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poor quality and service

They delivered a mattress they said was new but it already had urine stain on it. Their accounting office said they would issue credit 2 months ago but never did.


I bought what I thought was a "returned" mattress. But I now know this was a very "USED" mattress. Of course I can not return it for a refund. The sales people were very nice and professional . Sure because they were cheating me into buying a very used mattress.

bed sale return

I bought a tempurpedic mattress from Mattress Firm. the mattress just was not for me I didn't like the feel of it and it hurt my back I went to the store and requested a refund. They did not give me a hard time at all I did have to pay the exchange fee which I agreed to previously and they came to pick up the bed today. I have not seen the refund yet on my credit card but they did tell me it would take 10 business days so I'm still within that period I have nothing good but good to say about the company and the people that I've dealt with so far and even though I exchange my bed with them I would recommend them

This is the worst place EVER to buy a mattress from. If you buy an icomfort be prepared to pay $25 once there is a problem, they will take 2 weeks to get there. You can only submit the claim by mail or fax with a credit card. Then the guy who comes out is RUDE as hell and creepy looking. They took my measurements on Aug 9 and I just got my letter Aug 28. They told me there WAS a problem with my mattress. It sagged 3/4 inch however in order for it to be replaced it has to be 1.5 inches. So how is my problem going to get fixed? It's obviously sagging and I only owned it 2 years! I spent $1800 on that thing and no help? I have had 2 back surgeries, see a chiropractor 2xs a week, I have 3 major problems with my spine, and wake up crying some nights in tremendous pain because the bed is sagging in the middle when we both lay on it. I am going to go up as high as I can with this. It is completely UNACCEPTABLE!

Bad customer service/wrong item delivered

I purchased a temper-pedic mattress a couple of years ago. It came with a 20 yr warranty. Three years later the bed is sagging in the middle. Called for warranty info, after 2 months it was discovered they delivered the wrong mattress set!!! Now they say there isn't anything they can do as I should have noticed them when delivered. They walk in drop the mattress/foundation and leave. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. Stuck now with a crappy mattress.

Bad service

Went to purchase a mattress today, sales person made a discriminating and racial remark. Very unprofessional.

Bedrail Hell

I purchased a twin mattress set with the basic bedrail from Mattress Firm back in November 2013. The quality of the bedrail is awful! My 9 year old son stepped out of his bed and touch the bedrail and literally sliced his big toe open! 5 stiches later, my son is afraid to sleep in his bed now. I will never purchase from Mattress Firm again.


They have the most discusting advertisement on the radio. I switch to another station when their ad comes on. It is a shame they try to get people to buy their product by making their current mattress seem dirty. Bad business practice. I wouldn't buy anything from a company so discusting.


I hate to say it people but mattresss firm isnt the only company in the world that has issues.when your dealing with over 1200 stores and thousands of employees, there will be mistakes how about a lil less attitude and move acceptance of human error grow up!

Mattressfirm is a joke bad business

On 10/3/2013 I attended he State Fair of Texas. I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm booth. I was approved . The salesman scheduled an appointment for that Saturday 10/5/2013 between 12-3 pm. They never made the delivery. The deliveryman called a couple of times saying he's lost. I confirmed my address, which was wrong. He calls me back at 7pm saying he's an hour away. I told him to cancel the order. After reading the complaints. I'm glad I canceled. Ill shop around.

Filing false credit information

I paid off an account for a mattress in the year 2011 then in 2012 had an artery burst in my head, and was forced into bankruptcy... Matress Firm falsely reports to the credit bureaus that my account [closed a year earlier] was discharged in bankruptcy.

dont buy any from this store. the store held my refund for 3 weeks now. I was told the refund was entered or processed wrong and i had to wait another 5 days. this is inexcusable. I called corporate office about the situation and did not get response. I assume that if the error was processing on their end., i should have not to wait another 5 days. Very frustated. the company cannot expect a return business from me

Customer Service/Mattress

We are currently sleeping on the second mattress that we received from Mattress Firm that is defective--all within a month's time. Every time we have had the mattresses changed, it costs a delivery fee...when I called corporate Customer Service about this concern, Clarence copped an attitude on the phone and was less than helpful. We will be sending this second mattress back and purchasing our mattress from another company....

Thermapedic Fusio mattress

I purchased a mattress from one of your store in Kissimmee, fl on Osceola parkway about 2 years ago. The model is A100/C100. It alsohas GA 1799 (Fl) on it. It is a Thermapedic TM Fusion and the date on it is 4/7/11. I went back to the store and they said they couldn't do anything about it because the place that they got it from was out of business. I moved and misplaced the purchase slip (I am a Sr Citizen). I will never purchase anything from Mattress ! again and I will be sure to tell anyone who is about to go there that this place is no good. Rose DeLucia

Worse then my 20 year old mattress !!!

I received better support from my old mattress ! This was purchased on 11/18/2013 after we were finally able to scrape the funds to afford it. From your store at 5 c North Durham 1310 1515 North Pointe Dr. Ste 101A Durham, NC 27705. Our receipt was 111825cnffi We could not afford a brand new one so we got the discounted mattress and box spring for 1009.00, still not a small amount of cash. We gave it more then the 100 days suggested to "settle" into the new one. That period is long past and my back is not just no better but worse! I would not recommend this brand or company to anyone that I cared about. All in all I'd prefer sleeping on the floor. There were (are) plenty of mattress stores to chose from, this purchase was my error that I now have to live with for years. From this point on all major shopping will be done after I check ratings with The BBC

Not standing Behind Warranty

I purchased adjustable bed and mattreses from Mattress Xpress, which Mattress firm took over. I am handicapped and the mattress is defective. It rolls up under my spine and does not even stay on the bed. Mattress Firm sent someone out to see it and they have refused to replace it. My spine was severed a few years ago and this bed is causing me tremendous pain. Where is their Warranty? Buyer Beward

Refund Request

Purchased a New Mattress & Box Spring Set and received a Used dirty mattress. The replacement mattress received was also in the same condition as the first.

Lousy Customer Service

I returned a mattress that I never picked and 10 days later I still have not seen my refund. When you call customer service- you get voice mail and the run around.

Poor service

I purchased a mattress for the store in Pembroke Pines. I returned a week later because the quality was poor. I, unfortunately, allowed the salesman to talk me into exchanging for another set. I did back in October. I am at wits ends over corporate not sending credit memo to Progressive so my 90 day payment can be calculated. It has been 6 months and I feel like a tennis ball between the Williams' sisters. It is impossible to get through their corporate office.I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE.

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