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Jeanne,This is awesome! You are amzniag. I have been running too. There are no marathons in my future but I did run the Seacoast half marathon last November. Not being remotely athletic that to date is my most impressive athletic achievement. I am going to check out your recipes. I am not much of a cook so I could use the inspiration. I would love to see some pics of baby boy! It would be great to see you and your little guy. Are you heading home at all this summer? I miss you!Love, Nicole

Well nice video! You are always weocmle in Serbia I wish you luck on your Im sorry if you find some but thats coz our isnt what it used to be before but we are recovering slowly but still we are recovering

Trying to find a legit corporate phone number for Marathon OIl co.in US. can not report an incident of attempted fraud by Safeway mgr, conmputer or outright fraud.their phone number in huston?, is mconstantly off. or so it bappears.

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