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On 08/14/12 At 10:04 AM i spoke to some one at McAfee she said she was no longer in the system with me but she still was, i realized this when i tried to log off. she kept the screen hidden from me, also i have been having trouble with my email an she said she would give me the phone # to Gmail after looking up the the number she gave me it appeared to be a private 800 number. i called McAfee corporate and left My telephone number with Mr. Dick Cone answering machine,would appreciate a call.

renewed total security , got trojan virus , could not be removed called cust. service, 3 hindus in different occassions answered could not understand them, gave some bull that I had to pay $89.00 to remove virus, adv want a credit, said supervisor wl call me back within hour, today is 24 hrs later and nothing , got Norton and found 23 malaware that McAfee did not catch. My advised this is a lousy co. hires cheap labor in India that do not care about customers, see how many reputables corp. have done away with India . keep away from this people !!!

How did someone post 7 stars! Must be someone from McAfee as this is the worst company ever. After puchasing my new Dell, preloaded with a McAffe, I started getting messages that the firewall and anti-virus components were turned off. I emailed McAfee and got a call from someone saying first that they were from Dell, then from McAfee, then from PC-Care acting on behalf of McAfee. Guess what? They could fix my infected computer for a measely $800! And I had to do it RIGHT NOW as I had a serious infection and someone was on my network. I tried in good faith to alert McAfee that something was amiss. No GO, folks. I told them I then wanted to file a complaint, but they wouldn't give me the name of their Chairman of the Board. This is a publicly held corporation and this is illegal. Dell should know better. A word to the wise, I felt coerced to upgrade and Would caution anyone to avoid this company and this product. You will not have peace of mind; rather, you will have one big headache.

Most of the reviews are right on target. Rotten to the core. Reneew popups come on one month before expiring and the only way to stop the pop up is to uninstall the McAfee Program. Don't count on support either...you'll only spent hours on the phone waiting while listening to mind altering noisr called music designed to drive you to hang up to get away from it. Live person to help you with your problem...forget it unless you want to try to talk to someone who speaks in a dialect you will be challenged to undeerstand and will keep reading from a script the same thing over and over again. McAfee has earned every criticism I've read. I wish I had read read them before purchasing. They got me for $99.99for their All Access Program. I'm going to spent another $50 and take them to small claims court.


Right now I am pretty much fed up. I haven't had McAfee for over two years and last year I was sent an email from McAfee charging for subscription. I called and told them I no longer had the program and to reimburse my bank card. Today I get another email charging me again another $49.99 for a year subscription. I called customer service and hold and behold I end up speaking with someone in India. I demanded I be reimburse as soon as possible and was told it would take 5 days. I asked to speak with a manager and was told I would get a call back from the manager - that was an hour ago and still no call back. I called the number above and it goes into voice mail. If I don't hear from someone real soon not only am I reporting McAfee to the BBB I am also contacting the Attorney General. Oh, and by the way the reason I choice not to renew with McAfee was I ended with a Trojan.

I have Mcafee Total Protection! My computer got a Virus and I had to pay $200.00 to have it removed, where is my protection and why do I have to pay for it??? What is your anti-virus worth if it is not protecting my computer?

THE INtenet security worked great i bout total protection and thats where the problemes began it took the expireation of the the internet security and shut down after the tech had changed the date manually thru remote control called againg and they couldnt fix it so the third time i was looking on their website and saw a place call pccare247.com thinking that mcaffee would screw up again i called these guys. i had 23 viruses on my computer which they cleaned off and offered me a 24 month service plan for 250 in lieu of just paying for them fixing the problem created by the mcaffee mess. now mcaffee is claiming they are a 3rd party provider and say they dont pay for 3rd party providers when the place was listed right on thier website

Purchased McAfee Total Protection 2012 on December 8, 2011. Downloaded producted but could not activate, because package came without product key. Emailed McAfee, they emailed me asking for proof of purchase, which I sent. As of today, December 21, I have not heard from them, even though I've sent two more email. Waste of money. No respect for customers. What a SCAM!!!

1 star is too generous of a rating for this corporation. There is no option for negative rating here or I certainly would have given them that. This company is fraudulent. Their subsidiary businesses are fraudulent as well. They steal peoples money & do not deliver as promised in return. They refuse to honor a money back satisfaction guarantee as they promise. They avoid phone calls & lie to people with no shame whatsoever. When it would be much easier to follow through with their promises, they refuse to. They have no business ethics. A strong caution to the wise, avoid them at any and all costs. You will not regret doing so.

I loaded 2011 McAfee Total Protection 3-user, and when I tried to activate it, the window had a radio button preselected for "use old account". I wanted to set up a new account but forgot to change the button before I clicked on "finish". The program sent my final activation link to my son's E-mail account, who had the p"previous account". I called customer service to try to resolve the problem. They took remote control nof my computer and couldn't fix the problem. I spent over 1-1/2 hours on that session. Then the technician sent me to another department, and they couldn't help me. Later, a representative called me, but couldn't solve the problem either. he gave me a phone number, and when I called it, the message wanted me to fill in a code that I wasn't familiar wityh. So once again, another dead end. I spent over $60.00 for the product, and in a few days it will cease to work, leaving me vulnerable to viruses. The last man who spoke to me suggested that I buy another program!! How insulting!!!!!

Mcafee will fradualently charge your credit card even when you cancle under the guise of auto renew. Try to resolve and you wait for hours to get speak with someone who does not understand English very well. Terrible company. Use the anti virus software by Windows - much better.

Trying to stop auto renew.It is not even listed on my account as auto re-new. I took it off years ago...Money taken out of my account and I do not even want the product. It was for a computer I no longer own! No one seems to care. I will never buy Mc Afee again. I is not in my new computer... So why would I want it.??? I do not like them having my credit card number. Customer Service is Impossible..Most of the time I can not even understand the person on the phone...or there is a bad connection...Crap Crap.. I guess I will have to change my credit card number to stop this!I think it is a big scam...

This company buys the best to build the best bar none. Now they are owned by the best chip maker in the world Intel. If you want the best McAfee is the only choice, if you want security McAfee is the only choice.

Account set for auto renewal (but should not be) money removed for subscription renewal, only notice sent was in early a.m. the day money came out of account. Contacted McAfee via live chat (only method available at 8 a.m. est) and was told they would remove charge and credit account in 5 buss. days. McAfee will have my money for 6 or more buss. days but I must wait to get it back. I feel that even if there is an automatic renewal, whaic again was not to be on there and keep in mind this is 30 days prior to the experation on the product notice should be sent PRIOR to the actual money exchange so this can be avoided. This is not the first time they have done this, and I am sure I am not the only one with this issue, you do the math. Live chat then tried to sell me the product for 50% off, still missing the point. I then asked for corporate phone number and address, they would not provide it to me. I am so done with McAfee, They need to work on customer service and follow through.

To the authorization of McAfee “Online” A biggest media for social communication is taking away in to unsocial world bit by bit . Yahoo chat , messenger , web cam , is the best example. Induce to sexual conversation & dating, violation abuse, thread , what are not there ! As a result, innocent teenage or new comer girls and boys are infecting and also increasing extramarital available. But there have no headache to clean this infected chatting room of Yahoo ! To prevent this filthy environment ,what they using method at present(report to help center about abuser) , I think it is not proper way to stimulate this crime. In fact abuser can never give up his\her habit to indulging of tendency. Because, it is one kind of character virus. The virus company is protector for all kind of online crime, “McAfee” As a world best anti virus company should take a part to build up abuse free online world for next generation. Though I am not a IT professional ,but I can provide a permanent & easy solution about that matter according my own idea .If you are interest to know– rfansary@gmail.com

They will take your money quickly but try to get help and you wait hrs online waiting for them to get back to you. Try calling and again you will wait for hrs as there automated voice will tell you they will be with you momentarily. Their customer service is the absolute worst I have ever seen in getting back to you. Go else where

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