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Horrible place to work for!

I can only speak for the location in Elk Grove, but that one is HORRIBLE! The owners have no idea what they are doing and pay their employees crap and expect them to do everything. I'm sure these locations of theirs will be going out of business in the very near future.

Massage contracts

Unfair practice of not allowing patrons to cancel subscription without losing the massages already paid for. It may be legal but it isn't fair and morally wrong

refused a massage after paying extra and over my membership

I was treated very rudely and refused an appt. after I payed extra for them to take my son on one of my prepay.. I am prusing a lawsuit!!!

Need to be address

I just wrote a long detail review... it didn't show. This company sucks and whoever is running it need to be fired. What does ENVY really mean??

I cannot understand how your ratings could be so low. I belong to the Massage Envy in Katy, Tx and LOVE it! The people are so nice and all the therapists are wonderful. I was visiting my family in Tulsa, Ok last week and it was like "being home." This has been an amazing experience for me. So I'll continue to go until I can't anymore because the staff it so nice and I feel like they are family.

Where is Corporate?

I just wrote a review a few minutes ago (And not a good one) and just happenes to scroll down to see all of the negative reviews. I was shocked at how many there were. Only one or two good ones . When in the hell is the Corporate office going to address these issues????? I'll bet some of the TV stations who like to uncover these types of unlawful practices would love to do a nation wide expose on Massage Envy. They could count me in for there report. Maybe that would get the attention of the Corp. offices.

Total Rip Off

Just look at the other reviews and you'll see why it's a rip off. I got the same treatment from these scandalous people. If anyone wants a class action suit, I'm in!!

Horrible contract

Won't let you cancel even if you can't pay. My husband lost his job and we have 3 kids so we are living on slim to nothing tried to cancel they said no and that if I don't pay they will send me to collections. Unbelievable I'm suck toy stomach and I will be going to My local news and give them a story.

Lost cancellation

Attached is a copy of the original contract that I received from Massage Envy. So I was unaware that I would be billed until I cancelled. On May 10, 2013 I completed a cancellation at which time I was told I would no longer be billed. On May 31, 2013 I was billed 59.00. I contact Lisa on May 3, 2013 the owner of the Schaumburg locations, she told me that my cancellation was lost and she would be sure to refund my payment. As of this date I have not received my refund.

Scammed horrible customer service

I was informed of the monthly charge of $59 a month of 1 one hour massage. Great I booked my appointment for the month of June and got charged $39 because my payment for June isn't until the 25th. I called about this since never informed the manager was so rude and could only say you signed the contract you have to pay. I would rather pay the balance in full then deal with such arrogant unprofessional people. This was the naples Florida location.


Massage Envy, Sunset Hills, Terrible Management all they care about is the money totally unfai to clients and makes therapist look reall bad. i for one take massage very seriously and im offended at the actins taken place at this company


I have worked at a Massage Envy and enjoy most of the clients. However, they have a customer is always right attitude. A few clients will thank me for helping them feel better, tip me, then write a BAD REVEIW on the online survey. That way they get a FREE Massage. It makes the therapist look bad, and the corporate ratings go down because of the client dishonesty. The Corporation punishes the therapist because of this deceitful practice.

massage Envy horriffic

It took me forever to get out of my contact. 1 message therapist actually injured me and eed medical treatment. Anothers made me worse but not to the point of needing medical treatment. There were a few good message therapist but they all left. I think they can get better pay as message pay does not pay great... As owner to call for over 4 months but nothing.. This company is a true rip off and don't care about customers.

Over charged

I have had good experiences in with massage envy in Florida and Maryland . But I went to Philadelphia Wayne and the people wanted to charge me an extra 10.00 because they called it an exchange fee I paid it but I never heard of that they were rude. I am going to write corporate office and I hope they will settle I know it is only 10.00 but how many extra 10.00 have they taken my facial should not cost 20 right

The Mouth, manager

Get a new Debit card, or buy a card and spend the funds. They cross out the $39.00 price, illegal. You can talk to an attorney for free for 1/2 hour. Write the letter and ask your Dr. to sign it. Cause for termination: Depression.


I am from Schaumburg IL and was in west palm beach FL visiting family and decided to get a nice relaxing massage after a long week of helping my grandfather move. My bf and I are members at massage envy and decided to go get a massage. Bottom line mine was horrible the room was freezing I could not relax or get comfortable her nails kept digging into my skin she moved her hands so fast it felt like I was getting rug burn. Because of this one bad experience I want to cancel my membership. I am so mad. I don't recommend that location to anyone.

Long time therapist

Worst place to go to and work for period. I use to work for them. All they care about is money. Customer are just tools.

Credit Card Fraud

Went to their establishment in Tinley Park, IL ONE time and did not sign up for a membership. The following month I found that my credit card had been charged $59.00, which I would assume is a membership fee. Called the store and they claim that they did not charge me and are denying it completely. I was told to e-mail them a copy of the charge from my bank statement, which I did, and haven't heard from them since. Now I have to fill out paperwork with my bank to dispute the charge. Very deceptive!! They had NO RIGHT to use my credit card information without my permission!!

Rip off!

They needa negative star rating. One star is took much. I still had six massages left and was told I couldn't receive them because my membership had expired. Whata rip off! Once it was clear that I wouldn't renew my membership, the owner was very rude to me. Its clear they only care about getting your credit card information, after that you're useless. Don't use Massage Envy, it is a total rip off!

by the hour?

I received a gift certificate for a massage at Massage Envy for my birthday, to my dismay the massage was not an hour long. It was not until after the massage that I was informed of the 50 minute interval, time allotted for changing? I've never heard of such a thing! The actual massage was decent but buyer beware you aren't getting your moneys worth. After the massage, I was bombarded with a lengthy membership pitch that frankly was a turn off. I wouldn't go back again and definitely wouldn't recommend anyone else to go either.

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