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RE: Match .Com

Stay away from this company. If you join anyway, do not give them a credit card number -- they keep the number and submit it whether you like it or not!

Bad Buisness

I signed up for match.com service. I immediatley changed my mind about paying the $105 fee to find a date and cancelled. I then found a free 3 day trial online and used that instead. I cancelled at the 3rd day as well because I was not impressed with this site. I called customer service and they refused to refund me. They apparently have never and will never refund new membership fees even if you change your mind within 5 minutes. This is bad buisness. BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE DATING SERVICE!

Difficult web site

It was not possible to get a one month subscription and Very difficult to stop renewals on my credit card.


Hey everybody....report these guys to the FTC! They automatically charge your card without your permission and you can't stop them. What a scam and ugly people on this site.

Awful service for the customer

Match.com is an awful customer service experience. Having to speak with someone in another country who claims that everything is automated and they can't (won't) issue a credit for the actual amount due back the customer is shameful and tantamount to theft! I will tell everyone and anyone who will listen that match.com is an awful experience and they should go to one of the many other dating sites available over this one.


I would like a refund I have sent over 60 e-mails and not one has returned any and there is never anyone one line when you say they are your web page seams like its just a scam. So please return my membership or I will turn you in to better business bureau

a big scam

I signed up for 72 free and got billed for 143 and after the site said n refunds the site is a rip off

Match scam

Match.com is bad for men. There are very few real women, most are dead profiles or not full members. Match.com is bad for women; they are either deluged with vast numbers of emails as they are grossly outnumbered by men. Some unfortunate men and women are scammed out of money. There is a risk of women being assaulted. It really is a horrible company; do your own research. Plus, even if it was an effective dating experience it is expensive and customer service non-existent. This company needs to be shut down. The government needs to send round some men in black to see to it.


This company robs people. I paid for their service for a year. Told them they had no permission for auto renew when I signed up and when my service ended, they renewed without my permission and had kept my credit card without my permission. They are robbers and thieves. I called to cancel and they refused

In my opinion you are unsafe using this site. Beware! I was the victim of a dating scam with someone I met on this site. What did they do? Ask me for his username and couldn't do anything else because they couldn't find the info. The rep, in my opinion gave my complaint little attention and didn't take it seriously. Yeah, "1000s of Relationships Have Started on Match" but how many of them involved criminals?

Unauthorized subscription renewal and billing charges

Beware that match.com will automatic renew your subscription when it expires and charge your credit card. It is important that you keep track of the subscription expiration date and unsubscribe and deactivate before the date otherwise they will renew and charge your credit card without notice. Their customer service is useless for resolving issues related to unauthorized charges. I got ripped off.


after repeatedly providing match with clear documentation of a fake user nothing was done to remove said user. this fake user repeatedly used the site to spy on and harass members posing as someone else. this can be confirmed by checking ip addresses among other things. tainted site!!

Match.com IS The Worst

After having my profile hacked twice in a couple of months, today the customer service kept me on hold saying they'd connect me with a supervisor, wouldn"t provide contact info for the VP of Customer Service, won't provide their last names so they can't be identified, and refused to provide a refund. Match has the absolute worst customer care and internet security!


After fighting with Match.com about what I thought was a 3 day free trial, I contacted my credit card company. They in turn contacted Match.com and low and behold I got my refund! I would advise anyone who got scammed for the 3 day trial which turned into a 3 month subscription to contact their credit card company and go that route. Contacting Match.com will do nothing for you. Good luck!

We had one of the employees run our team account for youth basketball her company was nice enough to match our acct, when they sent the check to us she intercepted it and put in her personal acct, what a great person they have working for your dollars

Extremely AWFUL!!!!!

I had signed up for the site and was only there for 3 days and was not receiving any matches. Match does not filter any of the guidelines you set up for your match. Therefore allowing people that are outside your match criteria to email you. Also they do not off a refund for new subscribers. This is an awful site and no one should use it. It is a huge rip off.If you are unhappy with a site and do not use the full thing, you should not have to pay for it and longer and you should be entitled to a refund of the days that you did not use. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!

Unethical thieves!

I can't believe how many people have fallen for the same thing that happened to me. It's appalling that they can take your money in one lump even though the memberships are SOLD as monthly payments. They told me they disclose the one-lump-sum info before the confirmation, so therefore they have done nothing wrong and I am "not eligible" for a refund. Talking to the customer service department is like speaking to robots with scripts. The site CLEARLY sells their membership plans as monthly installments. Whether they disclose the truth at some point seems to be beside the point because a single payment is not the way it is SOLD. They are hiding behind legal mumbo jumbo. It's shameful and I feel as if I have been robbed.


I received an email from you and have been majorly stressing all day because I clicked on the wrong button and it automatically charged me $128.80 you had on file causing an NSF fee also, I don't have any of it. The customer should have the option to manually type in the information for debit if they're trying to make a purchase to prevent errors on your behalf. I immediately called you guys and replied to an email while I waited and now it shows activity when you can look previously and there has been none but you guys want to interpret it to your benefit. You have free trial offers AND discount offers but noone was able to make any adjustment regarding the $127.86. No one will reverse the charges to my account to save all this anxiety...not acceptable. If I have to suck up your error also, can't there be some kind of adjustment in the fee to help the crisis? Please, I'm begging you guys to assist and make an exception and reverse charges preferably...anything!


Match.com is a JOKE! They pretty much just took my money! Customer service is a JOKE!

Match "cares"? not my experience

I had a legitimate complaint, and the customer service reps and "supervisors" I spoke with just kept repeating their policy, even after I kept explaining why their policy didn't fit my situation.

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