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I have not had any bad experiences working for them. Everyone has been nice and helpful. Move to Kansas City, Mo and work for them

I cant believe this company is still in business. I have to fight for every dollar i make. Im told one rate and paid another. Last year our office in Santa Rosa Ca, took a said we had to take a $1 pay cut due to medi-cal cuts. come to find out its to make up for the law suit. The office staff continues to lie to me regarding wage, staffing and benefits. Other registries pay more and treat the nurses with respect. DO NOT WORK HERE. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Pay Me

Im owed over 40hrs worth of overtime and wasnt told in oriention they don't pay overtime I wouldnt ever had been away from my kinds 20hrs per day for 8.00 flat. I want my money no matter how long it takes they shouldn't be able to do this or we as employees should be concidered Independant Contractors.


After giving office workers raise LPN's salaries cut to 15/hr. Office staff courteous, but will lie to your face. Mandatory compliance training is a joke-teaches not to lie,steal, or cheat. Hmmmm, wasn't that why they were fined millions of dollars? Their lack of integrity/ethics amazes me. If you can stay away from these jokers you should. Make no mistake, they don't care about you, or the patients, just the almighty buck.


I am a consumer of Maxims health services. Today they pulled the health care aide that was caring for my father who is 89 years old and can barely walk, leaving him without service of any kind. The health care aide resigned in protest and fear of the outcome.The company gave us no warning. I intend to involve Connecticut regulatory agencies to do what they can to stop this company from harming other seniors. Health care is not a service that Maxims understands nor do they know how to provide these services. They are a danger to the elderly

Cheated and Mad Azz Hell!

Maxim should be ashamed! I was promised $15.00 an hour to work in a Correctional Facility. Get my check paid me $10.50 an hour. I could've stayed at the job I had which was paying me $11.50 an hour without putting myself through the tons of work I have to do by myself and my personal safety. Not Cool Maxim.

I work for the Allentown office. What a joke. They kept changing my clients. Would not pay me for orientation. I was promised pediatric cases and all they gave me was older patients. I found another job and only wanted to work for them one or two days a month. I could not go to the office for an my evailuation(they refused to send it via mail. Since I could not go to the office I was put on inactive status. They did not care that I had another job and refused to work with me. Stay away from this company. I have worked for other agencies and I would say they are the worst I ever worked for. I will stay on inactive status with them.

This company has me working with two clients and only pays me for one. The clinical supervising Rn was to come administer my clients meds, didnt show up!! Shows what kind of company they are and what they value.

Maxim company won't every one to be a professional writhe no money they pay low rate

Maxim office people so bad to people and mean to every one

Maxim only pay CNA eight dollar in hour you all won't professional one day you all going to get law suit we can not wait to see that happen all people in maxim mean to people special offices at fort lauderdale they are dad and mean If you all don't change we need to suit your companies for means

Maxim office people so bad to people and mean to every one they won't professional test all time big test to poor pay

I worked for this company for 4 months at the office in Roseville,CA. .While I was on vacation they gave the case I had been on for 4 months to another nurse. They never even called me to let me know. I came back and expected to go to work as usual only to be told I had been given another case. I worked 2 hours and was told to leave because there was no funding yet. As I'm trying to figure out what to do, the doctor calls and tels me if I leave, I am abandoning the patient and he will report me to APS What a nightmare. So they send me to another case 3 days later. A total care patient that weighs over 60 lbs. and there is no mechanical lift. I have to lift manualy. They have a 50 lb weight limit but they break their own rules as needed. The one nurse recruiter is ignorant and rude. They are not concerned about my safety or the patients. If you are a nurse, RUN AWAY. If you are looking for an agency to care for your loved one, RUN AWAY. There are alot of good agencies out there. I Work for 2 of them. This company has serious issues and they have had penalties for not doing things right.BE WARNED!!!

My wife was just told that her pay was being reduce by 90 cent per hour! That is 160.00 a month reduction. Maxim Healthcare are reducing nurses pay to pay back the government on thier Fraud settlement! The office staff did not get a reduction in pay. NO BENEFITS after 7 years! They contribute "ZERO" to your 401K plan. This company is a JOKE!

This company is a joke. Honestly it is a miracle they are still in business. I was unfortunate enough to work for the company for almost 2 years. Everyone from the Account Managers on up is only concerned with the all might dollar. The more they make the happier they are. This comes with a price and that price was patient care. Home Healthcare is a mom and pop business. The smaller the company the better care the patients get. Maxim still hasnt figured this out. They have to be as big as they are to stay in business. If they didn't have so many offices and hadn't made so much money off of medicaid fraud they probably would be bankrupt by now. They have to constantly get new patients to replace all the ones that leave. They have to constantly have turnover otherwise they wouldn't have anyone working there because once someone has worked there for 6 months and realizes the AM's and RAM's are full of crap and drinking the Maxim cool aid they quit. They sucker young college graduates into working there and promising them promotions that never come. The recruiters are just pawns that the AM's and RAM's manipulate and use as little puppets. I wouldn't recommend patients receiving care from Maxim Healthcare. I wouldn't recommend working for them either. They have numerous lawsuits against them. They have had to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud claims, lawsuits, and so forth. No one at the corporate office seems to get it. The company has a terrible reputation. Every nurse I talk to and every patient I talk to has nothing but terrible things to say about Maxim. Hopefully someone at corporate will wake up one day as say, "wow we aren't the company we thought we were. We really need to make some changes". Not likely though because they only promote from within and once a bad egg always a bad egg. They train you the wrong way and promote the business side only and don't care about the patients and the nurses. Until that mentality changes Maxim will continue to be a terrible home healthcare company.

I have been working for Maxim now; for over a year,and it took me this long to know that this company is no better than any other Home Healthcare business out there. For starters they do not pay for any overtime! They want you to go to a clients home,when that home is not within your county,and you don't get paid for ml. If you ever want any time off, for any reason,they would be told of this a month in advance, and they still would not have a sub, to fill in for you 2 days befor,which makes the client very nerves. Now, I don't know about you,but when I get lied to, by the people that you are working for, and that they talk about "we" are all a team; I really don't know what TEAM they play on,but I don't play their game.They tell you anything just to satisfy you, so you don't bring up the matter again, they say that they will take care of it.And don't even try and take your concerns to the boss, he is just as bad if not worse,his so-called "I GIVE YOU MY WORD" means nothing! But the biggest part that I am so ticked off about is that they owe me a weeks pay,from 4 weeks ago. I have gone to the office twice about this,and the last time I was there they said to my face, that it was taken care of and that you will be getting that check next week: that was 2wks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't just quit, I have got a client that wants to keep me forever.But one thing that I found out, that there aren't too many companys out there that handle *Medicaid* Oh, I have also worked for ResCare Homecare, need I say more! That one I did quit after 6 mo. I don't want to hear how much THE COMPANY appreciates us, and give us a cheap calender and a bag that will fall apart after a year of use. How about a raise to ALL of us, out in the field that work so hard for this company!!!!! (NO SUCH LUCK) THEY DON'T DO RAISES!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ive been working for maxim for almost 2 years. almost all the recruiters are rude(on the phone and in-person), they all lie to cover their behinds, never tell family members or PCG's of RN's or other maxim staff are coming to their homes, constantly mess up on pay(also one of lowest paying CT homecare agency), if ur liked you get a higher payrate. i stayed so long for my patient and the family because i was told i was the best nurse for her child in 4 years. i've managed to do this by limiting communication and interaction with office staff(direct pay and mailing paperwork) ive complained numerous times about multiple issues regaurding my patient with no effect and im now looked at as a pest or "problem nurse." I would not recomend any nurse especially a new nurse working for this company. i find it funny that this is such a large company with so many major issues(interoffice communication nonexistant, screwing up workers pay and making them wait 7 days to be paid when its their mistake, and major complaints from primary Caregivers of how they must train nurses) they still manage to stay in business and keep getting business. Also i am bi-racial and ive been asked by recriuters "what are you" when i say black ive gotten "Oh well i had a case for u but they're spanish or i've gotten "oh this case is in this town u wouldnt want to go there(and i lived in the same upscale perdominally white town)

I seen an ad for a homecare nurse in the Winamac, IN area and called up the office. The office was located in Merrilville, IN. The guy on the phone, John, said, "Come on up and fill out an application. We always have our applicatants fill out a formal application." I live two hours away from the office but only 20 minutes away from Winamac so I went to fill out the application. When I got there, I filled out the application, had to take a Medication Administration, Home Care, and other tests. You have to recieve an 80% on all tests, which I did....I scored in the high 90's. I have been an LPN for 6 years and was interviewed and all they had to offer me was $16/hr and asked if I would be willing to drive to Porter County (about 1-1.5hrs away from my home). I was stunned. I applied for a position 20 minutes away not over an hour. Then he said, "If you don't hear from in 3 weeks so I can check references and background check, give me a call." When I didn't hear from him, I called him but each time I called, he was busy and never returned any of my calls. So, I said, "Forget it". However, I did find work with another home health care agency that paid a lot more and paid for mileage and its only 15 minutes away. I wouldn't suggest to anyone to apply for work with Maxim Healthcare Services!!!!

I worked for maxim as a can in rhode island and hated it and quit immediately then moved to virginia and became a lpn. After getting burned out with facilities I decided to try maxim (basically because that was the easiest place to find and close to my house) and wow I can't blieve all the crap I've put up with them but I love my cients. They have messed up my pay on dozens of occaisions. The recruiters lie like they're telling the truth. They never call clients to let them know that a nurse won't be in. They lie on nurses and say they didn't call or they don't remember anyone calling. I've been with maxim for 4 yrs and all those things I could handle because I found ways around them (by dealing only with the clients!) But then I lost a client and they put me on first black child case (I'm black by the way) well the case was medicaid so they never sent another nurse but me to full in the night hours. They lied over and over about nurses being in training and that they will get someone out there and never did. So those clients left maxim and when they left so did I. Maxim begged me to come back with another black case and they sent at least 4 different unqualified nurses to take care of a baby! They lied continuously to my clients about replacing the nurses. Then when they finally get a nurse (white nurse) to come who's only been working for them for 2 months gets found by clients parents freaking sleeping on the job and instead of just firing that nurse they decide to investigate me also!! Soo while investigating they find a timesheet of mine with wrong time on it. Well we were told to put times in and they had to be by certain times (like vitals had to be done before 8am no exception) so I put down times with vitals that parents gave me and long story short because of 3 1/2 hrs off (out of 12 hr shift) I get suspended for a week (mind you I had called on myself one time when I was sick and nodded off because I put client in jeopardy and was only suspended for 3 days!! This was a white case I was on just like all the other ones prior to my last 2 black cases) they leave my client without a nurse for the entire week they never pay me for any of that day even thou I worked 8 1/2 hrs they lied to my clients they took he word of this white nurse that had only been there for 2 months over mine when I've been there for 4yrs without ONE PATIENT COMPLAINT! They told me because I washed my cients clothes and assisted with other things they might need that I was wrong nd basically chewed me out for going above and beyond!! I can't believe there are so many complants against all these different maxims but they still get buisness. Just terrible. As soon as these clients leave I'm putting in my complaints to corporate and if nothing done then the better buisness bureau. They treat nurses lik crap send dumb piss poor ass nurses on complicated cases and now after all that is showing racism! When I had to get supended for nodding off they had my replacement The same night and the parents were home during the time I was there so it wasn't even top priority but those clients were white. Now on my black cases they don't even attempt to cover the shift?? Wtf is wrong with this picture!! Maxim is awful

They were caught defrauding medicare and are ordered to pay 150 million while seven executives plead guilty to felonies. We were told we are being laid off next week due to the hospital cannot pay. Today at work, the hospital said maxim is lying there are out of money. They filed bankruptcy 11/22/2011 ten days after losing 150 million. I hope everyone files unemployment and wins! They are thieves!

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