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Home Depot curtains

I would give her curtains a rating of 1. They are the worst constructed curtains I have ever seen. The backing is way too large for the curtains, the threads pull causing wrinkles everywhere, and the pieces are put together haphazardly. What a rip-off. Never buy Marthat Stewart anything!!!

Chaise Lounge Cushions

They dry rotted within one year. They were kept in a garage during winter.

I purchased Martha Stewart towels at Macy's. The FIRST WASH and the towels fell apart. I was so surprised that such a well known brand name as Martha Stewart would allow such bad product to have her name. I was VERY disappointed. Needless to say I had to make time to return the towels to the store. Macy's and Martha Stewart always boosting about quality of products I'm very disappointed !!!!!!!!n

I am again calling Martha Stewarts Corporate office about a defective craft product. I left a message 3 days ago with my phone number and No one has bothered to call me back. I called again this am and the operator sent my call to 2 extentions that had no live person available. I was instructed to leave a message. Why would I do that when no one returns your call? I had the same experience with another product I purchased. When no one answered my call, I just tossed the 19.00 plus tax item I purchased. I don't understand why martha Stewart,s company sells products to the public and ignores the needs of the customers

I bought my Martha Stewart Welland Patio set in May 2011. We enjoyed the set last summer but in October the table top exploded during the night. I was terrorized as I thought someone had broken the patio door glass and was entering my house. The sound was that loud. I found the shatter-proof glass in a thousand tiny pieces. The people that handle the warranty were rude and kept repeating the warranty did not cover the glass - the shatter-proof glass. I was able to get another glass top and when I went to put the umbrella in the stand today, the plastic ring in the center of the table snapped and the glass again shattered everywhere. My feet have tiny cuts all over them from the shatter-proof glass. I will replace the table BUT NEVER again from anything made by Martha Stewart. Reading all the complaints on the glass, I am surprised that someone was not seriously injuried. If anyone does bring a law suit against this company, I can be a witness to TWO incidents of the glass shattering. This product should be off the market before someone does get hurt. June 10, 2012

I just bought a Martha Stewart outdoor patio set cascade valley. The craftsmanship is horrendous. It came in a box so I really could not see all the imperfections until it was all set up. Such a high price we pay for such bad work. I guess that means that Martha Stewart is paying little bucks to have it made and getting the big bucks from us fools. You could see all the welding points and the tables ledge is all warped. Very bad product to have your name on.....

I purchased over 3000 dollars worth of Martha Stewart patio furniture from Home Depot. LEss than a year ago. The product that came out of the box were damaged. After a long run a round they were replaced by some company affiliated to the Martha Stewart name. Now I have seat cushion that needs to be replaced (same product I purchased only 8 months ago) and I cant get a replacement cushion. Same run a round. Beware. If you need help with something you wont get it. I will never purchase something with the Martha Stewart brand again. Unless, I can find that seat cushion that is.

I just purchased 12 place settings of your French Cupboard pattern in your dinnerware from Macy's. The store did not have nor could they tell me if there were vegetable bowls available with this line. I find that surprising as you have a platter available to go with the dishes. First, I asked the store; then I looked on line; and, then I called your corporate office and spoke with Customer Service which was a complete waste of my time and waste of the money for a long distance call. The lady said no one in your corporate office could tell me if vegetable bowls were even made and/or where I could find them. I explained Macy's couldn't tell me, I looked on line and wasn't able to find anything, so I thought sure the corporate office should be able to tell me. I have always felt that Martha Stewart was a hands on representative of her company and I must say I am very disappointed that your staff did not care to assist me at all.

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