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Worst customer sv ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have paid for this twice now! In January and again today. Customer repr is terrible. Keeps giving me the run around. Pls refund both payments. I go somewhere else. Leo

Customer Service is non-existent at McAfee. Here's my experience: 1) Tried to change from former acct for 3 computers ($89.99) to a single computer. Sent emails - no response. 2) Received an email that my account had expired in March. Received a paper statement that my account was good until October. No good record-keeping. 3) Wrote Corporate Headquarters - no response. 4) Purchased a new package on 9/18/14 for 49.99 using a different credit card. On 9/19/2014 they billed my NEW credit card for $89.99. 5) Maybe a letter from my attorney will get a response. This is my LAST contract with Mcafee.

Customer Services

Your support people are inept. I will be in contact with corporate office McAfee on Monday, 6/2/2014. 559 683-4375,

Remote Access Help

Today April 28, 2014 McAfee remote chat online help wiped out all files on my computer, Bad news will not use their product.

On December 20,2013 I bought Mcafee Total Protection 2014 (3PCs) on line directly from McAfee Software. My order number is 2108971. I have tried in vain to get the $20.00 rebate which was shown on this order confirmation but can not find a way to do is as the only number I was given is above. I have also tried to reach a live person to discuss this but can not do that. This is fraud and should be corrected by the corporation.

The absolute worst customer service. They just string you along each time that you contact them. You can not understand them because of their poor English. I think that lying is a way of life for them. Unbelievably terrible service. McAfee has to be the worst company I have ever had to try and deal with. Buy some other anti-virus. And whatever you do, do not give them your credit card information.

Horrendous Customer Service

The worst customer service in all of tech land. Yes, we know how bad customer service, via India, is for all the tech companies. But, McAfee sets a new low..One and one half hours on hold..Unable to properly remove viruses after charging you $89.When you have to call again to have the incompetents try to remove the original virus, you can expect another 90 minutes of hold time. The worst of the worst..Don't ever buy McAfee. Wrote a letter complaining to McAfee corp headquarters..Never even got a response,,This company does not care. Avoid this horrendous company and its lousy products.

Rip off

FOr a decade we paid for McAfee. McAfee allowed aTrojan:DOS/Alureon then would not help with the settings to use their Virtual Tech. Spent hours and hours on line with amateurs who could not speak or understand much English. All they kept doin is tryintf to sell stuff. I HATE McAfee. They are rip offs. Do not trust them. Spread teh word!!!!!

Poor Review

I keep getting pop ups that say at risk. The computer at McAfee si8gn on says I am not at risk and paid up to May of 2014. No way to get rid of this pop up which is annoying


Impossible to deal with McFee customer service. They don't understand 1) English well enough, 2) Don't understand the problems stated' 3) require the most convoluted method to continue an existing subscription and most recently, kept giving me the wrong telephone number to call to reach someone in Santa Clara. I;ve cancelled my subscriotion and will never use again.

poor service

Customer service rep lock up my computer because I ask him to remove the spy wear from my computer I fix it my self I don't think I should pay 80 dollars for no service and he was rude and yelling at me my computer is for work and I need it

I purchased McAfee Antivirus 2013. Tried ti install on my computer did not work. Called an 888 number person on other end told me he could fix an unknown problem for $99.99. First of all you could not understand what he was talking about. When I told him I wanted a refund, first thing he asked for was my credit card, when I explained I was not comfortable with this, told he would send me an e-mail with a form to fill out, and corporate. They sent e-mail but I am afraid to open. McAfee shame on you . I hope no one ever buy's your product again.

I have been having a problem with MCAfee Support for over a week. MCAfee uninstalled my MCAfee that is paid for and then could not re-install. They somehow deleted the Windows Dervice Pak one from my windows 7, the removed vsome icons from my window screen andnow they say they wqere not there. I had to pay Microsof $139.00 to reinstall the Service Pack one. All I ever get on the phone are off shore people that are very hard to understand. The tell me they have to "send this to a higher department and I will be callled in 24 to 48 hours". I gave them two numbers but they only call on the house phone even though I asked they also calll on my cell. They leave a message and when I call back I am told agin it will be 24 to 48 hours.

I will not talk to off shore customer service departments. Your system is not longer allowing me to connect with frontier email on windows. I have a three year contract and I want a refund for the last year. Frontier says you added an update that interfers with their connect process, and my email mail account no longer works. It cost me a job interview.

I am so frustrated with McAfee I could just scream! I had some soft of malware try to attack my computer yesterday. Being computer illiterate, I called a McAfee technician (Albert) to find out what was going on with my computer. After he rudely explained to me that McAfee does not protect against malware and spyware (yes...he said that), he continued to be condesending and rude. After getting frustrated with his rudeness myself, I snapped back at him quite rudely. He took over my computer and kept showing me the same problems over and over but would not explain them. When I didn't understand, he would fuss and then pull up a browser, typing in a key word and told me to read about it. He then told me that it would cost $199.95 cents to have a Level 5 technician fix my computer. I told him it was too much money for my family and I would have to discuss it with my husband. He then told me if money was the issue I should have said so, but since I was rude he would not help me with getting a discount. After getting off the phone with him I used the internet service on my phone to find a way to fix the computer myself. And yes, it was the McAfee website that taught me how to remove the malware myself. After an hour I was able to fix my computer on my own. Yes, computer illiterate me fixed my own computer!! Albert did not direct me to a way to fix it myself nor did he do his job of fixing it. MCAFEE IS RUNNING A SCAM ON FIXING YOUR COMPUTER WHEN THEY SAY YOU HAVE TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL AMOUNT OF MONEY TO HAVE IT FIXED. I feel so sorry for those out there that have paid the money to fix it, not knowing they could have done it on their own, just by visiting the community pages on McAfees own website. Shame on you McAfee!!!!

Was ripped off the same as above. Call DATELINE and request a fact finder story be investigated for double charging - charging after the account terminated - Mc Afee has to be held accountable. It is a federal offense to remove monies from accounts once permission is revoked. CALL DATELINE - REQUEST AN INVESTIGATION _ THE MORE THAT DO THIS THE BETTER THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that last comment is true:Whilst I’m sure the tests were well ineontientd, they are not particularly scientific and as the author admits, Sophos results were significantly improved if the tester turned on the relevant options, suggesting the product documentation was not consulted.Having retrieved the samples (the author having posted the malware samples on a public website!!!) it appears a few extra settings were required, in particular, one of the samples was a email stored as MIME but the ‘decode MIME’ option wasn’t turned on. Another sample was in fact a potentially unwanted application and again, the option to enable detection for PUAs wasn’t used.While Sophos performed better than many of its competitors, the sample set was far too small, the methodology was confused and the author obviously isn’t well versed in handling malware. All of this goes to show that testing anti-virus products is a lot more complex than grabbing a few samples and scanning them.I would recommend anyone wishing to compare products to look for recognised testing organisations and publications such as West Coast Labs and Virus Bulletin.So take particular care in using this biased testing.Do you just setup your AV and not configure the options?

I quit using MacAfee when it proved to be the slow down on a peiorvus computer. I did, however, find other AV software. If that starts to be a problem, I may go back to check out McAfee again .but will admit that they have irritated me recently by auto installing with a recent update of something else (Flash?). I truly hate having to to scrutinize all the crap that comes up when an auto-updating program wants to update I suppose I should be glad I get to see what the program is doing. I wonder how many people are actually glad MACAFEE was auto installed? Vs how many people have no idea why their computer is slower today than yesterday

The WORST customer support I have ever received. WE MUST ALL....quit doing business with companies who have off-shore customer service; you can't understand tgheir reps and they can't understand you....

For all of you having problems with automatic billing; all you have to do is contact your credit card company and tell them it is a disputed/unauthorized charge and they will credit your account and charge same back to McAfee.....this is LAW!!!!

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