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Courtyard BY Marriott Hampton Va

"Mites" If you want to take them home then this is where you need to stay!

I enjoyed my stay

I already stayed in a few Marriott's and for me it was great!! My room was what I expected . It was clean, good service and a great view !

i forgot

two women were also taken to the hospital that were bit by spiders...do not stay at the spartanburg marriot


I will never stay at a Marriott Hotel if you don't quit harassing me with your ridiculous phone calls this should be illegal.


After a very long day of driving we pulled into a brand new Springhill Suites and it's 12:30 am. Unable to sleep because there is no way to turn off the fan!!!!! On all night long. One of the worst! Never again!!!!!

We owned a Time Share for over 5 Years. Sombody talked us in to it. Never again. Pd it off. Didn't go anywhere. Pd. all the fees and taxes. Sold it back to them 10X less as we bought it. Wanted to redeem our points now and got cheeted. Wanted Gift Cards and never received them. And nobody wants to talk to us. We are so disappointed and unhappy. Never never again. What a scam.

Stayed at the Marriott Madison West in Madison, Wisconsin

Never ever will we stay at that Hotel again. They were the most unresponsible people I have ever met. I got hurt the very first night we stayed there. I ended up with a severe head concussion and a bad cut above my right eye. They did nothing about it accept they offered us a bottle of wine. How stupid. Someone gets hurt in there Hotel and they offer you a bottle of wine. We were there all week and not once did anyone ask if I was ok. The Human Resource lady was suppose to get ahold of me and not a word all week. What does that tell you for a big Hotel chain. Exactly that they are not worth there name. Big mistake. Word will get around that they do not care about there people that they have stay at there Hotels. The money is all they care about. Someday they will be sorry that they treat people that way.

poor service

The Bucharest Marriott has zero service in their 3 restaurants--had to get up & get our own coffee every am in the restaurant--for lunch all 4 servers talked to each other & ignored the customers--supper had to get up to go to the bar after a half hour wait to get a drink--never again at a Marriott!

Incidentals my rear!

Courtyard Marriott Cincinnati airport, Erlanger, KY. I was sent from one hotel (already prepaid) to the next because my room was not available and hotel needed my cc for incidentals when I checked in. Woke up following morning to a full room charge which I did not authorize! Hotel will not call me back. Beware of incidentals!!

Marriott San juan, PR on Ashfored

I stay at a lot of Hotels for travel and enjoy the consistent quality of your company. The Marriott in Condado in PR is a disgrace to your name. The rooms stink with odor and they frankly don't seem care. That particular Hotel is the worst. . I stopped going for about a year and used the Hilton, Sheraton and others and I unfortunately game them another Chance Not again. I would get rid of them as they are ruining your reputation in every aspect. Thank you.


Don't forget anything at a Fairfield by Marriott. They want you to fill out a form with your credit card information and then send a photo copy of the front and back of your credit card as well as a photo copy of your drivers license. I believe the total charge to ship this back to me was $3.71. I am NEVER staying with a Marriott anything again. We spent a week in their hotel and they couldn't spend less than $5 to send a cell phone back to us.

Nasty Cookeville, TN

Discovered a dirty washcloth hanging over the shower rod. Asked for room to be cleaned and returned later to find everything in room straightened up, but the wash cloth was still there! Who knows how long it had been there! This also tells me they do not clean or replace the shower curtains! Will never stay at a Marriott owned facility again. This was the Fairfield Inn in Cookeville, TN

very disappointed

We recently spent 2 weeks at the Courtyard by Marriott in Waikiki and were very disappointed. Having travelled extensively this was the smallest room/cell we have ever been in. carpet, windows were filthy. Had to have maintenance in 3 times for repairs. Complained to Day Manager about general cleaning in public areas. We thought Marriott brand was better than this. Never again.


You entertain CAIR conferences, their only interest is to further the collapse of the USA and move toward OWG, so that is probably your goal also. This angers millions in the USA! In addition, you want us to rent your rooms, pay you big money and yet, yet you cannot fly the USA flag! Why is this? If it offends someone too bad! You are in this country, this belongs to we Americans and we are proud of our flag..I will never, never stay at an affiliate of Marriots nor at any of the Marriott hotels. It is sad, down right disrespectful of we Americans that you feel our flag is not good enough to fly over your Hotels. Being Mormon is bad enough for that is a false religion.


There were bugs in our room at the fairfield inn in Shreveport la the week end of the 24th and two elderly people had to move late at night and then there were bugs in that room What were we to do

Corporate number disconnected?

Trying to reach your buying team. Your corporate office number listed is advised as disconnected. What is the correct number. And I would suggest you update the number with the correct one

Corporation without a Heart

Made a reservation at the Residence Inn Lake Oswego, Oregon. Had to cancel because of death in the family but no refund. I can certainly understand if was for any other reason but a death, REALLY!!! Will be looking elsewhere in the future.

discrimination to staff

one staff in Gold coast Australia, who has diabetes been stopped to work on weekend, reason is weekend job is not "safe", Acturally, jobs are not different from Mon to Sun


so hard to get in contact with anybody to help me out on my plenty of stays to many marriott hotels which will stop because they have terrible customer service values


Can't seem to get ANYONE at the Marriott at BWI to return phone calls. We have been using this facility for over 15 years for board meetings and we still are not considered valued customers

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