when I'm in town on business and each time I have had a bad experience. My order had to be sent back several times and their were several employees that were not friendly at all!! But there was one employee that was really friendly and I noticed that one of the managers were giving her a hard time in front of other customers, very unprofessional!!! I have decided to no longer give them my business because that is unacceptable!!! Someone really need to come in and teach these managers how to interact with customers as well as their employees or they will end up losing both!!!


So I live in Moore OK and I recently went to the one on Western and they messed up my order. So I spoke to the manager and she was so nice and said they would comp my meal. Then I went up there and ordered and was just amazed how nice the entire staff was. I wanted to pay for the meal and the refused. Lets just say I will never go to another sandwich place. They have my business for life. A+ service and A+ food.

high level of ethnic stereo typing. low loyalty from upper management. store in midland, texas had only one black employee. the managers are rude. My order was wrong on both of my visits. highly unsatisfied.

I used to be an employee last year. this year I have attempted numerous times to change my mailing address (since December). They all have told me that my w2 was already sent and just to wait for it to come in, and that they'll notify the Regional Manager about the situation for me since was going in on his days off coincidentally. Not once did they give him a message to call me back to get anything fixed. Yesterday was Jan. 31, and yet again I had to walk in and talk in person to try to get this situation fixed. They only wrote down my address and said I need to speak to corporate myself. They never gave me phone numbers or people I need to contact in order to fix everything for myself like they want me to. So all I am saying is they better pray I don't have to set up any legal issues since the deadline was yesterday and they still haven't offered to provide me with even a copy of my last paystub. This kind of stuff is the reason I quit in the first place: EXTREMELY POOR management skills.

I have been to the Hackcross location many years and came know many of the staff but today was the last time i will go there Hackcross has the worst management i have seen by far. There is no order or control within the store the stores management should be reevaluated or terminated

I am looking to make contact with someone about a situation that is of great importance my email is vito3xl@hotmail.com or preferably live @337-962-1012 thank you for your time

Have visited numerous McAlister's in the Memphis area, but, the location on Germantown Parkway in Cordova is by far the very best!! The folks are friendlier, more attentive, and very service oriented. The female assistant manager (sorry...do not know her name, however, her baby is due in December) is someone I would hire if I owned a restaurant. The only problem I have had is voting online for the tea town event. The only method it allows one to vote is through Facebook. I am not a fan of Facebook and refuse to join. How can I vote otherwise? Many thanks, Anna Hamilton humes.65@comcast.net

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