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After repeated 45 minute massages that were sold to me as hour long sessions I cancelled. I faxed in the cancellation and when the next debit posted to my account I called again. They said they never received my cancellation so I faxed it again. This went on for 6 months before they stopped the debits and they refuse to refund my money or give me the massages that I did not authorize payment for. This place especially the clinic on okeechobee and Sansbury is a total scam!

Massage Envy is a company that has no integrity and their sales employees are nothing but used car salesman. Everyone is really nice, until you sign up. I was their on a gift certificate and they coercised me into compelting an application but I would have till the next day to "let them know". They called me 4 times a week "harrassing" me and then sending me a COLLECTIONS NOTICE! I couldn't believe it! I never gave them my credit card but they felt that they had a right to my money. I never went back either. When I called, I was told that they would have to check with the person, the amnager was no help and that they really didn't care! This is the most HORRIBLE company I have ever met! Don't go anywhere in NJ! They are all liars! Shame on them and their employees for the lies and unethical things they do. I gave them more credit originally. Now the credit is for being liars! They pry on people! DON'T GO THERE!

Word of caution, don't go there! They lie and coerise to get you to sign an agreement that they do not honor. Marlboro, NJ is horrible. They lie and are snotty! The manager is no better! Nina lied and her manager lied with her. They only want your money, not your long term business. Massage therapist come and go and never last. Even my friends have tried to get out and can't when there is no consistency in therapist! Be aware!

My husband and I have a membership with Massage Envy and we were pretty happy going for our monthly massages until my husband was laid off from his job. We went in person to go talk to someone about either canceling or putting the account on freeze until we are able to get back on our feet. We signed the paperwork to freeze the account and that was in September. To this date they are still deducting both of our payments. We have not been able to speak to anyone in corporate because they refuse to give you the number. We have already gone in to complain about this and they continue to make excuses. It is ridiculous that we have to go through this. Once our membership expires we are definitely canceling the account!! They are very unprofessional.

Massage Envy is a company with no integrity and no core values. The customer is only valued at the time they sign a contract . However, once you've made the commitment and they have your signature the customer service to the individual is void. I encourage anyone that is looking for a Massage facility to do their research on this company. Their associates are great at the dog and pony show, they even fill out your contract all you have to do is initial and sign. BE CAUTIOUS..Read the small print..Because if you don't they will continue to deduct money from your account even after you've expressed that you are dissatisfied. A company is distinguished by their customer service and the way they treat their customers. I can assure you this company doesn't represent any of those business core values. What a shame , I honestly though that Massage Envy brought value to our city rather than shame..

This is a complaint against the facility located in The Woodlands, Texas. Beware when joining this organization as they charge your credit card for every service,which is expected,however there is a hassle when you want to terminate your account. The service was great at first, however they seem to utilize individuals that do not speak English or do not understand English. I was never satisfied, so I went to another location in Imperial Oaks,Spring Texas,who is more accommodating,than The Woodlands,Market Street Location. It has been my experience,you are penalized/charged, when you are not able to keep an appointment, however it is okay for them,to cancel,or change your appointment on their behalf. I submitted my letter to cancel my account, however they say that I must speak with the Manager Barbara,who has yet to call me. She really does not want any of this. The fight is on.

I was suckered into buying a membership (which I still don't understand the costs). I live in 2 different states and go to ME in each one. After having 4 (different) therapists at each one I have yet to receive a decent massage! Most of them just rub their fingers around, no one knows reflexology, one got sick and burst out of the room to throw up (he told me he was sick before he started)and I was short-changed 20 minutes. Last week one of them gave me a bruise! And....WHY CAN YOU NOT GET A CORPORATE NUMBER _ EVEN FROM THE GIRLS AT THE FRONT DESK????? The numbers published are all wrong!!! This is a real racket.

I was given a certificate to raffle at an event for my Cause. The certificate expires this year. It should expire next year like everything else you get this year. I had to return the certificate and the manager never called me back. I returned it the same day they gave it to me. This has never happen to me ever. It's for a GREAT! Cause to raise money. Very unprofessional.

I'm Christine Cromwell. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I filled out a application and left my cover letter, resume, and a letter of recommendation at Massage Envy 5769 E. Santa Ana Canyon RD#E Anaheim Hills, CA.92807. I never apply at the one in Placentia but they called me. There address is 122 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. Placentia CA. 92870. I had my interview and did my massage with Alex at the one in Placentia CA. I filled out a application and left my cover letter ,resume, and letter of recommendation. When I had my interview with Alex she said I would do a second interview with other lead next week. They have like one hundred plus clients they be wanting a massage and they need more massage therapists. When I called the one in Anaheim Hills the front desk clerk told me Alex was the lead therapist she will handle it they will call me. Alex told me she wasn't the lead therapist and the lead from Anaheim would call me. The girl at the front desk clerk in Placentia CA. told me when a person gets a second interview doesn't mean they are going to get hired. I was hearing different thing from different people at both places. My friend apply a few days before I did. She has had her second interview and they called her today to start next week. She is Mexican and I am Black. I feel they are being racist because I am Black. I'm a good Massage Therapist. I have a great cover letter and resume plus my letter of recommendation. I want to file a complaint against them. It doesn't matter what color a people is when they are applying for a job. It should be all equal. They are wrong. They made me feel low and I cried when I was at home. That's just not right. Sincerely Christine Cromwell

On December 16th, 2009 I purchased a $59.00 gift card with my MasterCard via telephone at the Massage Envy at 833 N. Alafaya Trail in Orlando, Florida. I called this particular branch because I had purchased a $39.00 gift card at this same location in person, in cash on Friday, December 11th or Saturday, December 12th. When I made this telephone purchase I was given a card number (xxxxxxxxxx) and I was told to tell my daughter-in-law (for whom I was purchasing this card) that when she went into to the store to give her name, BLANK, or my name, BLANK, the record would be cross-referenced and she could get her massage. As extra assurance, however, I gave her the card number that I was given. Last Saturday, September 25, 2010 BLANK went to the store to try and reserve a massage time. She told them all the info. I have outlined above and they said they had no record of the transaction. BLANK called me and, after finding my credit card statement, I called the ORLANDO MASSAGE ENVY and was told "Sorry, we have no info. under any of those names. That card number is wrong because ours are 9 digits and the one you're giving is ten. But, maybe you can try to call back Tuesday when a manager will be in the store." You guessed it! I tried to call back and back and back on Tuesday and, alas, the manager was always busy. But I left a detailed message and was assured the manager would call me back. You guessed again! I never heard back from anyone. My co-worker just said this should be named "Customer Complaint 10,000,105." Another one, oh, well, I should have listened to people when they said, "Don't go there." I just pissed that this has happened to this once decent company and I will probably never get my money back. Well, on to MasterCard! I am going to cut and paste what I have just written for my letter to MasterCard! IF YOU HAVE OUTSTANDING MASSAGE ENVY GIFT CARDS, USE THEM!!!! THIS COMPANY ISN'T LONG FOR THIS WORLD!

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