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I grew up in Salem, OR and at Lancaster Mall we would get the best Texas Donuts ever. Glazed or with maple icing! Several years ago, I was in Bales Thriftway on Farmington Road in Aloha and they had glazed Texas Donuts. I qulckiy added them to my collection knowing that if my kids missed this legacy in their lives, they would be ruined! (yes, they were a big hit, as they were in my childhood). Today is my youngest son's 10th birthday, and donuts were on the breakfast menu. I called Bales and they told me that they will make them as a special request, but don't normally shelve them anymore. Sadness. How many people will think to ask? I know we will add that to the birthday list of things to pre-order for the future, but what about all the kids who will miss this part of their legacy because they aren't sitting there on the donut shelf as a daily option? Call them on donut day or any other day, to enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Thank you! Im turning 12. Cant wait until my party I hope lots of plopee will show up. I hope you enjoyed your holidays!!! Im looking forward to seeing you soon.Love,Kayla :)

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