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What a mess!

Although I love my message therapist, this company is a mess and very unprofessional. I was recently told I couldn't schedule a message because my account was suspended. (I have my payment auto paid from my cc) I had been a member for almost 2 years and my husband had joined 9 months ago but they wouldn't allow me to take any of his 4 credits because of the suspension. However, he could assign them to a complete stranger for $10! That was acceptable. They didn't call with an apology or a solution and basically accused me of trying to get out of my payments! When I tried to find a manager or someone at a regional or corporate level, I was told they didn't have that information. I've never written a complaint before but this is the worst customer service I have ever recieved, by far! At this point they won't let me get a message, transfer one of my husbands credits, or cancel my membership! Don't sign, it's not worth the hassle. Lakeland, FL Oh and by the way, this is my 5th message therapist in less than 2 years because they always quit after telling me how bad it is to work there.

Not happy

I was contacted on a Sunday to inform me my credit card was declined. While it was my fault I did not give them another one, I was very unhappy that they contacted me on my HOLY DAY. While I requested that they put a note on my file to not contact me o. Sundays, I decided after thinking about the situation I wanted to put my account on freeze. I was informed I could not do that until my account was in good standing. Really? I then asked to speak to the store manager, they gave me the "manager on duty" not the store manager. I then asked for the corporate office number, she said there was "no phone number for the public". REALLY? Just a point of reference, there is a corporate website for massage envy and their address and phone number is listed. #willbcallingtomorrow


My wife gave me a birthday present of three massages from the Oceanside California Massage Envy. The massages were paid for with cash. I was told that I needed to use the three by 1-15-2013 or I would lose them. I called for an appointment for both myself and my wife. Tasha told me that I had to supply a credit card number to hold the appointments. I told Tasha that the massages were paid for already. I was told that she still needed a credit card in case we did not show up. She said she needed a way to pay the masseuse. I again told her that the massages has been purchased with cash. I requested to talk to a manager and Tasha said she was not in, and would not be in for two more days. I asked for the corporate telephone number and was told "they don't give that to me". Please don't go to this business. Take your money and go somewhere else that is not running some kind of something. They take your money and still want access to your credit card information (???), very very strange. Beware..........

do not go there

my friend got me a gift card for massage envy i had to use my credit card to hold my appt . next month there was a $60 dollar charge to acct i was soo upset i called the westport, ct spa and they refused to credit bck my money stating that i signed a contract and they have my card number. DO NOT DO NOT go to theses massages envy ther customer service is horriable they do not know how to talk to people!


If you want to spend your hard earned money on massages you think they are gonna let you use when your busy schedule allows your dead wrong. My boyfriend bought me a monthly pass that he pays cash money for each month. They told me I could use the massages anytime. I am a mother, work full time, own a home I have to clean and much more so I could rarely find time to go. After 20 massages has added up I figured it would take me at least 2 years just to use them and so I better stop paying for more I would never be able to use. When I went to cancel they charging me for another massage monthly they told me I would loose the 20 I had paid cash money for!?! How does that happen? Is this even fair? Federal law states something that has been paid for can not expire or be taken away? How does massage envy get away with this and why would they want to steal from their customers??? Shoppers BEWARE!!!!

Cancelation Scam

I am stuck and caught up in trying to cancel my membership as the many others I have read on here stating the same problem. I was told I could cancel my subscription at anytime. I was never told that it was a 12 month term, my exact quote to the young lady selling my this subscription (I dont want to be stuck in a pernament term, I want to be able canel if I need to at anytime) young lady at massage envy exact quote (sure that is not a problem, you can cancel at anytime) so now I am stuck and massage envy is getting free money from me every month when I can not go to get a massage or facial due to time......I agree with everyone else, dont sign up, its a scam!!!!!!

Unethical business practice

I received a call at 9:02 am that our 12:00 noon appointment had been cancelled at the Message Envy Branchburg NJ. The reason being that "a therapist called out sick and they had no replacement therapist available". As a result I made alternate plans as I had a appointment for my sister neice and myself. Later at exactly 12:09 p.m. I get a call on my home phone asking if we still were coming in for the appointment. I informed them of the cancellation call earlier this morning. The receptionist responded that she called in another therapist and left a message on my cell phone. Guess what time she left a message on my cell phone which was in my purse ? She left a message on my cell phone at 11:20 a.m. for a 12:00 noon appointment. My question is why would you call my home to cancel the appointment and then call my cell to reschedule And why would you reschedule without confirming with me....perhaps I made other plans..... which I did. When the receptionist realized that I was on to her deception she put me on hold and put the manager on the phone. The manager unfortunately was dissapointing as well indicting that she was in the building when the receptionist called asking me to call her back. This now calls in the managers integrity as well, and questionable business practices. I am definately cancelling in a few moments and returning to spas at Hilton Short Hills, NJ where there is integrity and better customer service. While the manager said that she would forgive the cancellation fee for today I have to wonder if that will even be honored since this was said verbally.

Deceptive Credit Card Fraud

I was told and it was stated in the contract that I could suspend my account at any time during the one year contract and that my credit card would not be charged. Massage Envy has refused to stop charging my credit card per the contractual agreement and refuse to discuss the matter with me any more.

My daughter, who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and does not work, went to Massage Envy since I treated her to a massage. She was approached by one worker who wanted to sign her up for a contract, which I told her not to do it and for the reasons above. She didn't care, and since my daughter does not think rationally, signed up. No questions were asked about what job she had, income, etc. Now, she owes the company every month, which she cannot pay, and I receive calls every month. I have explained to every person that calls that she cannot afford this membership, that I told the person NOT to sign her up, and Massage Envy ONLY wants money every month, irregardless of whatever situation exists. I am appalled at this company...and will take this case as far as I can.

Hello Massage Envy, I had recently received a gift card to use at one of your facilities on Staten Island. I asked what was the balance on the gift card and the young woman said I had an hour massage. I then decided to set up an appointment for the massage I told the lady that I used to be a member a long time ago she said yes after typing your name in it has been three years so you have to pay forty nine dollars for the massage. I said but I have a gift card she said you have to pay forty nine dollars because you were once a member. I said are you penalizing me because I was a former member? she said you have to pay forty nine dollars. I said but it is a gift card that has an hour massage on it. Then the other lady said we are a member based company. I said what if a person who was not a former member come in to use the gift card what would you say to them? that they cant use the gift card. I said I will give the card to a friend. I feel that the treatment I received was wrong, I was not treated with respect. So I walked out. I would like to know what should a consumer do when they receive a gift card at your company how is it supposed to be used. How would you have handled this situation. Please send me an email to let me know what is your policy regarding gift card use on a former member. your kind attention would be appreciated thank you.

I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the Massage Envy on Sheridan Street in Hollywood Florida. It sucks, terrible staff, poor customer relations.

Massage Envy in Sacramento,CA has terrible customer sevices skills.

Bedford Hills Ny is by far the most immature place. Employees are on cell phones and trying to hide it. You can hear them bickering at the front desk as well.

I have sensitive skin, and put down that I needed hypo allergenic product, the first and only time I had a facial. Of course my face swollen my eyes running, and i had a job interview the following day. The manager called me two days later told me the products were correct for sensitive skin and suggested I had an allergy I didn't know about. I never want to go to them again

Gave five years to this "company" After one of our mandatory meetings. Walked the manager through the clinic. Asking why it was soooo filthy. One sink for 30+ therapist. The pile of used sheets in our break room. Towels. And face covers with holes and stains. Etc.... It was a long list. They responded. By having the payrole company call me. And tell me I'm off the schedule. And not to go back to the clinic. Easier to fire me. Than fix there problems. It does not apear anyone is monitoring this industry at all. And the franchise owners are making money, hand over fist. Giving nothing back. And steal money from there employees, and the clients as well. I'd like to see a union. After all..... There's only one reason, anyone would step into these "clinics". And that's to get a massage. Not put up with the shit the management has done. Too us all!

I am currently employed at me and have seen all these things as well. I recommend that ALL employees therapists and otherwise read the state board regulations (only sanitation required so go to states website for other) and state and federal labor law posters that are posted in clinics very carefully. This will help you.

Minnetonka MN Massage Envy Spa ... poor poor poor! If you don't sell the membership 25% of the time you get fired. If you don't sell an add-on to a gift card you could get fired. If you don't sell product after a facial, you could get fired. So here is the deal about being employee - you can be as rude as you want, as long as you are selling. You are motivated by intimidation - so the policy says. If a check bounces, and you rang it out, it comes out of your paycheck. If a member doesn't show up and claimed it was scheduled wrong they look up the employee that booked it and take it out of your paycheck(after humiliating you). They automatically take a half hour of pay out of every shift for a break and if you don't get a break "too bad". The worst thing I ever expierenced is the Manager suggesting we restrict a client from coming because she was in a wheel chair and it took to much time to get her in and out of her massage. - Truth!!! I just couldn't work there after that statement!

I was looking for a place to go because it is my sisters birthday on the 21st and I wanted to treat her to a massage and a facial, and the introductory price for the facial and massage interested me so I called to make an appointment. I wanted to get a facial before that to check it out so i decided to make an appointment for tonight. My father ended up having to take the ride with me because he took my car while I was at work so he could fix a few things on it, and because of how late it was getting. He dropped me off at the front door so he could park. I went in and had an appointment with Charmaine, who was wonderful by the way, and when I was finished I came out and paid and left. I walked outside to find my father sitting on the bench and he seemed really upset. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that after he parked the car, he came in to sit down and wait for me. He saw some coffee sitting out so he poured himself a cup. Then he said some snotty girl told him that they are not used to loiterers, my dad said to her he is not a loiterer he was waiting for someone, and they asked him to leave, which he did. Now as he is telling me this we are getting in my car and we get blocked in by two police officers who come up to the car like we are some sort of criminals. They grilled my dad asking him if he was drunk, asking me and him for our id's, and harassing us for what I feel was no reason at all. Now this very much upset me. I am a paying customer and my dad can't sit in the waiting room and have a cup of coffee while I receive a service through you guys. I can't believe that is how your staff treats people because maybe they are a little different looking. Or maybe it was because he wasn't spending any money. You should be ashamed of yourselves and your service. Not only will I not be bringing my sister there, and not only did you lose a customer, I will tell everyone I know how you badly treat people.

I was just fired from Massage Envy front desk, because corporate policy is that you must get permission to use the restroom. Unfortunatly I could not wait for a manager to approve my urge, I told another receptionist I would be right back. Now some of you may be thinking well that was just the excuse they used to fire me ... nope wrong, they didn't have any other complaints about me. They had compliments about my customer service, compliments from other employees about how nice I was to them, whereas the management was indimidating and insulting. I was proud of the job I did ... but that was above their standard, and not in the policy and proceedures handbook. Word of mouth ... Karma!

tried to give it zero stars. I have called manager of Leawood, KS 5 times to get an erroneous charge off of my visa bill. I am still waiting for her return phone call. The front desk scheduled an appointment for me that I never made. Not only was my monthly massage charged but so was my visa!!

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