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Macy's canceled my card

I got my Macy's credit card in 1971 and have shopped for many years at the flagship store in New York's Herald Square. Today I tried to buy something online and was unable to use my Macy's card. Customer "service" said my card had been canceled because I had not used it in three years. Forty-two years as a customer and they cancel me for not spending enough money! Reading some of the other stories, maybe I'm lucky. I don't have to do the work of canceling it myself. I quit shopping at Macy's as of today.

Visit to Macy store (DC)

Very sad experience. They advertised shoes at 70% off in today's post. The store in DC (Metro stop) did not have any. The manager says that the commercial does not mean that every store should have all the advertised items.

INC womens tops

I recently purchased an INC top labeled DREAM in bright white and followed the wash/care instructions exactly as stated, but once again (this is not the first time this has happened with an top), it completely shrunk. It is made of rayon, so I was a little skeptical to wash it, but felt it was alright since the label indicated I can do so. I took a nearly $60.00 loss (wore it only once) and it is not the first time this has happened. Macys, please do not label your INC tops that are made of rayon to machine wash them on gentle cycle because clearly, it is not safe to do so, they will shrink. Please handle this issue in the neaar future to avoid any more misleading care label information for furture customers.

bad employee

When I using fitting room, employee open my fittingroom door with out my permission. She almost broke my door and get in.I was so suprise and she angry to me about I did't open door rightaway.Crazy employee can not believe I am a customer. I feel racial discrimination


i complained previously and wrote a comment about a chair i bought from macy were it was defected and refuse to take it back but i called the person who sold me the chair and his name is TIM DIJANI at macys in old orchard at skoki, IL. who took on himself to help me and exchange the chair after i tried all the channel s including talking to the headquerter they refused to stand behind thier merchendise and help a customer so big KUDO to Mr. TIM DIJANI for the great customer care we wish there will be more people like you god bless you.


Purchased a convertible sofa from Macy's with an extended warranty that was supposed to cover everything. We were led to believer that the warranty was from Macy's. Well, the zipper broke and we submitted a claim to Macy's and guess what, the warranty was by an outside company, "United North America." Guess what we were told, "zippers aren't covered." Macy's you should be ashamed of yourself. Do you enjoy beating up on the little guy? You really have come a long way.

Horrible business practices

I too have had a horrible experience with Macy's related to a credit concern. After many years as a customer and having spent thousands at their store, they are not attempting to sort out the problem. I have never been delinquent with them and had a clean credit report until now. Over a $62 charge that I was never contacted about. Way to go Macy's . I am at a loss for such poor service. If I could give negative stars I would. I will never shop ther again.

customer service

Horrible customer service on the phone. Tried to place an order. Agent was in the Philippines and couldn't answer my questions about shipping. Asked to speak to a supervisor. 20 min later spoke to supervisor from Philippines who couldn't help me. Put me on hold again as I asked to speak to a agent in the united states. Then they hung up on me!

customer service

Almost all Macy customer representatives are outside of the United States. Called 4 times and asked twice to be transferred to an US representative. Both times was disconnected. Macy does not care about their customers!


I purchased an item in February and applied for a Macys credit card. I specifically told the employee, that my physical addresse would NOT be my mailing addresse. My PO Box was written on the application. When I did not receive a bill, I called. The following week I received the bill, plus a $35 late charge. The person I talked to was very unfriendly. I finally had the late charge taken off. They were about to ruin my excellent credit. Incompetent employees. I will never shop there again.

International orders

I used to shop at Macy's for 5 years while lived in NY. Now I am in Canada and when Macy's recently oferred on-line international services I tried and shopped for over $500, duties were $150. Shipping was fine, quality was bad and the returned experience is terrible. Since December till now I can't get a refund of duties balance from Macy's 51.None of the sales people are trained or know how to deal with international questions. You lost a good client, because rather that spending money on tickets, I would have shopped on-line ...

Macy's does not honor their pricing

I went this morning to purchase a necklace online that was advertised for $47 I thought that is was a great price being that mothers day was approach so I clicked add to my cart and when I did that the price jump up to $479. There is a disclosure that states "In the event of disagreement between the catalog and this popup, the catalog shall take precedence. " .I call customer service and corporate they did not want to honor that price. Any other Retailer Nordstrom, Saks, or Bloomingdale would have

illegally ruined my credit

I have been macy's customer for sometime. . I have never ever been late on payments to Macy's. One week ago, Macy's collection agent kept giving me harassing calls about some past due amount. I called back and spoke to macy's customers service at least 10 times. Many of these agents were rude and very unhelpful. I called again and spoke to supervisor and advised them to look in to this. The agent told me payments were never late or missed and everything is ok. But I found out that Macy's still reported me to credit bureau by lying about some past due amount. My credit is already ruined because of this illegal past due reporting by macy's and my score is down by 50 points. I had to waste lots of my time and energy calling macy's and dealing with credit bureau. I will never ever use their cards and never shop at their stores again.

hiring practices

Very poor, mismanaged, inefficient hiring practices. The company has designed a system where individuals are instructed to apply for one job at a time as well as having to take an assessment test for each position. Corporate has designed this and structured this system; they send the applications to a third party who screens the applications and makes a decision as to whether the candidate is qualified for the job. Candidates have to keep applying. There is no direct contact with HR. within one store and no direct access to jobs. You have to reapply to each sperate job. Their response to this is that corporate designed this system. Very poor and very misleading and circuitous manner to hire people.

Macy's sales personnel stealing from customers

I went to a Macy's store in valley stream New York on December 5th of 2012 to make a return, I could not find the proper size so I was given the option of getting a gift card with the amount of my returned item on it. Funny thing is the cashier gave me a gift card with a zero balance n took the gift card for herself. Be very careful alot of crooks are working for Macy's. and I have been calling Macy's headquarters since I found out its been 3 months n I have yet to get my money back.

Absolutely Horrible

The most horrible customer service I have ever dealt with! Not one manager or supervisor returned my call. Instead, they made their poor associate deal with me every time. I have cancelled my Macy's credit card and will NEVER deal with them again.

What has happened to customer service??

I just cancelled my Macys credit card due to poor customer service. I'm tired of getting the run around being passed to 6 different people and no one can help or understand what you are saying. Then when you are finally done and want to cancel your card that is about the only thing they can understand and are good at.


This place sucks and is not a good company. There is favoritism and they do not run the buisness right. The whole team is a degreace. Laf LA u stunk

Work environment

I have been working at Macys for long time but our security is sad, employees cars being stolen and broken into, besides that women are being asked to close the store without any security or loss prevention on site, you feel unsafe walking out by yourself, they worry more so what happens in the store then outside with their employees, I won't be here for long and with all the work I do there makes me cringe at an unsafe place to work, location Houston,tx Almeda Mall Macys.

Store Layout

I live in the Waterford Michigan area where we used to have a Macy's department store. It was always a pleasure for me to shop there,but the store has since closed. I now have to go to Macy's at twelve oaks mall some 40 minutes away, which would be no problem if shopping at Macy's was a good experience. I recently went there to purchase some items for a vacation. I have never in my life seen such an awful layout of a store, my local salvation army is more organized. Your area for women is like a giant warehouse with everything cramed in together, with the result you can find nothing, and, in order to even find the area you need you have to look up at signs hanging from the ceiling. This is not just my opinion, my friends also say they would not shop at Macy's again. Very dissapointing to see such a store go down hill. All it needs is some total organization of departments. Where are your people?

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