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Poor customer service

I have been holding on the phone for 10 min. plus and when someone finally answered and I voice my concern (about Reward Points) I was told to call later, I asked at what time (I could not hear the voice of the rep. well) and instead of answering me, she hanged up!? Not only did I not get my concern resolved, but I was not heard at all!

Rewards Member for how long?

Not the way to run a business. Nobody at the Monterey Marriott wants to take a reservation!!!! Waited on phone for over 10 minutes. Then when answered, they sent me to another number to wait. Then they referred me back to the Monterey Marriott and after 100 rings, I gave up.

Recently visited Brockton MA Marriott Residence. I was there because of my brother's funeral. Jaisa was without a doubt THE BEST customer service person I've ever met. She saw to all of my family's needs ( we occupied several rooms). The surprise was her beautiful flowers she left for me in my room, in sympathy for my loss. She went above and beyond in every respect. Very professional, very caring, I will never forget. Thank you Jaisa!

Athens Lydra Marriot

Me and my partner I. Damianos are staying in Marriot Athens for over ten years when we need to be in the capital of Greece. We are overwhelmed by the hotel staff, all without exception, and especially Anna and Heidi that are in charge of the Executive Lounge. I am writing in order to share our contentment by the excellent service they provide with the warmth of real hosts. Thank you.

Filling your hotel

I have an innovative way to fill a hotel that does not exist yet the accounting is sound

Loved our stay

clean, hospitable and affordable, NO COMPLAINTS, which I usually have!

On August 23, 2012 in preparation for a week of vacation, I used the internet at Marriott.com to find the telephone number for the St. Louis Airport Marriott hotel. After calling the number listed for the St. Louis Airport Marriott, 800-397-3342, the receptionist answered “St. Louis Airport Marriott”. I proceeded to make a reservation for Sept. 04, 2012. The lady, Marcella, told me the rate for Tues. Sept. 04, 2012 would be $129.00 and that would include parking the car in a secure lot for 7 days. She also told me the charge would not be debited on our account until my card was presented. At the end of August I noticed $153.56 had been subtracted from our account, an amount which was not familiar to me. However, when we arrived at the St. Louis Airport Marriott on Sept. 04, 2012 at 3:30 p.m., I was told the rate would be $153.56 and that did not include the car cost of $70.00 for parking. I presented my confirmation # Marriott card #. The young lady at the counter stated she had no option to change the rate and wanted to charge my Visa card for $223.56. I told her I did not wish to keep the reservation and since their policy is cancellation before 5:00 p.m. I wished to cancel the reservation. Her manager, Kim, appeared at that time and said I could not get a refund, since I had not booked the reservation with them. I told them how I had booked the reservation—with St. Louis Airport Marriott—and he said I had gone through Expedia. I knew nothing of Expedia since I have never used Expedia to make a reservation. However, he gave me Expedia’s number of 1-800-397-3342 and said Expedia would give me the refund. I left the hotel. After arriving at the neighboring hotel later that evening at approximately 5:00 p.m., I called 1-800-397-3342 (Expedia) and talked to a foreign gentleman (who seemed not to understand much of what I said) regarding my situation. He said I needed another department and gave me the number of 1-800-246-8357. I called that number and talked to Marcella. I was surprised to hear her voice again since she was the same person I talked to when I made the reservation. She told me there was nothing she could do—that’s the way it was. I asked for her supervisor’s name and number. She stated she had 11 supervisors! Then she quickly told me Expedia did not book this reservation; it had gone through BB Marketer Company. Who is this company? I had never heard of that name. So she gave me the number to call: 877-283-5585. I called the number (now its close to 6:00 p.m.) and talked to Nelson. After about 2 minutes of conversation, the phone was disconnected. I called the number 1-877-283-5585 back again; this time I talked to Bryan, who knew nothing about a “Nelson”. After a couple minutes of conversation with him, the phone was again disconnected. At that time I was so frustrated, I decided not to let it ruin our vacation. Later in the week I was advised by an executive on our tour to call the number on the back of the Visa credit card. When I did, I was told to call the local financial institution from where the card was obtained, which I did after our vacation was ended. I am unhappy with the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel for putting through a $153.56 charge on my Visa credit card without my permission and not honoring their policy of reservation cancellation before 5:00 p.m.

Attn: Barrett Winning Director of Operations Dear Barrett, I am writing this letter to make a complain about the service your staff at Marriot provided to me the past few days as I will further explain. I stayed at Your facility for 4 nights. from Aug/30/12 to Sep/03/12 and the first two nights My spouse and I could not slept at all, due to amazing street noise, as I was on room 801. I informed your staff the following day Aug/31/12 and they said they will do an effort to find another room for us, but is not guaranteed that it can be granted. they ask me for my phone number, she wrote down, she said it will be on the system, so your staff can communicate with me. I waited the entire day and nothing happens. I didn't not receive any call, neither a message. they forgot to put my phone number on the system. When I returned to the room late at night, I expected to see a note and felt very disappointed and frustrated. Again, could not sleep the sequent night due to extremely street noise. The following day Sep/03/12 I when and talk to your staff again and they told me they leave a message on the room phone. That I was supposed to know that, because the phone had a blinking light and most people know what the blinking light means. Although it might be right. you can't assume people will figure that out. Is not a good business practice nor a good quality assurance strategy. I spoke with the responsible manager of that day "Brent". He repeated the same thing. At that point your staff told me to get my luggage packed and they will call me at my cell phone. I never received a call. When I returned to the hotel my room was changed. I want to ask you in a kind manner to get a refund for the first two nights we could not slept, due to the extremely street noise and for your very incompetent staff and manager.

By far the worst experience ever. I had my parent 30th wedding anniversary at the Burlington Marriott in May. They did NOTHING right, I should have known from the start when I walked into the sales office and waited for 10 min for someone to come out of their office and ask if I had been helped. I booked the event in February. I called in April and left a message with the sales manager to go through the final details. I did not get a call back until two weeks later only to find out that my room had been double booked. She tells me this TWO WEEKS before my event. Being an event planner myself I am aware of how these things go. A bigger piece of business comes in you take it. My invitations had already gone out and I had sign contracts with other vendors so I was stuck. I was put in this horrible room in the back NOT the room I signed my contract for. NOT ONE apology was said. The day of the event was nothing but DISASTER! The food was wrong. Half the things they said were going to be done were not. There was n o execution of anything, the staff members were horrible. I have a picture of a staff member walking out of the room eating one of the deserts I had for my guests. I understand that this happens but they should at least have the common sense to walk out of the room before they eat it, or just ask! Had I know I was going to have to run my own event I would have just done it at my house. At the end of the night I finally see my “event manager”. He asks me oh did you want to cut your cake. I was so caught up in saying hello to my guests I had forgotten all about it. They turn all the lights on hand my mother a butter knife and give her the bum rush out the door. The event manager comes back and I give him a Credit Card to pay with. I never got a phone call from the catering sales manager the next day or that following Monday to see how the event went, I had to call her! With everything that went wrong they hardly did anything to compensate for all the mistakes. I sent them a Credit Card confirmation to pay. Cut to three weeks later I get a phone call saying they never received it. I send ANOTHER credit card to have them charge me another THREE weeks later with no notice. Needless to say I will NEVER be back, and will advise anyone thats asks me how it was to spend their money elsewhere.

We just visited 2 of your locations in hawaii . the first kauai beach club was very nice and the customer service was outstanding from every single person who worked there, regargles of there position. the other was Ko Kolina vacation ownership property and even though the property was beautiful, the customer service was the worst i ever had at any resort in the past 25 years. motel 6 has better service and more helpful people. Forget the $500 a night i spent or the overprices items, thats to be expected at a top resort, but no room service, pool service or beach service in a resort of this level is un heard of. then your staff was useless to say the least. your front desk could not help me with the smallest need i had, i was told to see the conceirge people and unless i was paying them for a service they did not lift a finger to assist. On 4 different occasions i needed info on helicopter rides, surfing, swimming with dolphins and dinner cruise. i was told unless i am booking with them, i had to get a brochure and call myself. they were not even willing to get me any information about any service. i went to the brochure stand each time and had to call myself. i had every intention of having marriotte book the adventure, thats why i went to them to start with. But before i could even get to that point i couldnt get any answers unless i booked with them. When i was at the kauai marriott the week before, the concierge called your hotel and booked me a luau with out any hesitation, they called many companies for me and let me decide which tour i wanted and i had them book all of them.Every single need was ment and then some at the beach club (top rate staff). The final straw at Ko Kolina was when we were leaving after spending 3k at that resort and a total of 15k on the marriott vacation, i needed a cab to go to the airport. ( a simple every day task at any hotel) the front valet said we cant call you one, go to front desk. front desk said we cant call you one, go to concierge. When i went to the concierge they told me $115 for a cab, i told them is is only $65-$70 i just took one. they said then call them myself and get one. i had to find a phone book, find a cab company and call the cab myself and almost missed my flight from running around from person to person and then hunting down a phone book. your people wanted to charge me $50 more to pick up a phone and call me a cab. I have never had such terrible service ever. Not one person was helpful for anything i needed. from simple directions to having my bags brought down. No Now everyone selling your vacation club was willing to go the extra mile if we would sit down and listen. We actually went to this location to purchase an ownership in the marriott program to do more traveling. And now i do not know if i will even stay at a marriott again period. I am not one to blog or go to travel sites and waste my time, but i feel i need to let everyone know about the horrible service that location offers, expecially after the cost to stay there and braging about the only 5 star resort on the island. not even close. Sincerely James E Massicotte Massicotte Industries Inc 559-298-0701 Office 559-298-0765 Fax massicotteindustriesinc@yahoo.com

I want to let you know that Fairfield Inn and Suites at 628 CC Camp Road in Elkin, N.C. 28621 was fabulously decorated and the service was just right. It felt like you were staying in a more expensive hotel. Thank you for having a great manager at that Inn.

Praises to most of the employees at the reservation call center. I've had nothing but good experiences and great customer service... some of the employees there are a little rude, but i really have no major complaints. Good work guys, keep it up.

Stayed in Crystal Gateway was treated so good got roomlast minute because of screw up of vacations made easy. Thanks to Alice at Key bridge Marriott who got us in at Crystal gateway The people at both exceptional.

Poor customer service at the Waikiki Beach Marriott. Why are the employees at the Waikiki Beach Marriott so rude. First, if you ask for a taxi they make you wait up to 20 minutes while taxis are standing by in the parking lot right across the street. I am in Hawaii for business and asked the door man Gannon for taxi several times to the military base and every time I had to wait 20 to 30 minutes for taxi while they have taxi standing by in the parking lot accross the street. Every time the taxi show up I see Gannon taking kick backs from the taxi driver, is this illegal ?.Second, I noticed several of their employees smoking weed on their break. Is that not illegal ? Marriott should a random drug text on their employees at the Waikiki Beach Marriott. Why are the Concierge selling pickups to shuttles ? Waikiki Beach Marriott is becoming a getto hotel in Hawaii. Here is the number to Waikiki Beach Marriott (808) 922-6611. I complained several times but nothing gets done. When I call their corporate office they always have me on hold


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