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I am a client of Maxim and I am very disappointed in how their office has communicated with us. Actually, I should say how they have not communicated to us. If their nurses were not such good and caring nurses, I would drop this company like a hot potato. We get a call one night that tells us we have went over our hours because our Medicaid didn't approve all the hours and they are going to have to cut back on our services and guess what they want to cut them the very next day. They couldn't even give us any notice. What stinks is that in the very beginning I told the nurse that I did not need her on Wednesdays because I was not working on Wednesdays and yet she was told to come in anyway. After calling the office, the rep there named Ben tells me not to worry that if medicaid didn't approve the hours we would not be penalized. I told him I had the paper work from Medicaid and they were not approving that many hours. It's okay we won't be penalized. Guess what it is the end of our first authorization and we are being penalized by cutting hours we need now. So disappointed in how they have handled this.

I was a nurse for Maxim 10 years ago. Back then I made a mistake that I have paid for long ago. It had NOTHING to do with malpractice or neglect. I loved the family and their daughter in my charge and they liked me. I even visited them a couple of times for a few years afterward. If anything, I had hurt myself and HAD TO QUIT my job. Maxim knew about the situation. Presently I am seeking employment because I miss home care. TWICE I was called by Maxim( two different branches)and TWICE was led to believe that I had a job. Both times I had told them about my past and was informed that everything was "going to be okay" Well I JUST FOUND OUT that they TERMINATED me ten years ago so I am ineligible for re-hire! Don't work for this organization! I don't know of ANY company that treats nurses so POORLY. Almost everyone deserves a second chance, especially 10 years later. I was given that chance by other organizations. There are EVIL people in Maxim's regional and top levels. STAY CLEAR NURSES!!!!

I recently submitted my paperwork on time and come time for my paycheck, I received one day worth of pay when the office had 4 days worth of paper work from me....when I called the Atlanta office I was told I would be receiving direct deposit for the rest of my check...yeah right!The deposit is yet to be made.I have to wonder if the salaried people at the office go through this "mess" and why lying is so convenient to them just to get people off their back.It`s one thing to go without work but it`s another to work and not get paid, this is a slap in the face.

Maxim healthcare is one of the worst most dishonest companies I have ever worked for. I work out of the Greensboro office and have had the most issues with dishonesty and unprofessionalism out of this company. I'm done with it. I regret the fact that I have ever agreed to work for this company and will never do it again.

I would not recommend anyone to work for Maxim company, especially the office in Gardena CA. I was told that I would receive pay for orientation, and never got paid. My recruiter name is Rico, and he is a big liar.

Maxim underpay their nurses. Maxim should be more understandable when it comes to mail deliver and allow the timesheet to be accepted up until 12:00pm Wednesday, just as the other agency do. The staff have no compassion for the nurse.

I recently resigned from your company. I have been a very good employee and nurse (LPN). I have gone "Above and Beyond" in most instances, because I enjoyed the work, my supervisors and my fellow employees. When members of the office staff threaten, yell at, and make a customer feel like they are criminals, I can no longer work for the company!! There was an incident where they only heard one side of the story (the nurses') and not the customers side! I was quoted a rate of pay on a job and never received it, only told that "I should have gotten what we talked about!", but for my last 2 paychecks I never received it. It was well over $150. I do hope that this is investigated because nurses are in short demand and if an agency that has been around as long as Maxim can do this to one staff, they can do it, or have done it, to other staff. Regrets.....

i recently got relieve of my job i have been at for 5 years and was told that the family requested that i be taken off the case. when i contactedd the family i was told that thats not the case. the care giver has informed me for approx. 4weeks that the office is cutting hours and replacing nurses. i think this the most dishhonest way to go about taking a nurse off the case to be replaced by favorites. while on hold i overheard the scheduler at the BRANDON OFFICE to another co-worker that the job already done. meaning i am already taken off the case.

I have never made a complaint about a company EVER!! I just had an interview in your New York branch in Hempted and I must say that I was applaud. I had an interview with a man named Felix. Not only was he extremely rude but he clearly doesn't know how to conduct a proper interview. If that is the kind of person you have working for you then you should rethink your company strategy. I am sure this letter is not going to change anything but I really felt that you should be aware of someone who clearly does't know what the hell he is doing. Poorly trained people in a company can do more damage then you think. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Christopher Batties

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