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The straightforward lunagage, excellent pacing, and suspense-building structure of Fatal Deception make it a hard book to put down. Author Michael Bowker skillfully weaves heartwrenching victims' stories with damning excerpts from documents proving that for over sixty years the asbestos industry and the U.S. government concealed scientific evidence that would have prevented thousands of agonizing deaths. At least as far back as the 1930s, industry higher-ups knew that exposure to asbestos was extremely dangerous. Yet not only did they fail to warn their workers, they brazenly lied and assured them all that dust they were breathing and taking home on their clothes was harmless. Faced with growing medical evidence to the contrary, the asbestos companies conspired in a long-lasting cover-up that successfully hid the truth from the public so that asbestos workers and their families wouldn't discover the dangers to which they were exposing themselves. The industry had help in this cover-up, of course, from good old Uncle Sam. Fatal Deception is not merely a sickening portrait of coldblooded corporate greed, but a wake-up call that vividly illustrates why the U.S. government will never behave with integrity until Americans stop electing politicians willing to prostitute themselves to whichever special-interest groups stick the most money down their pants. Angry? You bet I am. By the time you finish this book, you will be, too.

Sometimes it's a swallow, soeteimms it's a sparrow. It soars then it annoys, then soars again. It depends who is viewing and who is relating. I agree the characters can be like exaggerated caricatures?' I felt creativity, which was was sacrificed for Reality'. (I hope the next generation never have to use this word again.)The script seemed to forget that it is film and the audience has suspended disbelief and wants a touch of unreality' even if it looks real!However, mainly it's a swallow who has flown in amongst the rubbish of America dross to gives us a summer of a film.

Very,very poor !! We have ordered papa Johns Pizza for a very long time also those who visit here order them to this address. Today I called 307-234-2121 in a delivery order asked for the sale $11.99 pizza. A hour passed no pizza delivery. So I called back thinking they had to deliver it to the wrong place. I talked to the same shift manager who had taken my order an hour before. Asked him what the problem was and gave him my address again. He proceeded to tell me one employee did not show up and the other was late. Another hour passes so I called again talked to the same shift manager. I asked what ever happened to my pizza? It has been 2 hours. He then exclaimed: Ohhh I had the order on carry out. I was very, very disappointed to say the least. So I told him to cancel the order and there would not be anymore business from me my friends or family memembers.

I wrote the review about the 2 hr delay on the pizza delivery 8/6/2011 PapaJohns Pizza 307-234-2121 1501 E. 2nd Casper Wyo.82501 Janis Gilland P.O.Box-2823 Mills Wyo.82601 daacurlyq@yahoo.com

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