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The Traders Point Marsh is where I have been shopping for 3yrs'! My husband loves white cake with buttercream icing and lots of coconut! I have had a few of the girls in the bakery make me one and it was ok but my husband wasn't happy! The new girl who always smiles...Kara made the last one! And I think he liked it so much...he could possibly leave me for her! And that is ok with me because ANYBODY that can make him happy ...is a friend of mine! Heck I might even marry her myself!

Deli/market place upgrade

Just stopped @ your 116th/Carmel location. Very impressed with the upgrade. Stopped for a salad & saw lots of eye candy for the belly. I wished I would have checked everything out before I made my large salad. Hope to see this happen @ the 116th/allisonville/fishers location. Thank you!

I would like to compliment all the bakery workers in the Marsh on st.rd.37 and 146th st. I was in desperate need of a last minute party cake for a recent celebration and the decorators and assistant manager in that store are the most pleasant and thoughtful people I have come across in a long time. They were most helpful in helping me with my order and personalizing my cake. What excellent customer service!! Too bad not every store has fine people like this working in them!

Absolutely first rate and cpoepr-bottomed, gentlemen!

I'm lucky enough to live whitin travelling distance of the BM. Having bought Richard Parkinson's book about the history, conservation and displaying of Nebamum's Tomb, I go there when I can, borrow one of their carryable seats, park myself in front of just one painting and spend the next hour or two studying the book and the painting together. The experience beats any lecture and I hope others will be able to do the same. It won't stop me taking the vitual tour though :)Thanks Andy

Marsh Supermarket on Kinser Pike in Bloomington has repeatedly mishandled raw foods and foods that can be eaten raw. I got home and found my deli ham sandwiched in between raw chicken and raw pork. I have personally complained to the manager twice and this is the fourth time it has happened!! It is not rocket science to know that you should never ever put raw meat in the same bag as something that doesn't have to be cooked to be eaten. I am livid about this because it keeps happening. Get a clue and train your employees correctly before someone gets sick!!

Raced over a bit before 1pm to MARSH in Irvington on E. Washington on Nine/Eleven to pick up a fruit platter to take over to the local Fire House for the 1pm national recognition of our First Responders. Randy, the Produce Manager, went out of her way to expedite my fruit selection, make it very attractive, wrapped safely for movement, and got me out the door after purchase so as not to be late. She was a gem. I trust her Store Manager and Corporate will acknowledge her in some special way. She contributed very kindly to the 1pm experience for the Firefighters that day when the bells tolled and the sirens rang. Thank you,Randy. You are indeed special!

This letter is long overdue. I have been a customer of the Marsh store on E. 96th St for 13 years and a user of the pharmacy for almost that long. I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff-pharmacists and techs-but must single out the three who have been servicing my pharmaceutical needs for such a long time. Matt Milburn is a wonderful pharmacist and manager but most important he is a terrific human being. Not only has Matt kept a deligent eye over my medications (which are considerable because of a number of serious conditions I have) but he never neglects the little niceties that make a person feel special even on the worst of days. He has used his time to save me money and dealt with the thankless job of dealing with physician offices and insurance providers. He works hard and somehow maintains his professionalism on the worst of days. The other pharmacist that I interact with most frequently is Larry Stitt who has had the unfortunate luck of being in charge when I have had crazy emergencies or prescription challenges. Larry has gone out of his way to clear up matters for me, research drugs and educate me on options and side effects. He is always cheerful regardless of how busy he is and always remembers a given situation the next time I am in the store. I have left my dear pharmacy tech, Connie, for last because it is difficult to find words adequate enough to describe what she has done for me. Besides going above and beyond to find medication when the Marsh pharmacy does not carry it, Connie will call to alert me about a problem that might occur with a prescription so I do not miss a dose. She is unfailingly kind which has kept my spirts up more than she can know. This past year, I have endured five surgeries and with the help of my health care providers and your pharmacists I have prevailied. At every pharmacy visit or over the phone, Connie would inquire about my status and give me words of encouragement that came from the heart. The same is true for Matt and Larry. Do you know just how lucky you are to have these fine people working for you? They would be welcome anywhere but they choose to work for you. If there is an award you can give them do so; it you can give them a raise, even better! Let them know that you appreciate them as much as I do. Thank you for giving me a forum to express my appreciation. Bernadette Snider

the store on new jersey has the worst workers i've ever seen. the deli people at night are so rude and hateful. i"ve never seen a manager there after 7pm. i have asked for one , they say they don't stay after 7pm.

What I am about to write is not reflective of all Marsh Super Markets, only Marsh #314, 2302 E. 53rd. St. in Indianapolis, in fact, every other Marsh market that I have patronized has treated me with the greatest of respect and courtesy. The nasty attitude and disrespectful spirit shown to me by the manager Rusty at Marsh store #314 is reason to ask "is there a rating lower than Poor" so that I can participate in this review. Rusty evidently is working hard to make sure that Marsh Supermarkets fail and close due to poor public relations skills. I am in the process of contacting The Amos Brown talk show to ask him for a time that we can come on radio and alert the public of how nasty and disrespectful this person is and to see if we can get pickets to picket his store during the Christmas shopping period and beyond. When a customer is sold moldy and 3 week outdated bread and returns it and the manager shows no spirit of remorse and then implies that the customer did something wrong as oppose to accepting the responsibility for maintaining fresh foods on his shelves and gets nasty, never says "I'm sorry", refuses to give the customer any information so that the customer can contact the district manager-because the customer feels that he is due something more than his money back for ruining the meal of an entire family due to managerial negligence-something is awfully wrong. This manager, Mr. Rusty, could have done a number of things if he had the interest of Marsh Super market in his thinking and respect for Marshes customers in his heart but did not do any: he could have smiled and shook the customers hand when he was invited into this matter, but he didn't. He could have apologized and said I'm sorry for any inconvenience we caused you, but he didn't, he chose to question the credibility of the customers report. He could have offered the customer a $5.00 gift certificate for selling such goods and ruining a families dinner, but he didn't. Marsh is too excellent of a store to allow such distasteful characters to meet the public on their behalf. If I do not receive a personal apology from this manager I promise to alert the entire public in the city of Indianapolis of the disrespectful unacceptable manner that Marsh stores is dumping on the public in the name of managerial public service. Muhammad Siddeeq msiddeeq@aol.com

the deli is ran poorly,three managers there all three work day shift . not one will work nites. morning shift has to double work because nite shift dosn't pull there weight. this is the deli at lockerbe marsh market.... thank u for your time.

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