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July 4th Fireworks 2014

Last year the fireworks and Usher as DJ were horrible. I almost did not watch this year, but am glad that I did. You had enough of current music prior to the display and then moved to great patriotic music which was wonderful. A perfect evening. Good job.

Management Stinks

Will never shop in your stores again !!!!! Thank god for Nordstroms !!!!!


Macy's delivered a set of mattress that we had purchased to our resident and they broke several valuable items in the house. They have not take care of the damages yet. It has been 1 1/2 month. I have called so many times but no result.

Store cleanliness

I visited the shoe dept.recently at the Northgate store and noticed that the shoe shelves were disgustingly dusty and dirty; I remember a time when you went into a Macys, it was impeccably clean.What is really going on? Does anybody care?

Macys is the worst

worst corporate to talk to I hate them!!!

No consideration

I was hired at macys as a permanent employee jus to be told a few weeks later that I was put in a seasonal rack to wrk until 1/18 . Called HR & the lady said they couldn't do anything about it & even if she spoke to my hiring mgr that doesn't guarantee a change in employment status. Macys herald square HR dept needs to be dealt with for misleading many employees regarding being hired & told your permanent & the next thing u know we are not!!!! I really like wrkn there but macys is using people just to have wrkrs 4 da holiday season. I got blown off so many times by the Highest hr mgr in my dept. so I will be calling & emailing the headquarters.

Poor service

As employee one can never get a straight anwser from managment, hr in store or even thru to the The HR dept. Have been on hold three times today and waited approx. 5 min. each time and listened to silence only to be cut off. What does one have to do to speak to a real person? If I could put a minus 5, I would

Selfish and inconsiderate

This company is the most inconsiderate company I have ever delt with not only with opening on thanksgiving but not even being able to communicate with anyone when the Midwest has snow and my family driving to Macy's to go to work getting in an accident and then closing the store 30 minutes before the opening time, there are never enough associates phone customer service is horrible half the stores are filthy no wonder dillards and Nordstrom have more business..... Just horrible!


Macy's has always been my favorite store, but I along with many American Christians in this country, must and are boycotting all your services and products because you are a sponsor of aetv. This is due to their dismissal of Phil Robertson for quoting God's Holy Word while we are all being bullied by so called minority groups and denied our first amendment rights while being forced to watch all the vile and disgusting programming they air.

Worst customer service

They sent me the wrong size and shoe they suggested and received a toddler size for my 11 yr old daughter they wouldn't send me back the correct shoe size with out charging me again .when it was there fault ,they hung up on me and put me on hold for long period of time ..I will not be ordering or going to macys in the future

Avoid Macys at all costs

Didn't ask my name or any of my contact info or ask about the store location. Obviously Lisa was never going to call and address the issue with anybody. Terrible, nasty company that doesn't care about its customers.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Kinky Boots dancers were inappropriate and not suited for a Family parade, featuring Santa Claus. What was your Parade coordinator thinking? Extremely Disappointing......my Macy's card is In the shredder.


i cannot allways be at my computor to look up a number why ont you have all locations lste in 411

Macy's Greed

Shame on Macy's for opening on Thanksgiving Day.Their employees have a little less to be thankful for by making them stay away from family on this family holiday.

its a shame

its great macys had the ability to buy stores but why not be the parent company and let these other stores maintain there identities i miss them

Thanksgiving Opening

I understand the retail business completely but Macys has been closed on ThanksGiving Day forever,why now the policy has to change ,its not fair to the employees and there Families. One day will not kill the bottom line.In this day and age there should be one day everyone can be together.


i would give a 1/4 a star if i could i applied to work at macy in jersey city and i was called saying that i received an email with a link to pick a scheduled interview time problem is i never received the email so i called the macy's in jersey city at newport mall and they told me i had to go back on macyjobs and contact them and let them know the problem i did that twice and no email acknowledging the receipt of my complaint or with the link in it to schedule the interview i don't know what else to do please help me

What happened?

What happened to the Bon Marche/Macy's that I know? I recently ordered some t-shirts from your website and to my complete dissatisfaction the shirts I received were not to the quality that I've have come to know your business to provide. The t- shirts are horrible. They are very thin or made of very little fabric and the logo (which was Rocawear) was pressed on instead of sewn. I ordered them 2xxl in size and they are barely there. Now I do not shop anywhere else when it comes to shirts, T-shirts, and jeans because your company has always kept a standard of having well made clothing. However if there is not a serious effort to go back to your old model of having top notch clothing you will lose one very loyal customer. There needs to be some quality control or you might find your self asking; What Happened? Thank you, A Concerned Customer, Atar W Greene

fireworks show

... That Ipod-age Usher 'curated' version of your annual fireworks display was a big disappointment. It lacked tradition, history, reverence, and patriotism. Any 4th of July music and fireworks show that doesn't include 'The Stars and Stripes Forever,' misses the mark. The fireworks portion of the show seemed rushed. The fireworks were shot off so fast, they seemed 'piled on top of one another. In this case, less would have been more, and fewer and slower would have been better. Go back to what you've done successfully and beautifully.

The Macys 4th of July fireworks show's music was disrespectful and inappropriate for the celebration. Shame on you for this production.

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