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I am so pleased with the handling of my complaint regarding a watch that was purchased at Macy's and given to me for Christmas. The manager of my local store personally called me and reimubursed me for the charges incurred. Thank you so much for the timely response to this complaint.

El Grande Rip Off

I have a Macy's Store Card and the Macy's American Express Card. I am automatically billed for a Protection Plan on the American Express card and have been for years. Now that I need that Protection help because of an incurable disease they will not owe up and provide the service. First they approved my claim, now they turned around and denied it. I am done with Macy's in all forms.

Poor customer service

Recently on January 4, 2013 I visited your store on 12 &G, NW in Washington DC around 4pm. My purpose was to purchase a pair of boots. When I found the pair of boots I wanted to purchase, I waited patiently for the 3 sales person on the floor who looked at me and then themselves, as well as the gentleman behind the counter who also looked at me. None of your sales people helped me, neither did the look interested to do so. after waiting for a few minutes, I place the boot I wanted to purchase back on the display table and walked out of your store. It was clearly understood, that no one wanted to help me nor did your store wanted me to purchase these boots. So I will shop in other department stores which will appreciate my business.

Undercover Boss

Wouldn't it be fantastic if Macy's CEO or President had the courage to go undercover to see what employees AND lower management actually thought and how they felt about working at Macy's and what he would do about employee issues. Just like the tv show with the same name I would like to know if Macy's executive management really care about the employees or just paying lip service when they say "we care about you and what you think". So far they haven' t proven it to me.

Service Please

I went into Macys downtown Cincinnati store today for some additional post-Christmas shopping, specifically in the House wares area. There was not a single employee to be found from 1PM until 3 PM. How does Macys expect to make sales if there are no sales personnel on the floor? This is a chronic problem in this store. Prices are important, but nothing keeps a customer more loyal than excellent customer service, care, and attention. It is sad that one of this nation's once finest stores is now no more than a glorified WalMart. (Neither one seems to value its customers!) If you want to grow your sales and buid your bottom line I suggest you put the customer first, not last.

I work for Macy's for 13 yrs now and I have never felt like this before but I am hating working there this is the worst year ever the? Sales are crazy I don't know who is in charge of making the sales but I have a feeling thy have no clue n have never set a sale before! Thy really don't think. And making this crazy hours for the holiday's is wrong we can't even enjoy the holidays with our families but the c.e.o can and all other important people from Macy's office do!

Rebate Question

Kudo's to Darlene @ Corporate for handling a rebate challenging issue. Very professional...Problem sloved immediately.


Customer Service is less than poor! Set up online payment 6 days prior to due date for well above minimum due, payment not pulled by Macy's. Now, I'M past due and charged $25!! Since researching online, have read many negative reviews of this nature. BEWARE!

fire Donald Trump

Macy's needs to get rid of Donald Trump. I dislike the guy. His comments are always negative and we do not need to know his political agenda. I associate him with Macy's. And because of this, I will not step in a Macy's store again. Sorry Macy's... You should look into this. Many people that I know feel the same way and are not shopping at Macy's. Unfortunatly, they are not writing to you like I am.


Black Friday was a delight to shop Macy's, Tulsa OK. My hands were loaded and a Sales Person took them to the register for me and after my purchase was complete because it was bulky Sales Clerk asked if I needed help to my car. Customer Service will bring me back to Macy's. Thank you!


I am a custume that buys from macy's,my problem is I went to buy a coffee maker which is consider as a applicate not electric even through it has a wire, your coupons make it hard for people to use there nothing to buy from them everything on there that people try to get is excluded which is sad,but my issue is my item.

Donald Trump

Saw Macy's ad the other day and cringed when I saw Donald Trump. Used to like him long ago and can see why you hired him. Now he's a complete joke and embarassment and in no way deserves to be represented by you. In fact, was going to visit your store this Veteran's day. Now I think I'll skip it and go elsewhere. Having him representing this store is too distasteful.

I shopped in Macys Springfield, Pa store today. The sales associate was phenomenal, her name was Michelle Pullins in Macy's Women's Department. This woman served me like I was the only customer in the world. I went in to purchase 1 pair of pants, and the customer service that I received was so extraordinary that I purchased 3 additional items as well. Michelle I commend you for a job well done. Congratulations on a job well done, you're phenomenal. So impressed. Brenda Pugh

macys @the montgomery mall in Pa.is by far the worst store that I have ever shopped in. You usually have to hunt around for someone to "help" you & the only thing the associate is interested in is trying to get you to open a macys charge. They know absolutely nothing about the merchandise & in some cases barely speak english. The coupons have so many exclusions that they are basically useless.

Obviously, my business is less than important at Hayden Road or Polaris Macy's. I left a message for both managers but neither have elected to return my call. I only wanted to buy a dress. My business is going to Dillards. Have you see their Customer Service Ratings? 937-638-0476 1783 Letitia Drive Sidney, Ohio 45365

After having purchased a mattress set and confirmation of delivery plus a follow-up, I was notified that the products would arrive a week later. Because people were moving in, there was no bed available. Upon confronting the department, I was first offered a $25 gift certificate and then, upon my refusal, a $70 certificate but was not offered the removal of the delivery fee of $70. Of course, the point was for me to spend more money at Macy's. When the represenative agreed to remove the fee, she indicated that the charge first would be made and then would be credited to my account with the promise that this would be done automatically followed by an e-mail. Six days later, I still hadnot received acknowledgement, so I called and spent an hour on the phone on hold. When I finally got to speak with the manager of furnishings, she was condescending and told me the store manager was "in a meeting and would call me back." Of course, I received no call. Her comment to me was, "I heard your cvomplaint; now what do you want from me." The response was that the manager should be apprised of the poor customert service and poor attitude of the employees I encountered so that weaknesses could be identified and improbements made. Having received no call, it is clear that the desire to improve customer relations is lacking. In the future, I will shop at other department stores that make customer satisfaction a priority and that value courtesy and proactive measures to improve Macy's customer relations.

Macy's stores in St. Louis realize that discrimination, harassment and bullying are against the law, yet seem to choose to continue such practices. It might behoove some of the employees to wait on the customers who are looking for assistance vs. targeting disabled folks who are obviously harmless. Perhaps the employees who are doing this have too much time on their hands. They are certainly embarrassing themselves.

A cashier named Anna working at children's clothing in Macys, Wheaton MD is obviously collecting customer's private information. She is pretending that she is running for you an express application for a Macy's card in order to utilize Macy’s cupons, types your driver license number and address to Mays’s system, and she is even asking for your credit card. Then she calls her partner, supposedly in the card services department, who informs you that you did not get the card, but "wait for more information by mail". Then Anna suggests you to submit 2-3 more applications on your own, before you will be able to get a Macys card. Anna even tried asking for customer's child birth date. It seems to me something fishy is going on in this store, and they need to be reported.

I received a Macy's American Express Charge card in the mail that I DID NOT ASK FOR OR AUTHORIZE! I called to cancel and did not have a good experience. I do not feel confident that my card was canceled. The woman had a very strong accent and had the nerve to say she is sending me a Macy's store card after I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that I already had a store card and did not want this American Express one that Macy's sent. I will call back to make sure it went through. I asked her name and she wouldn't give her full name --just JOHN! I am certain the employee number she gave is bogus as well. I probably will be canceling my store card as well. I have had it with Macy's!

This company has no love for its employees. They come to work at 5am and they don't cut the a/c or the heater on for these employees. The building is stifling in the summer and freezing in the winter. By the time the customers get there at 10am the store is freezing still...everyone including customers walking around in coats. The pay for the work is something someone needs to look into. Now they have a point sysytem...my sister goes to work sick as a dog because she's afraid of losing points. The store in Hampton has the worse associates ever...ATTITUDE CITY!

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